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Drake Hollow How to Cross the Aether / Water Without Dying

by Kegan Mooney
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Drake Hollow’s map is covered with vines, Feral creatures hell-bent on destroying you and the cute little Drakes in which you are tasked to defend, it’s also covered in a sea of doom known as the Aether, so how do you cross the Aether without dying?

To cross the Aether you need to use an Aether Ward, if you do not have a Curio Workbench this is the first thing you will need to build as without one you wont be able to make the Aether Ward.

To make an Aether Ward you will need:

  • 2x Glowstone Shards
  • 1x Shoelace

When you craft an Aether Ward you will create 3 at a time. When you activate an Aether Ward you will get 16 seconds before it wears out, so run quickly! You can activate another Aether Ward straight after one runs out, but you will incur the effects of the Aether for the amount of time it takes to activate one.

Crossing The Aether Explained

How do I create an Aether Ward?

To create an Aether Ward you need 2 Glowstone Shards and 1 Shoelace.

How Many Aether Wards do I get?

Each time you craft Aether wards you get 3 at a time.

How long does and Aether Ward last for?

Each ward lasts for a total 16 seconds before they run out and you will need to get to safety or use another one.

How long does and Aether Ward take to use?

Each Aether ward takes around 0.2 seconds to cast, if you are using it whilst in the Aether the damage you will suffer for the 0.2 seconds is minimal.

What does an Aether Ward do?

The Aether Ward clears a path around the Aether (Water) making it safe for you to walk through for 16 seconds at a time, without an Aether Ward you would take damage until you use the Ward or exit the Aether.

How do I cross the Aether without Dying

Make sure you have a Curio Workbench and craft an Aether Ward, once you have crafted it you can equip and use it to cross the Aether.

What Does the Aether look like

The image below shows the Aether, with the ring of protection created from an Aether Ward, there is a countdown below the character which shows you how long you have left until the Aether Ward runs out and the Aether engulfs you.drake hollow aether ward

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