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The Dark Pictures Anthology concludes its first season

by Georgie Peru

If you’ve made it to the end of House of Ashes, you’ll have seen a glimpse of The Dark Pictures Anthology season one finale.

The finale, The Devil In Me, concludes the first season of the anthology. But the good news for fans is that this isn’t the last you’ll see of The Dark Pictures.

Fans of the gruesome and legendary Saw series will undoubtedly be keen to get their teeth into The Devil In Me. The announcement trailer for the season one finale of The Dark Pictures Anthology was dropped on October 29, 2021.

“Are you prepared to meet a killer?”, PlayStation owners get a taste of what’s to come in what’s expected to be the most spine-tingling game in the series, yet.

Murder Castle

The Devil In Me consists of a group of documentary filmmakers receiving an invite to a replica of H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle.

In the 1800s, Holmes purchased an empty lot in Chicago and built his infamous “Murder Castle” here. The labyrinth consisted of booby traps, secret passages, and soundproofed rooms.

Unsuspecting victims would fall through trapdoors that led to the building’s basement.

While reports suggest Holmes killed as many as 200 people in his sinister lair, his actual number of victims may have been much lower. The number of his victims is still debated by historians.

Making the right choice has always been an integral part of The Dark Pictures Anthology. Now, more than ever, the choices you make will decide who lives and who dies.

Bandai Namco says: “Players will watch in horror as their unfortunate crew falls prey to a twisted game master who is observing their every move.”

Who Will Star In The Devil In Me?

Image Credit: IMDB

While there will be many more to come, we know that one of the characters in The Devil In Me is Jessie Buckley.

Jessie is an Irish actress known for her roles in Chernobyl, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, and Fargo.

When Will The Devil In Me Be Released?

While there’s no official information about The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me release date, we expect the series finale to conclude on or around Halloween 2022.

Likely inspired by the Saw franchise, players are subjected to deadly games and will be required to make life or death decisions.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Easter Eggs

For those who have played all of the games in The Dark Pictures Anthology, you may have noticed some hints regarding The Devil In Me.

In Man of Medan, there’s an article about a murder near a hotel in the 1947 newspaper. In the Old Magazine in Little Hope, the article entitled “Architects of Murder” alludes to Murder Castle.

Most recently, in House of Ashes, there’s a newspaper article about a serial killer named Manny Sherman. There’s also a book called “Mind of a Killer”.

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