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Fortnite Black Hole: Fortnite Blackout Before Chapter 2

Breaking news: The Fortnite blackout has caused mass hysteria all over the globe today, with kids screaming “let me play”! And adults screaming “it’s wine ‘o’clock, please let them play”, thanks Fortnite blackhole!

For those of you not keeping up with Fortnite’s latest news, the game isn’t broken. Well it is, but on purpose and only for a short time.

Chapter 2 is coming, and bringing with it a new map. First came a season full of nostalgia, then Fortnite’s blackhole, with it, we can only assume the new map.

The new chapter is believed to bring massive changes with it when it comes back online. Until then, I guess we need to go back to the old days pre-online games. Maybe play some POGS or collect some Pokémon cards or something?

The rumored new changes include boats! I’m not sure why that wasn’t added before to be honest, but yay!

The ability to carry a downed team mate, can only assume this will leave you quite vulnerable. Fishing, not sure it’s going to help me get that victory royale, but that wont stop me doing it.

Finally the last update we are aware of is medals. Speculation is that we can gain medals and climb the ranks by gathering materials and engaging in combat. I wouldn’t be surprised if fishing is on the list too.

So, the short of it is, it’s not that bad. Yes there is a Fortnite blackhole and you can’t play the game. It does look completely broken and who knows, we may have lost everything. Okay, that sounds pretty bad, but new map and fishing, yay!

The end saw players being thrown into the air with rockets emerging from the rift, flying all over the island.

The meteor finally started coming down alongside six rockets causing the dome to expand and send players flying into the air.

Players were then sucked back towards the ground where they were sucked into a rift and end with the sight of Fortnite’s black hole.

Since the event, Epic have updated their Twitter account to show the black hole and are even streaming a live video. This simply shows a black hole.

Players will need to wait and see what is on the other end of the Fortnite black hole.

*Update* For those of you who may not have seen, Fortnite is now back up and running with Chapter two well under way.

With it we have seen some pretty cool updates, it’s defiantly worth checking it out.

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