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Latest Update: Don’t Starve Together – Wormwood

by Georgie Peru
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In the latest update of Don’t Starve Together on June 6th, we saw the introduction of Don’t Starves latest character Wormwood. As with most of Don’t Starve’s characters, Wormwood comes with his own unique abilities and characteristics:

  • No need to use farms! Wormwood can plant seeds directly into the ground
  • Wormwood doesn’t need to be scared of eye plants as they are friendly towards him
  • During Springtime Wormwood gains increased movement speed, drains hunger quicker than normal and attracts bees
  • Food doesn’t heal Wormwood
  • Wormwood can use manure and Guano to restore 2 health
  • If Wormwood comes into contact with fire, he will take 25% more damage
  • Wormwood’s sanity will start to deplete if plants are destroyed near him
  • When plants are planted, Wormwood gains sanity

play as Wormwood I personally cannot wait to get my hands on Wormwood! I picked up a Mandrake the other day in one of my games and Wormwood reminds me of my new love! I wasn’t aware Mandrake’s were so rare until now.

Don’t Starve Together: How to Unlock Wormwood

As with most Don’t Starve playable characters, Wormwood can either be bought as a paid additional extra or can be unlocked in the game, at the expense of in-game items.

If you’re wondering how to play as Wormwood in Don’t Starve Together, here’s how:

  • If you own Don’t Starve Hamlet on Steam, Wormwood is free for you
  • If you purchase the Wormwood chest for $6.99, you’ll get Wormwood
  • The Wormwood Deluxe chest also contains Wormwood (as well as skins) for $10.99
  • Wormwood can be weaved from 2700 spools

Wormwood is one of many unlockable playable characters in Don’t starve, you can see the full range of unlockable characters by visiting the Steam store, or the store for the console you are playing on.

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