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Julian or Marco: Who Should You Side With in Dying Light 2?

by Georgie Peru

Dying Light 2 makes you choose between making a deal with Marco or telling the truth to save Julian. But how do you choose between Julian and Marco? What are the consequences?

The Cheers side quest in Dying Light 2 requires you to choose between Julian and Marco. While the consequences aren’t game-changing, it’s important to know the effects of your choice, especially if you have plans to shape the world your way.

Cheers Side Quest: Dying Light 2 Julian and Marco

Cheers is one of the first side quests you’ll encounter in Dying Light 2. It starts to open the world up in the game and requires you to make an important decision.

To start the quest, you’ll need to speak to Julian in the Bazaar. This will happen during The Only Way Out quest, part of the main storyline. Your job is to find out whether Julian’s water he’s been selling was poisoned by him; the truth is, Marco actually had the water poisoned after a zombie fell into his bathtubs.

Marco does his best to justify why the water was unattended, forcing Julian to be accused of selling poisonous water at the Bazaar after it made its way there. You can choose to accept Marco’s deal of some flour and rewards to keep quiet, or side with Julian and tell the truth about Marco.

Here’s how to make the best decision in Dying Light 2 by choosing between Julia and Marco.

Accept Marco’s Deal

If you choose to accept Marco’s deal, and not tell the truth, you’ll be rewarded with some XP, flour, and cash. If you go down this route and side with Marco, the quest will end here.

Note: You cannot accept Marco’s deal and tell Julian the truth; it’s one or the other.

Although you can go back to the Bazaar and talk to Julian, you’re only option, once you’ve accepted the deal, is to confirm that Marco’s water wasn’t poisoned, leading Julian’s accusers to take him away.

Tell the Truth

Telling the truth about Marco to the people of the Bazaar is the honest thing to do, but is it the right thing? If you go down this route, Marco quickly turns on you in a fight to the death.

Marco Boss fight in Dying Light 2

Beating Marco can be quite tough since he’s a strong fighter. But, once he’s down, you can loot his body for some flour, XP, and other rewards.

Although you won’t be rewarded as handsomely if you choose Julian over Marco, you do get the sense of honor in telling the truth, and not letting an innocent man die for something he didn’t do.

The choice is yours.

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