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Endzone A World Apart Prosperity Expansion: Endzone’s Upcoming Expansion

Even in end times we all need a little luxury

by Kegan Mooney
3 Minutes read

Earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to be invited to play and review Endzone A World Apart, which while I hadn’t heard of until I was sent the code, the game defiantly had a lasting impression on me.

Endzone is already full of amazing content, which takes RTS gaming to the next level, since its release it has won awards and gained mostly positive reviews on Steam.

New Endzone Prosperity Features

As you would expect from any good expansion, Endzone A World Apart Prosperity will bring with it new features, primarily the expansion will center around survivors’ needs and requests.

These new requests also tie in with new buildings, materials, and goods that have been added to the game, as the title Endzone A World Apart Prosperity itself hints at, the expansion is around bringing luxury items to your prosper, this includes goods such as coffee and even new solid houses for comfort.

Players will be faced with demands from the cities survivors with the Prosperity update that will give the players a couple of choices.

These demands will allow the player to pick whichever demand will be more manageable for them, for example producing more luxury houses might be easier than producing some more luxury goods, making the demand a little more manageable.

It seems you are also able to ignore the demands, however, at the moment, we’re not aware of any negative effects that would take place if these demands were ignored or failed, but assumably happiness will diminish.

endzone choices

Endzone A World Apart Prosperity’s New Buildings & Goods

When producing new luxury goods, you will need to build some of the new buildings also included in the new Endzone Prosperity expansion.

Each of these will offer new jobs in your city, which you will need to manage and ensure that the new luxury items economy flourishes within your thriving city.

New Raw Materials

With new buildings added to the Prosperity update, there are also new materials to create these new buildings, such as:

  • Sand
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Cement

These new materials also bring new buildings that will be used to obtain the materials or process them into the final products.

New Luxury Goods

Once your city is secure, your survivors will start looking to you to bring them some luxury items to make living in the post-apocalyptic world much more bearable.

These are the new luxury goods that we are aware of so far:

  • Beer
  • Cake
  • Coffee
  • Soap

Again, as with the raw goods, these items will include new buildings that will be required in order to produce these goods.


Using the new aquafarms and a fully upgraded water tower, players in the late stages of building their cities can now finally automate the process of both collecting and distributing water across your city, leaving you with more time to work on other aspects of your city.

Endzone & One Tree Planted

As a resident of the planet earth, I’m personally in favor of any charity that prevents it from impending doom, which by luck it would also seem the team behind Endzone A World Apart are of a similar mind.

They have teamed up with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every bundle edition of Endzone save the world bundle that is sold, meaning you can not only get an awesome game but also help keep our planet greener and less brown and rusty, ironically just like it is in Endzone.

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