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Choose to spare or kill Leofrith in Assassins Creed Valhalla

by Kegan Mooney
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If you are at this point in Assassins Creed Valhalla, then you have likely captured king Burgred. You would have tackled the fight against Leofrith, and are now wondering if you should kill or spare Leofrith.

One of the things I love about Valhalla is that the choices you make may come back to bite you in the ass later down the line. It could actually end up helping you, it’s down to you to make that judgment.

Should you spare or kill Leofrith?

While killing is always much more fun, it might not always be the best option. Take some time to look at the facts. There have been signs of Leofrith’s loyalty to the fight against the Danes throughout the questline. There have also been several mentions from Coelbert about his good nature.

During one part of the mission, I even stumbled across a letter from king Burgred. He acknowledged he was sending Leofrith to his certain demise and called him a rat.

Should you kill Leofrith?

Doing so would be the Viking way. It would also give him an honorable death that such a great warrior deserves.

What happens if you kill Leofrith?

  • England will become a much more dangerous place as Zealots actively hunt you and are powerful foes.
  • Coelbert will not be happy with your choice as he considered Leofrith a good man.

Should you spare Leofrith?

While it is not the Viking way, it might be helpful to not be actively hunted by Zealots. It could make the remainder of your time in England a lot easier.

What happens if you spare Leofrith?

  • Leofrith will warn you of a scroll containing your name, in which he warns you to burn. By burning the scroll you will not be actively hunted by Zealots*.
  • After finding out he was betrayed Leofrith mentions going to Rome. I assume he will exact his revenge upon King Burgred.

Completing the Hunted quest*

Sometimes it pays to get distracted. You might find you don’t jump straight onto the Hunted quest given to you by sparing Leofrith.

In my case, I got rather distracted. I stumbled across a funny-looking fellow with an axe stuck in his head.

Whilst I’m very glad I met the wonderfully named Mr. Axehead, I would also like to have done the hunted quest within 24 in-game hours.

As it turns out, you have a time limit to go get the scroll and burn it. Make sure you do before the Zealots hunt you down.

So, heed my warning. If you decide to spare Leofrith, make sure you follow the hunted quest straight away. Otherwise, you may end up like me, a Viking who refused a man an honourable death, who is now hunted down regardless of his choice…Whoops.

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