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Best Conan Exiles Adult Mods

by Georgie Peru

Conan Exiles has been rated M for Mature. For this reason, it’s only appropriate we offer you the best Conan Exiles adult mods that are available on the Steam Workshop.

From violence to nudity, Conan Exiles can be transformed to offer more adult-appropriate content. This includes new sexual gestures and animations, Conan Exiles nude female models, and more adult content.

The best Conan Exiles adult mods can be downloaded and installed on top of your Conan Exiles base game.

Without further ado, here are the best adult mods available for Conan Exiles.

1. SlaverMod

conan exiles sex mods

SlaverMod is one of Conan Exiles’ most popular adult mods. From items you can use to create sexual scenes and animations, to different breast physics.

Enslave your thralls and adjust their physical positions as well as genitals and appreciate one of the best Conan Exiles sex mods around.

You can use the new furniture items added to Conan Exiles to explore the SlaverMod in further detail. Items include Discipline Barrel, Capture Cross, Kneeling Pillows, Star Metal Bed, and more.

Download Link: SlaverMod

2. Golden Female Statues

conan exiles nude statues

Whether you’re creating a grand palace or simply want to appreciate the female form, the Golden Female Statues mod is a fantastic Conan Exiles adult mod.

With 18 golden female statues, you can craft your perfect statue the way you like it and digest some Conan Exiles nude models in all their glory.

There’s a choice of normal, 5x, and 10x size statues.

Statue costs:

  • (Normal) = 50 Gold Bars, 25 Silver Bars
  • (x5) = 55 Gold Bars, 30 Silver Bars
  • (x10) = 60 Gold Bars, 35 Silver Bars

Download Link: Golden Female Statues

3. Beyond Theatrics

The Beyond Theatrics Conan Exiles adult mod offers a selection of animations. You can create paired animations with players and thralls, as well as select different movement types between male and female characters.

There’s a choice of sexual and romantic animations for Conan Exiles sex mods fans, with planned content that will include new social poses, actions, and more diverse sexual content for the game.

Download Link: Beyond Theatrics

4. Aephrosi’s Altar

Dubbed the “God of Lust”, Aephrosi’s Altar is an adult Conan Exiles mod that allows you to place a Shrine, Altar, or Fence. Thralls generate “fluids” at the Shrine and Altar, allowing players to interact with them to generate fluids at the Shrine.

Fluids can be turned into bars and silk for use in other recipes. This is definitely up there with our favorite Conan Exiles NSFW mods.

Players can adjust the level of erection by adjusting the penis with the “9” and “0” keys. It’s also possible to interact with Thralls to increase arousal until the Thrall reaches orgasm, thus creating fluids in its inventory.

Download Link: Aephrosi’s Altar

5. Aquilonian Passion Body

conan exiles nsfw mods

Aquilonian Passion Body is an adult Conan Exiles mod that features a custom UI. Players can select nipple and labia styles with high-detailed textures.

These custom-made female bodies are designed for Conan Exiles to offer smoother and better textures. Players can choose to alter the female body for their own female players or for Thralls in Conan Exiles.

In addition to the bodies, players can add different accessories to their female characters. These include Passion Stockings, Privacy Bush, Nipple Covers, and more.

Download Link: Aquilonian Passion Body

6. High Heels System

The High Heels System mod adds more than 30 high heels, including character height increases and footstep sounds.

You can craft any of the items at the Armour’s Bench which can be applied to players and thralls.

This mod adds a tasteful addition to female characters and can be used in combination with other adult mods or Conan Exiles nude themes.

Download Link: High Heels System

Other Conan Exiles Mods

If you’re yet to satisfy your fill of Conan Exiles mods, we have a few more for you to indulge in.

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