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Deathloop Tips and Tricks Guide

by Kegan Mooney

Since its release earlier this month, Deathloop seems to have taken the gaming world by storm. With its clever gameplay and exciting story, we can’t get enough of it, which is why we’ve learned so many tips and tricks.

Obatining Slabs & Slab Upgrades

Slabs in Deathloop are powerful tools that allow you to teleport short distances, turn invisible, and some other cool powers, but to obtain them, you must first take on the visionaries that wear them.

As you would expect, visionaries are well guarded and not easy to beat, but thankfully there’s an easier way. As you play Deathloop, you are often invaded by another player playing as Julianna. Defeating the player will drop a slab, sometimes even more than one.

I’ve found that players are actually often easier to defeat than the visionaries and give you a much quicker way of obtaining slabs, and once you’ve got the slabs, you can simply beat another player for the upgrade.

Take your time to explore carefully

Deathloop is split into four times; morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. Once you are in a district at any time, there is no time limit, so do not rush, you can spend hours in one area and it will still be the same time.

This gives you the time to explore the map in detail and make sure you find all the residuum in that district, allowing you to infuse more items at the end of the day, or current session.

Sacrifice everything at the end of the day

There’s a lot to learn with Deathloop’s ingenious mechanics, some of which can take a while to master and lead to a few mistakes being made.

One of the first big mistakes I made when I first started playing Deathloop was not sacrificing items at the end of the day. All items that are not infused will be lost at the end of a loop, so just before you start a new day sacrifice anything you do not want to keep.

These things will just go to waste if you don’t and by doing so, you will have a much higher chance of being able to infuse some important gear for future loops.

Know when to slow down

One of the things that really makes Deathloop a great game is the ability to play to your preferred playstyle. For example, you can go in all guns blazing, or stick to the shadows and take your enemies down one by one.

While I prefer to go in all guns blazing, sometimes you need to know when stealth is your best weapon. A great example of this is the party in Updaam, there are simply too many enemies and a stealthier approach will yield better results.

Eternalists are good for more than just killing

Eternalists are the masked residents of Blackreef that are out to ruin Colt’s day and stop him from breaking the loop, but sometimes they serve more of a purpose than just letting Cole vent some of his bottled anger.

Listening to Eternalists will often actually lead to clues that can help you uncover more of the story, and even help give you an idea on your next move to obtain more of Blackreef’s most valuable currency, information.

Infuse trinkets before progressing

Both weapon and character trinkets are essential to taking on visionaries and progressing through the game’s story, and while you might be keen to get your first slab or slab upgrade, it might not be the best way to spend your Residuum at the start of Deathloop.

Focus the start of your journey on collecting and infusing trinkets. This will make taking on visionaries or even other players much easier, which will then help you when it comes to obtaining slabs.

Make sure to have a play with the weapon trinkets too, there are some great combinations that can really alter how your weapons work and give you the upper hand.

Check your surroundings and look for clues

The four districts in Deathloop are filled with clues that can help you progress in the story, or even unlock more gates and codes.

But it’s not just readable documents that will offer up these clues. Look at whiteboards, posters, and anything you come across, many of these will actually contain codes or other clues that will help you progress.

Always remember that each district progresses throughout the day, so check the map in the same places at each time, you might find information that was not there earlier in the day.

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