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Golf With Your Friends Review

by Kegan Mooney
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Co-op couch games seemed to have disappeared for a few years, but over the course of the last couple of years, they have been back in full force. A large part of that is thanks to Team17 who seem to be involved in countless numbers of local co-op games.

If you are looking for a fun game to enjoy with friends, you definitely can’t go wrong with Golf With Your Friends. Between its crazy courses and fun customization options, Golf With Your Friends has everything you could need for a perfect evening of entertainment with your buddies.

Golf With Your Friends Maps

There are several maps on Golf With Your Friends, all of them offering unique challenges and in some cases some pretty odd obstacles to overcome. Being a big fan of the Worms franchise, I have to say my personal favorite is the Worms map, which features mines, jetpacks, and other zany challenges.

As well as the Worms map, there is also another course themed on the popular game The Escapists, which features crazy holes with guards & guard dogs zooming back and forth, blocking the path between you and the hole.

Golf With Your Friends Controls

With most golfing games I personally find the controls can be a bit of a nightmare, but I didn’t find that with Golf With Your Friends. Okay, so it’s more of a fun couch co-op/party game, than a real golfing game, but still, the fact the controls have been kept simple and they’ve not tried to reinvent the wheel works.

As you can imagine, they have come up with some pretty crazy ways to keep the courses both interesting and challenging, but they have also made a few features to help, so it’s not impossible to rack up good scores.

Golf with Friends Review: Escapist Course

You can use the free cam for a set period of time, which will allow you to look around the particular hole and find where obstacles are and the best ways to get to the hole and bypass any of the challenges laid out in front of you. But being on a limited time with free-cam means its also not too easy as well.

There is also a fine aim button too, which allows you to line up your shot by slowing down how quickly your aim turns, this has been extremely helpful, especially considering how difficult some of the courses actually are.

For once, it’s been nice to enjoy a game, which is easy enough to jump in without needing tutorials to get you started, with Golf With Your Friends, you can simply dive right in.

Gold Without Any Friends

If you don’t have any friends, perhaps you’re a tad socially awkward, live on the moon, or like me simply hate humanity, you might want to play Golf With Your Friends, well, without any friends, and that’s okay, there’s no judgment here.

While you’re not going to be stacking up insane hours and finding yourself slowly getting addicted, like the good old World of Warcraft days, Golf With Your Friends is still a fun game to play solo.

Yes, I did use this image because I got a hole in one… Bragging rights! Shame about the overall score.

Team17 has got a knack for publishing amazing multiplayer games, and in some cases, I have found that I personally don’t enjoy them solo, but love them in multiplayer. This hasn’t been the case with Golf With Your Friends, it truly has been enjoyable both on my own and with friends.

Customizing Your Ball

Yeah, you read that right, with most games you get some XP, level up, and before you know it you’re able to get some new skins and even unlock new items or features. With Golf With Your Friends you are able to do just that, but with a golf ball.

Golf With Your Friends Customization Options:

  • Color
  • Hats
  • Trails
  • Floaters

When I initially clicked customize, I figured I would be able to change the color of the ball or something minor, I wasn’t quite expecting this.


Golf With Your Friends isn’t your typical golfing game, which is lucky, because normally I don’t like golfing games. It’s a fast-paced, wacky party game that is designed to be played with friends.

It has both online and offline modes as well as several game modes, in which I personally enjoyed the classic mode the most. If you are looking for something new to play and haven’t already tried Golf With Your Friends, I highly recommend it, we’ve had a blast testing it the past couple of days.

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