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How to Make Steel and Hardened Steel in Conan Exiles

by Kegan Mooney

When starting out in Conan Exiles, you might find that stone or even iron tools just don’t cut it anymore. Thankfully you can upgrade to steel tools, but making steel and eventually hardened steel requires more materials that the game doesn’t make simple to figure out without some guidance.

How to Make Steel in Conan Exiles

Before you can make steel, you will need to make sure you have unlocked and built the cauldron. This is required to make steelfire, which will later be used to create steel.

Conan Exiles making steelfire

Steelfire requires two ingredients, the first of which is tar, and is extremely simple to produce. Simply place hide into the tannery and start creating leather, not only will you get leather from this, it will also create tar, which can be used as the first ingredient to make steel.

The second ingredient is brimstone, which might require some exploring in order to find. So, make sure that your inventory is empty, and you have room to bring back as much as possible with you, to increase the overall steelfire production and maximize the amount of steel you can make.

Once you have created enough steelfire, simply add it to your furnace along side some iron bars and the furnace will start creating steel bars from the iron bars and steelfire.

Conan Exiles how to make steel

How to Make Hardened Steel in Conan Exiles

Creating hardened steel in Conan Exiles is much easier than steel, as it requires only the furnace and less materials to upgrade the bars.

To make hardened steel in Conan Exiles, you simply need to place steel bars and black ice into the furnace, which will then convert into hardened steel.

Making hardened steel only requires one black ice and one steel bar. Making it very easy to create plenty of hardened steel bars, without needing tons of materials.

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