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Far cry 6 Tips and Tricks, Beginners Guide

by Kegan Mooney
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With the size of Yara being so massive, it can be a daunting task finding your way around in Far cry 6, our Far cry 6 tips and tricks guide takes a look at some tricks that you might have missed, that could help you stay alive longer to lead the revolution.

1. Choosing the right Amigo

In previous Far cry games, your allies have all had their own ways of helping you, but in Far cry 6, the Amigos seem to have really pushed this system further, with some much more interesting sidekicks.

The Amigo that really standouts in Far cry 6 is Chorizo, a loveable sausage dog that distracts enemies by simply being extremely cute, making covert operations much easier.

You can tackle each mission any way you like, so make sure to choose an Amigo with the right skills for the mission, as well as the method you plan to use to tackle the mission.

2. Steal Enemie Vehicles

Stealing an enemy vehicle and taking them back to HQ will allow you to recall that vehicle for the rest of the game.

Keep an eye out for tanks, helicopters, and stronger vehicles to help you complete your missions easier, it’s also worth capturing a couple of quick vehicles too, so you can get around the extensive map quickly.

Far cry 6 Tank Quest

Before long, you will notice a side quest that will allow you to steal a tank, before handing the quest in, take this tank back to your HQ and you will be able to recall it whenever you want.

3. Talk to Everyone

Whenever you capture a checkpoint, you will notice that someone will want to talk to you, make sure you hear them out, as they will often have intel that will help you out.

Not all of Antón Castillo’s soldiers are loyal, in fact, some of them are willing to secretly betray him and help your cause, make sure to holster your weapon and speak to as many soldiers as you can. You can tell which soldiers will speak to you, by the exclamation mark above them.

4. Capture Checkpoints & Bases

While you might want to jump straight into the main story, it’s worth slowing down once you’ve gotten to the mainland of Yara to take the time to capture checkpoints.

These checkpoints, once captured will give you more places you can fast travel to around the map, making it much quicker to get around the huge island.

Far cry 6 Captured Checkpoint

These checkpoints will become friendly, making driving around Yara much safer, as well as quicker as you won’t have to avoid or fight your way through them anymore.

Taking on bases will be much harder than checkpoints, but also come with greater rewards, as many of these bases will also contain FND caches, that will include new gear or weapons to help improve you in combat.

5. Use Multiple Bullet Types

As you come across different types of enemies, you will notice that they all have varying levels of armor and protection, this is why it’s essential to make sure that you carry both guns with armor-piercing rounds as well as soft target rounds.

Soft target rounds will rip apart targets with little to no armor, whereas the armor-piercing rounds are essential to shoot through heavily armored enemies.

As you progress further through Far cry 6, it’s also worth having a weapon handy with blast rounds, this will allow you to rip apart enemy vehicles easier.

6. Slide Down Hills to Escape Quickly

This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth adding for those that might not have noticed. When running and sliding you will go a few feet, but do it on a hill and you will keep going till you get to the bottom.

Farcry 6 explore

There have been many times where I’ve been close to death and not able to heal myself, I simply sprint and slide down the nearest hill, the speed you slide downhill is quicker than any of the AI can run, so you land safely out of their reach if the hill is big enough.

Just make sure it’s a hill and not a cliff, I’m not going to be held responsible for you all jumping off cliffs. (Which would still be a quick way to escape, but sadly will result in being splattered)

7. Collect FND Crates

There are military creates all over the island, marked on the map as FND cache, many of these caches contain weapons, armor, or resolver materials.

Collecting these before going too far into the storyline, will give you a head start, allowing you to have better weapons when taking on the army and increasing your chances of survival.

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