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Dread Hunger Level Up Guide

by Georgie Peru

If you’re new to Dread Hunger, you may be wondering how to level up your character, or characters. When you finish a game, you’ll see a board of scores, ranking up to S. But how do you achieve a rank of A or above in Dread Hunger?

Since the game has many mechanics and options when playing as a Thrall or Explorer, there are multiple ways to get points and increase your score. There are also actions that can reduce your points, so it’s worth understanding how the level-up process works.

Dread Hunger Character Skills

Each character in Dread Hunger has their own set of items and skills. When you level up any of the characters in Dread Hunger, you’ll get a percentage increase to specific actions. For example, I play as the Hunter; as I level her up, the time it takes to harvest raw meat reduces.

At level 15, the Hunter can harvest raw meat 26% faster. Depending on the role you choose, you can level up different skills. Here’s a glimpse of what you can work on.

As you play more missions in Dread Hunger and earn points, you’ll level up and increase the skills of each role:

  • Captain: Can maneuvre the ship better.
  • Chaplain: More likely to find trinkets.
  • Cook: Can cook faster.
  • Doctor: Healing items are more effective and carried players die slower.
  • Engineer: Craft items at the workbench faster.
  • Hunter: Harvest raw meat faster.
  • Navigator: Sprints faster.
  • Royal Marine: Reloads faster.

Dread Hunger How To Rank Up

At the end of each expedition, whether the Thralls or Explorers win, you’ll see a scoreboard. This shows the ranking of each character from D through S. To level up your ranking in Dread Hunger, there are certain actions you must perform to add points to your score.

You can view an in-depth look at your score at the end of each expedition by clicking on the white square icon with a dotted outline under the map. Here, you can select your character or any other character to see a breakdown of the scoring system.

When playing as an explorer, certain actions increase the score and thus provide points to level up your character in Dread Hunger:

  • Fueled boiler with coal
  • Warmed up a crewmate
  • Killed a Seal
  • Killed a Hare
  • Killed a Wolf
  • Moved the ship forward
  • Killed a Cannibal
  • Killed a Bear
  • Damage a Bear
  • Fed a Crewmate
  • Assisted with carrying the Nitroglycerin
  • Revived a crewmate
  • Damaged the iceberg
  • Won the game
  • Killed enemy
  • Damaged enemy
  • Freed crewmate
  • Downed enemy
  • Assisted nitro carry
  • Nitro carry
  • Destroyed totem
  • Healed teammate
  • Cure Teammate
  • Repair Ship
  • Destroying Icebergs
  • Winning Poker
  • Poisoning enemy
  • Teammate escaped
  • Staying Alive

In addition to leveling up your character with points that offer a positive effect, it’s also possible to lose points by taking negative actions as an Explorer. In turn, the following will help to level up your character in Dread Hunger if you’re playing as a Thrall:

  • Damaging a crewmate
  • Killing a crewmate
  • Downing a crewmate
  • Dying • Suicide
  • Sabotaging the boile
  • Poisoning a crewmate
  • Disposing of coal
  • Damaging the ship
  • Freed enemy
  • Poisoning teammate
  • Disposing of Nitro
  • Stealing food

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