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Embr Review

by Georgie Peru
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Ever dreamed of being a fireman? Knocking down doors with a giant axe and saving people from burning buildings, all the while, running through the house in slow motion and looking amazing.

Well, with Embr, you can do just that, kind of, without the slow motion and with more of a silly, Moving Out vibe to it. This game is clearly not meant to be taken seriously.

Embr Tools and Customizations

As a firefighter in Embr, you have plenty of tools to help you fight your way through fires, save people and also their belongings. Some of these items are pretty standard, as you would expect, however, some are also on the crazy side.

As pictured above, there are whacky tools that you can unlock, such as the throwing axe, to break objects in your way from a safe distance, and the scuba set, which apparently saves you from poisonous gasses, somehow.

As well as being able to purchase new equipment, you can also purchase new upgrades too, which give your existing equipment new features, such as the upgrade to the fire hose, that helps it to send a more powerful blast of water out, smashing everything out of its way better than the standard hose.

Every time you run a rescue mission, you can earn money. The more people that you save, the higher your rating, and therefore the more money you make.

You can also make money by getting items out to the safe point too. Each item you pick up will have a set value, which will then rack up your overall total and can be used to purchase more items such as:

  • Tools
  • Clothing
  • Vehicles
  • Upgrades

The more people and items you manage to rescue per job, the more money you will earn to be able to spend on these items and upgrades.

Embr post-rescue rating and payout

Embr Gameplay

The gameplay in Embr is pretty straightforward. It’s easy to learn the controls through the tutorial, but if you choose to skip it, you won’t be too hard done by.

This house is on fire!

As time passes by, the fire will spread throughout the house. It’s your job to clear the path in order to rescue each “client”. There’s a minimum number per level, but you can rescue more than the minimum if you wish.

Returning a man I let die

As I quickly discovered, you can’t just throw people out of windows. If this happens, they’ll turn into a crumbling skeleton – not so good! You’ll need to carry each person and their possessions to the Rescue Zone which is located just outside of each house.

Embr rescue zone

The Many Dangers of Being a Fighfighter

Of course, being a firefighter comes with tons of dangers. In the first few minutes I thought to myself, this is only a small fire, no problem, I can have this out in no time.

Well, as it turns out, fire spreads quicker than I thought, and of course, the people who own these houses that are currently flaming infernos all seem to like keeping flammable gas barrels in their houses, which doesn’t help to stop the spread either.

As the building burns, it doesn’t take long for wooden supports to start falling down and blocking your safe exit out of the property, which is where tools such as the ladder come in handy.

But it’s not just the fire that you need to worry about in Embr, there are dangers around every corner. Examples include live wires that will that can electrocute you if you’re not careful and gas leaks that will need to be vented with either ventilation or by breaking windows.

Playing Embr in Multiplayer Mode

Embr is simply a fun, couch co-op game that you can’t take too seriously. If you’ve played games like Overcooked and Moving Out, you’ll have a lot of fun with Embr.

If you’re in search of a casual multiplayer game that you can play with your kids, friends, or family, it’s time to get your hands on Embr! I’ve honestly enjoyed this game way more than I had anticipated to and genuinely hope you enjoy it too.

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