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Harley Quinn skin now in Fortnite

To celebrate the recent release of Birds of Prey on 7th February 2020, Fornite has added a new Harley Quinn skin. Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played… Past releases like Aveng...

Chaos Engine

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Release & New Physics Engine

With the Fortnite Chapter 2 release date now being confirmed, players can sigh in relief, knowing the end of the longest season is soon to be over. On top of that, news, leaks and rumors this week are...

How To Defeat Fortnite’s Storm King

Watch the DebatableNoob taking on the Storm King and coming out on top... Some how!

Fortnite Black Hole: Fortnite Blackout Before Chapter 2

Breaking news: The Fortnite blackout has caused mass hysteria all over the globe today, with kids screaming “let me play”! And adults screaming “it’s wine ‘o’clock,...

Fortnite Season 10 Update

UPDATE (10:08 AM): Fortnite Season 10 (Fortnite out of time) the latest Fornite update. Epic Games have announced they are experiencing server issues with their website. We are awaiting for the full p...

Fortnite world cup

The Fortnite World Cup Millionaire:

Meet Kyle Giersdorf; The Fortnite World Cup Millionaire that just won 3 million dollars in the Fortnite world cup tournament. Many people have shown a huge amount of resentment towards Kyle since his ...

Fortnite update 9.30

Fortnite update 9.30 patch notes Chug Splash

Fortnite update 9.30 has now been released. Players can download the new patch which contains a lot of updates. Weapons/Items Chug Splash: The latest Fortnite update introduces Chug Splash. This item ...

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