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Grounded Bees – Where To Find Them In Grounded

Grounded bees were introduced in the Grounded 0.6 update. Among bees, Grounded players saw new bugs including mosquitos and fireflies, but where can you find bees in grounded and what can you do once ...[Read More]

How to Unlock all the Grounded Mutations

Grounded’s mutations were added in patch 0.2.0 and are a great system to help you survive the back yard, but how do you unlock all the Grounded mutations? You can unlock many of them by just sim...[Read More]

All Grounded Smoothie Recipe’s So Far

I’ve spent the past few days becoming a miniature smoothie making maniac, just to bring you all the recipes and effects, or at least all the Grounded smoothie recipes to date, this may change as...[Read More]

How to Survive Grounded: Tips & Tricks for Grounded

When first starting out in Grounded, surviving can be a pain, but don’t worry, there are a few tips and tricks in Grounded that can help you survive longer and quickly become a tiny pro. Startin...[Read More]

Grounded Gets it’s First Update

Grounded has just launched it’s first update this week adding new features, creatures and fixes. Grounded is already a tough enough game to begin with, but with the new update bringing buffed sp...[Read More]

How to get all the tools in Grounded

If you’re here it’s safe to say you are wondering how to get all the tools in Obsidian Entertainment’s new survival hit Grounded. As there are no obvious recipes when you start the g...[Read More]


Grounded is 2020's gaming answer to Honey I shrank the kids, with everything you could want from a survival game already packed into its early access release. You wake up as one of 4 teenagers in a ba...[Read More]

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