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Dead Rising 4 DLC True ending

by Kegan Mooney
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The true ending to Dead Rising 4

*Contains spoilers*

Like many other dead rising fans you may have been a little upset with the ending to Dead Rising 4. Don’t worry Frank Rising is now out!

Frank West finally becomes the true hero willamett deserves by sacrificing himself to save Viki and Brad in doing so he throws himself off a helicopter and becomes a middle aged happy meal for a horse of zombies, is he dead? Is this the last we will see of Frank West? The answer is no, you can continue the story as zombie Frank, for a price if you are willing to fork out on a paid DLC.

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Frank Rising:

the DLC sees zombie Frank fighting for his humanity in Willamett and brings back the timed feature from Dead rising 1. As Frank fights to keep his humanity, you must investigate the outbreak further and find a cure for Frank, fail and Frank will go full feral and join the zombie horde.

Many people disliked that dead rising 4 didn’t have the time feature and preferred the game to be high pressure as the first title was, personally I was content to take my time running zombies over with a mobility scooter, of placing masks on their heads and watching them stumble but each to their own.

What do I get with the Frank Rising DLC:

A new hunger, normal food wont cut it for Frank anymore, he will need to feast on other survivors trapped in the city with him to be able to survive.

Whilst trying to survive he will also need to find a permanent cure for his new found infliction. With new powers forming, and unlikely allies will Frank be able to save himself, and the survivors he hasn’t eaten from a government hellbent on destroying the city, Frank and all his evidence. wiping Franks files from their records once and for all.

Is the Frank Rising DLC worth buying:

There are two main things to consider when thinking about purchasing the DLC

  • Do you want the timed mode like in the original game
  • Are you invested in the story enough to want a full conclusion

If the answer is yes to either one of those, then I say go for it! At the time of writing this Capcom Vancouver has been closed down, seemingly for good, so make the most if what’s left of the dead rising experience as unless its picked up by another publisher it may be dead and fated to never rise again.

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