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How to Get More Beavers in Timberborn

by Georgie Peru

While your beavers can reproduce and create more beavers in Timberborn without doing much, you can increase the chances through some of these Timberborn tips and tricks.

To sustain your Timberborn beaver population, you’ll need to get more beavers. When you first get started, you’ll notice that your beaver population is fairly happy to sleep outside, work, and eat.

However, to get the most out of them, you’ll want them to create families by making their lives more comfortable.

How to Breed Beavers (Folktails)

If you are playing as Folktails, you’ll need to follow these simple steps to get more beavers in Timberborn.

  1. Select the Housing menu
  2. Choose Lodging type
  3. Select the type of house you want to build
  4. Place the houses down
  5. Confirm production

How to Breed Beavers (Iron Teeth)

  1. Select the Housing menu
  2. Choose Breeding Pods from the list
  3. Place the houses down
  4. Confirm production

Increasing Folktails Happiness to Get More Beavers in Timberborn

Getting the Iron Teeth population to create more beavers is pretty simple as they don’t require much. However, if you selected Folktails, you’ll need to put in a bit more work for your beavers to procreate.

When building a hut, you can place two beavers inside, leaving room for one beaver to reside. This means a male and female beaver can deliver one baby beaver. The more huts you create, the more room there is for beavers to do the deed!

Aside from offering plenty of housing space, Folktails also need to be happy to continue increasing the beaver population.

  • Reduce working hours so beavers have more time to socialize
  • Create social amenities to increase happiness

If you find your beavers in Timberborn are producing too quickly, simply stop building houses so they don’t fill up.

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