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How To Defeat Fortnite’s Storm King

by Kegan Mooney

The latest update to Fortnite has brought us the Storm King. This ties in nicely with the other Halloween events that you’ll see across the game.

The Fornite Storm King is only around for a limited time. You’ll play in a 16-player group where it’s essential to work together. This is already a challenge as I’ve found it VERY hard to collaborate with pick up groups on Fortnite.

storm king's horns

Fortnite’s Storm King Weak Spots

The Storm King has several weak spots that pop up during the fight. These weak spots can be identified by the gold areas on his body.

Fortnite haloween boss

As you target the Storm King’s weak spots, you’ll see the damage your group is doing. Once 3 blocks of the weak spots are knocked off, you’ll need to take on the Storm King’s horns.

One of the Fortnitemares challenge is to reach a total of 10,000 damage. Striking the Storm King down will ensure this challenge is achieved.

The Storm King’s Horns

Next up are the Storm King’s horns. You’ll need to deal enough damage in a short space of time to defeat the horns. If the horn is not taken down within the short time frame, the weak spots will regenerate.

fortnite storm king

Once the Storm King’s horns are defeated, more weak spots will appear. You’ll know that you’ve progressed in the fight when he starts launching bombs into the arena.

Fortnite’s Storm King Quick Tips

We’ve put together some quick and helpful tips for you to follow. This will ensure that you are in a strong position to defeat the Storm King and nab yourself a unique umbrella item.

  • Defeat zombies to replenish ammo and collect weapons/items
  • Try to avoid the storm
  • Pick up med kits and bandages when you can
  • Revive teammates when they are downed
  • Aim for the Storm King’s weak spots as soon as they appear
  • Keep moving or you may get caught in the storm, attacked by zombies, or attacked by the Storm King
  • Don’t build building parts too high as the Storm King will regularly wipe buildings and items from the arena
Debatable Noob takes on the Storm King (and wins)

If you want to see how I defeated the Storm King, check out the video above! Yes I’m a complete noob (a Debatable Noob perhaps), but I won!

Personally I found the Storm King to be a great event boss, and hope that Fortnite Chaper Two will bring even more events like this one.

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