Double Pug Switch Review

Double Pug Switch Review

by Kegan Mooney
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Double Pug Switch is a tough game to review. The game itself lures you in with nice visuals, and an affordable price, but the game itself simply didn’t hit the mark.

That being said, I can see how Double Pug Switch could appeal to some audiences.

Frustrating or Challenging?

As you can see from the trailer below, the game features parallel dimensions, crazy cyborg cats, and of course, an adorable pug, but is that enough to keep players interested, sadly I think not.

The game has been designed and even marketed on the core fundamentals that players will fail, over and over again. While we all love overcoming difficult games, such as Dark Souls, Double Pug Switch just seemed to verge on annoying, more than challenging.

Personally, its main selling point, the game’s over-the-top difficulty, is also its worst feature. Dying over and over again, in a game that is based mainly on timing over actual skill or needing to think, just becomes frustrating and isn’t at all fun.

Redeeming Features

Thankfully the game does have one redeeming factor. The boss fights are actually fun, but of course, this would mean withstanding the main part of the game to get to the boss fights in the first place.

I also found at several key moments in the game, I would press the button to switch dimensions. However, the game would stutter, meaning that I did not switch in time, and I would have to restart. This quickly became an annoying issue, enough so that this has become one of the rare few games I’ve not seen through to the end.

I’m a big supporter of indy games, and personally love it when I get the chance to play and review as many as possible, so it genuinely does sadden me to say, steer clear of this title, its a great idea, which quickly becomes repetitive and annoying.

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