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Conan Unconquered Preview

Conan Unconquered beta

In our Conan Unconquered preview we will show you why we think this change of direction and pace for conan fans will be a great adition.

As you likely know Funcoms previous titles, Conan unchained and Conan Exiles are open world MMO’s with Conan Exiles being a survival / taming based game.

This time round Funcom have decided to take a new route making the latest installment an RTS (Real Time Strategy)

What to expect?

The game seems to be more of a tower defence game than your standard RTS with waves of hordes attacking your stronghold that increasingly become stronger each wave.

Co-op: Instead if the normal online RTS format of 2 enemies build towns and strongholds and battle to destroy the other play, Conan see’s multiplayer mode having us work together, sharing resources, building space and units to defend our towns agains relentless hordes of enemies attacking.

Playing in co-op however has it’s downfalls in this kind of game, especially when sharing an army and resources.

Greedy players with less experience for example, burning through your supplies with no actual benefit could be cause for concern in Conan Unconquered co-op mode.

Gods: If you have played Conan exiles, you have likely commanded a god, and had fun smashing puny humans! Gods will make a come back in Conan Unconquered.

Disease: Gods, disease and waves of enemies aren’t the only worries you will have in the upcoming Conan Unconquered.

Disease can fester from your fallen comrades on the battlefield causing the tides of war to change.

Traps: Manage your defenses with traps such as oil cauldrons to help prevent the enemies flooding through your walls.

How and when can I buy the game?

How: From the official website found here

When: 30th May 2019 but you can pre-order now making sure you are ready to play on release day.

Are you excited to play this one? Do you think we needed a Conan RTS game? Let us know your thoughts!

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