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Doom Eternal Delayed Till 2020

Doom Eternal which was set for release on November 22 2019 has now been delayed. The new Doom Eternal release date delays the game till next year. For now we will need to settle with Doom Eternal gameplay footage from Youtube, simply wishing it was us ripping hellish creatures apart.

Developers ID Software have announced the delay on their official Twitter account and stated the delay is due to them wanting to ensure they live up to their standards of speed and polish.

To me, it seems like they have made the right choice here, above all, we all expect games to be as bug free as possible upon release these days.

Similarly we’ve become more accommodating to delays as a result of polishing and ensuring a bug free release.

Personally I would be much more annoyed about a game being released buggy, choppy and unfinished than a game released a little later. Maybe more developers and publishers can learn from this, and delay rather than release unfinished.

Doom Eternal delayed:

The much anticipated games release date is now March 20, 2020 and will come with a pre-order bonus for those of you pre purchasing the game in advance.

Whilst it is annoying that Doom Eternal has been delayed, it’s always nice to see developers and publisher taking pride in their games and delaying them to ensure they are perfect, as apposed to releasing buggy unfinished games to the masses.

doom eternal 2020

Invasion Mode:

After Doom Eternal has finally released ID also confirmed “Invasion” mode as a free update.

In Invasion mode players can play as a demon whilst invading another players game, as a result, I imagine this could be an incredibly fun new feature. In other words, you can enjoy making another players game much harder.

To sum it up, invasion mode, is a super awesome mode, where you can be a creature from hell, tormenting another real life player, doesn’t get much better than that.

What pre-order edition should I buy?

You can currently pre-order 2 editions of the game, the base game and the deluxe edition, both with their own set of bonus content.

The base Game:

  • Throwback shotgun weapon skin
  • Doom 64 digital download
  • Doot Revenant skin
  • Bonus campaign master level

Doom eternal collector’s edition:

  • Special sleeve
  • Doom Eternal Year One season pass (Campaign DLC 1 + 2)
  • Demonic Slayer skin
  • Classic weapons sound pack
  • And of course everything from the standard pre-order

Doom eternal collector’s edition physical copy:

  • “The Gift of Argent Power” 11 x17 Lithograph
  • Game and Exclusive Steelbook
  • DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal Lossless Digital Soundtracks
  • Lore Book by ID Software
  • Wearable DOOM Slayer Helmet

Doom eternal collector’s edition is priced at £199.99 at game.co.uk, although that’s a high price to pay, however, the thought of wearing a Doom Slayer Helmet whilst playing Doom, certainly sounds like an amazing concept.

Although the game has been delayed I very much doubt the news about the game will stop, in fact, more information, videos and Doom Eternal gameplay trailers are coming out and getting us even more excited than before.

Other Games in March 2020

The main issue with the move back to March is the already packed incredible line up for game releases that month, including:

As a result of the AAA titles, March is going to be one hell of a month for gamers! However, it’s going to be a bad month for our bank accounts.

With The Last of Us Part II coming out on February 21, 2020 it will likely have you ignoring other game releases, consequently March is going to be a tough month to decide how to spend your hard earned money.

Looking forward to Doom Eternal release date? How do you feel about developers delaying game releases, let us know in the comments.

Whilst you wait, why not check out some Doom Eternal game play footage courtesy of the official Playstation Youtube channel.

Doom Eternal Gameplay Footage: Source – Playstation Youtube channel

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