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Epic Chef Review (Steam)

by Georgie Peru
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Epic Chef is unlike your standard cooking simulator. It adds story-based ingredients to create a tasty adventure that will leave you wanting more.

Disembarking from the ship, Zest is faced with a new town where he’ll need to climb the culinary ranks to achieve notoriety. This game isn’t just about cooking. If you’re looking for a straightforward cooking sim, you might need to look elsewhere.

Epic Chef Gameplay

Although this is an unusual concoction, it somehow works quite well. In the town of Ambrosia (not the custard), villagers live their lives around the clock. Shops are closed during the evening, and NPCs will show up at different places depending on the time of day.

As I said, it’s as much an adventure/crafting game as it is a cooking game. Taking quests will mean you’ll need to explore the town and talk to different people. Some quests can only be completed at night, so you’ll need to occupy yourself elsewhere until then.

You can craft materials to make new items, experiment with recipes, and take part in chef battles. While it’s not quite Masterchef, it’s definitely an interesting twist I didn’t expect.

Cooking In Epic Chef

On the surface, the cooking element of Epic Chef is pretty simple. You add your ingredients to a pan and stir until things are cooked to perfection.

In addition to this, you can slow down your stirring to create aromas, add sauces and spices to take the flavor up a notch, and discover plenty of new ways to play this cooking simulation adventure.

A Slow Burner

It’s not a fast-paced game. In fact, it can take some time to warm up to Epic Chef. But, if you give it a chance, it will definitely tantalize your tastebuds.

Parts of the game do feel a little clunky, like switching between scenes and areas. Get past this and swallow the blocky graphics, and you’ll soon be able to revel in the delights of this quirky story.

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