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Frostpunk 2 Finally Announced After Recent Hint From Developers

Frostpunk 2 coming soon?

by Kegan Mooney
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The creators of Frostpunk, 11 Bit Studios recently teased us #SnowBloodOil, and now we finally have an announcement that Frostpunk 2 is in development, and a new teaser trailer to go along with the announcement has been released.

While we currently only have a teaser trailer to get excited about, there are some other details that have been confirmed too, such as the timeline in which Frostpunk 2 has been set in.

Frostpunk 2 is set 30 years after the end of the first game and continues on with the story following the mega freeze which engulfed the world and led survivors to attempt to build their way to warmth and survival.

Video Credit: 11 Bit Studios

The new Frostpunk 2 trailer is more of a teaser, and doesn’t really tell us much, other than the world is still pretty bleak, and as we can see a man tied half-naked to a pole, to freeze to death, humans are still enemy number one, to other humans.

The original Frostpunk focused on coal to keep the town heated, but this time it looks like the focus might have moved away from the age of coal and moved to oil, as would be indicated from not only the Tweet but also the end of the trailer, where the end title is blacked out with oil.

With the current information, we know very little about what to expect from Frostpunk 2, any new features it might have as well as any new mechanics.

If you’ve not played the first Frostpunk game, I highly recommend it, the game features a unique blend of survival, resource management, city building, and some of the most brutal and judgemental civilians within your settlement I have ever seen.

Resources, warmth, food, supplies, medication, and even artificial limbs are among some of the scarce resources you need to constantly fight to stockpile, with focusing on one, often leading to shortages in other areas. This might sound stressful to some, but it’s a tactical endeavor which even upon failing has me coming back for more.

Frostpunk 2
Image Credit: 11 Bit Studios

When is Frostpunk 2 coming out?

Sadly, there is no set date for Frostpunk 2 yet, in fact, in an interview with PC Gamer’s Christopher Livingston, 11 Bit Studio’s Jakub Stokalski, co-director of Frost punk 2 told Christopher that the game is still in early development.

So with that in mind, I wouldn’t expect anything for some time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to hear more information about Frostpunk 2 soon, hopefully with some more details on some of the game’s new features and mechanics.

Jakub, however, did indicate that there will have been some progression in society in the time that has passed since the first game, with a focus on what happens after civilization has survived the apocalypse, more than surviving it, as it was in the original Frostpunk game.

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