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Game Pass October to November 2019 New Games

Microsoft’s game pass november 2019 is looking to be a pretty good month for new games, most noteworthy being The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment, the developers of Fallout: New Vegas.

Secret Neighbor:

October 23rd 2019

Secret neighbor

Secret Neighbor is the next game in the Hello Neighbor game series, this time the game has a twist!

The aim of the game is to rescue one of your friends from the neighbors basement, the only issue, one of the kids is the neighbor in disguise.

You will need to use your wits to work out who is the neighbor, navigate around the basement and save your friend, whilst evading the elusive neighbor and not getting caught.

The Outer Worlds:

October 25th 2019

The Outer Worlds E3 Trailer

Traveling through deep space, you wake up a decade later than planned to find yourself in the midst of a resistance against Halycon Holdings Corporation (HHC) who appear to have bought and monopolized that part of the galaxy.

From the trailers and information available it would seem that The Outer Worlds is very much a choice based game, where each choice you make will have a massive effect on the people and world around you, similar to some of the other butterfly effect games we’ve seen in the past.


October 24th 2019

Minit game coming to Xbox Game Pass

Minit is described as a peculiar adventure. This adventure game is played in 60 second slots, which adds a unique spin to the genre.

You’ll need to take yourself outside the box. Helping strange people to uncover secrets that seem endless, you’ll also be faced with dangerous foes that won’t give you second chances.

The idea is that you’ll uncover enough information to lift the curse that causes each day to end after 60 seconds.

Lego Star Wars III (3):

October 31st 2019

Lego Star Wars 3

Lego Star Wars III is an absolute classic. Lego Star Wars 3 brings 16 different systems and new features.

There’s 20 new story-based missions for you to tackle, including ground battles and boss fights. Your Force abilities are noticeably expanded, bringing you more action than you’ve ever experienced with a Lego game.


November 7th 2019

Game Pass November

Just after it’s planned release of Subnautica Below Zero, Subnautica is coming to the Xbox Game Pass. This is exciting news, and I would definitely urge you to make use of it being free.

Subnautica is one of those games that I really enjoyed. However, I was always waiting for more. Hopefully with more people playing and more feedback, the game may see some much awaited updates.

Explore, build, and explore some more! The seabed is teaming with wildlife and creatures for you to discover.

Nothing on there take your fancy? Why not have a look at some of the games on offer from Green Man Gaming?

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