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Ark Genesis 2 Oil Guide

by Georgie Peru
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With the recent release of Ark Genesis 2, our readers have been asking us for the best oil locations in Genesis 2.

This guide will outline the best oil locations on the Genesis 2 map, as well as easy ways to get oil. Although many of the oil veins and locations are well hidden, we’ve got you covered.

If you don’t have much time or you’re in a rush, you can skip to the relevant area of our Ark Genesis 2 oil location guide.

How to get oil in Ark Genesis 2:

  • Buy Oil from HLNA
  • Farm Oil in the Space Biome
  • Place an Oil Pump on an Oil Vein
  • Farm Ocean oil nodes
  • Take Oil from an Oil Jug Bug
  • Get Oil from Hesperornis eggs
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1. How to Buy Oil From HLNA

ark genesis hlna hexagon exchange

HLNA’s store always contains oil. You can purchase 20 oil for 120 Hexagons. If you need a small amount of oil to complete a crafting project, this is by far the easiest way to obtain oil in Ark Genesis 2.

2. How to Get Oil From Space Biome

Ark Genesis 2 space biome

Every night at midnight the Genesis ship will warp to a different solar system. This means resources are random and are only available for a set amount of time.

The Space Biome gets reset and changes to a random biome in Genesis 2. When the Oil Biome appears, you’ll notice pearlescent colored asteroid-looking rocks.

These rocks contain an absolute ton of oil nodes for you to gather. I recommend using an Ankylosaurous if you want to gather 10,000+ oil to take back to your base.

Remember, the Oil Biome will be totally random, so you’ll want to take advantage of it while it appears in Genesis 2.

Another tip you may want to take notice of is the red loot drops that will appear when the Oil Biome is present. If you see a red beam of light, get yourself over and gather as much oil as possible.

3. Best Oil Vein/Pump Locations

If you’re looking for a constant supply of oil, head over to Rockwell’s Garden. Here you’ll find plenty of oil nodes in Ark Genesis 2, allowing you to build an oil base or place down an oil pump.

In fact, the plateaus in this area are easily defendable, so you could create a small oil refinery that produces a never-ending supply of oil.

  • 60.3 (latitude), 33.7 (longitude)
  • 53.9 (latitude), 09.5 (longitude)
  • 57.5 (latitude), 28.1 (longitude)

4. How to Find Secret Ocean Oil Nodes

In the Eden Zone, there’s a big lake with two large metal structures that emerge from the lake.

For those that have built their base nearby, there’s a secret underwater location that contains oil veins for you to gather oil from in Ark Genesis 2.

If you have a Maewing with a lot of stamina, I highly recommend using it to outrun the difficulties you may face.

Navigate to 41.6, 72.3 where you’ll be able to see the metal structure in the lake as shown below.

ark genesis 2 oil metal structure

Fly over to the structure and dive down underneath, following the tunnel all the way down. Look around and locate the beam of light with a small structure to the left of it (44.3, 68.8).

This is an underwater building that has air inside, making for an ideal base location if you want to be hidden and have access to oil in Ark Genesis 2.

The vacuum chambers are out of the water, therefore you can build, craft storage boxes, and put a bed down. Leaving your Maewing, you can teleport out and back to the location when you need oil.

The oil nodes underwater are easy to locate, with oil streaming up from each node. Underwater, there are around 20-30 oil nodes that will respawn over time.

5. Oil Jug Bug Locations

Collecting oil from Oil Jug Bugs is really simple. Check out the Oil Jug Bug spawn map below for the best locations to harvest oil really quickly.

ark genesis 2 oil jug bug spawn map

Navigate to 46.5, 42.2 where you’ll find lots of Oil Jug Bugs walking around, ready for you to harvest.

6. How to Get Oil From Hesperornis

ark genesis 2 hesperornis

Although you may not initially think Hesperornis (41.2, 66.4) will offer much (if any) oil at all, I can tell you that you’re wrong!

Each Female Hesperornis will lay eggs. Each Hesperornis egg can be put in a cooking pot which will produce 16 oil each.

Breeding Hesperornis is an easy and quick way to get oil when you need it. You can also make your Hesperornis kill 5 fish, after which you’ll need to get it out of the water, where it will lay an egg.

7. How to Get Oil Easily (Alternative Ark Genesis 2 Oil Options)

Killing Tek creatures will net you a decent amount of oil easily.

You can simply find an Enforcer or Guardian in the Tek trenches and kill them for a few oil. If you locate Eden Lake, you’ll also come across plenty of Trilobites that can be killed for oil.

Trilobites will come out of the water at dawn, so head down there to find them and get oil easily in Genesis 2.

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What About Dung Beetles?

If you’ve been playing Ark for some time, you’re probably familiar with Dung Beetles being one of the best ways to get oil.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any Dung Beetles in Ark Genesis part 2.

Another option to easily get oil in Ark Genesis 2 is to kill Basilosaurus in the underwater location we mentioned earlier. However, this is a very dangerous method, so I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

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