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Flotsam Preview: The Post-apocalyptic recycling game

The upcoming Flotsam game makes surviving the Post-apocalyptic world seem fun!

The aim of the game is to build a city from “relics of the old world”. Transforming rubbish into a variety of boats and buildings to help you survive and expand your floating metropolis.

The game has a cartoonish look to it. The almost silly, clunky characters and animations actually make the Post-apocalyptic world seem like a fun place to be living in.

The Flotsam game and even marketing approach is refreshing. The release date is set as “A-whale-able” soon. To me, this honestly seems like a fun approach to both the marketing and development.

Not sure why these fish seem so happy?

You will also need to build specific buildings to help your people survive, such as buildings designed to catch rainwater or cook food.

Steer your city:

No, I don’t mean metaphorically. You can actually steer your town and explore the post-apocalyptic ocean world.

With skyscrapers and city buildings poking out of the sea, you will need to raise the sails accordingly to miss them when exploring the ocean.


Drifters will come to your town, looking for somewhere to survive. The ocean is a dangerous place. Everything is trying to eat them; provide your survivors with fresh water and somewhere safe from the perils of the ocean.

Flotsam: Teaser Trailer

You can add the Flotsam game to your steam wishlish from here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/821250/Flotsam/

There is no official release date for this awesome Flotsam game yet, but personally, I hope the wait isn’t too long, this one is going to be fun!

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