Xbox one console news

This section is for new relevant to Xbox one consoles only and while it may mention games, it’s more aimed at the console itself.
games are designed to be addictive

Should games like Fortnite be banned?

Back in April, the BBC published an article discussing whether Prince Harry is right in wanting to ban Fortnite. At a recent event the Duke of Sussex said “That game shouldn’t be allowed. ...[Read More]

Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is a prequel that explains the tragic story behind the neighbor (from the original title ‘Hello Neighbor’). The game is designed to become harder each time yo...[Read More]

Jurassic World Operations Manager, Claire Dearing

Jurassic World Evolution: Claire’s Sanctuary

Sanctuary – a paradise built to support and sustain multiple species. The idea is to relocate and rehabilitate in order to release them. Mt. Sibo could erupt at any time, so time is of the essen...[Read More]

ark bambi guide

Ark: Survival Evolved – Bambi guide

Ark Beginners guide: If you are a veteran Ark: Survival Evolved player, this guide isn’t for you. This is for players who have been thrown into the deepest depths of the island, surround with di...[Read More]

tropico 5 dlc console news

Tropico 5: All DLCs (Xbox & PS4)

Tropico 5 complete collection: Tropico 5 has seen 10 DLCs released since it’s base game release back in May 2014. Thankfully these are all included in the complete collection and work so flawles...[Read More]

xbox 360 backwards compatibility

Xbox one backwards compatibility games (Xbox 360)

  Current xbox one backwards compatibility games: xbox one backwards compatibility games are now much more common than you think! Although it’s a great feeling getting a brand new console when i...[Read More]

xbox 360 news

Full list of Xbox One 4K HDR Games

Full list of Xbox One 4k HDR Games: Numbers8 To Glory: The Official Game of the PBR (4K, HDR)11-11 Memories Retold AA Way OutAaero (4K)Absolver (4K)Achtung! Cthulu Tactics (4K)ADIOS Amigos (4K)Afterch...[Read More]

Xbox original backwards compatibility

Xbox original backwards compatibility games

Xbox original backwards compatibility is getting harder as TV’s adapt to modern technology, the same is said for other consoles as we move on to new screen resolutions and cables. Thankfully new...[Read More]

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