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How to Unlock The Horse in Elden Ring

by Georgie Peru

Want to get the horse in Elden Ring? Of course, you do! Exploring the open world won’t be easy unless you find suitable transportation in the form of Torrent, the horse you unlock at the beginning of the game.

Riding horseback has many benefits, including being able to traverse Spirit Springs, without taking any damage. Unless you’re particularly fond of trekking miles, the horse in Elden Ring really is worth getting. You’ll also be able to fight using weapons and spells while on the back of Torrent.

If you’re ready to jump on your high horse, stay with us.

Obtain the Horse in Elden Ring

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Rest at a Site of Grace

    North-west of where you begin, there’s a location called Gatefront Ruins. It’s at the base of a very large gate, so it’s hard to miss.sites of grace elden ring

  2. Meet Melina

    Rest at the Site of Grace north-west or south-east of Gatefront Ruins to initiate a cutscene with Melina. She will give you an item called Spectral Steed Whistle.elden ring speak to woman to get a horse

  3. Summon Torrent

    Press the Pause Menu then select Equipment to open up your inventory. Here you can equip the Spectral Steed Whistle to one of your quick item slots. Once equipped, you can activate the ring to summon Torrent.elden ring item for horse

How to Use the Horse in Elden Ring

Using the horse in Elden Ring is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve summoned Torrent, you will automatically jump straight onto him. You can dismount by pressing L3 (the left stick).

While Torrent is really useful for getting around, his main use is arguably being able to use the Spirit Springs in Elden Ring to travel further. When you come across an area with moving water, press X (Xbox and PS) to use the current of the water to jump.

In combat, you can use your right-hand weapon to crush your enemies, while riding the horse in Elden ring. You can also use spells, but it definitely takes some practice to master.

How to Revive Torrent

Torrent can take damage and eventually die. If this happens, you can summon the horse again by either resting at a Site of Grace, or using a Healing Flask.

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