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Being a big fan of pirate games, I have been looking forward to King of Seas for some time now, I know there have been a couple of pirate games over recent years, Sea of Thieves being the most popular, but personally, I wasn’t a big fan, so something fresh from the sea is always welcomed.

King of Seas Story

King of seas is surprisingly story-driven, with players taking up the mantle of a prince or princess, which after a short bout of naval training finds themselves accused of the murder of their father, the King of Seas.

After being framed for the murder, the young prince or princess finds themselves in the care of a small pirate crew who have taken them in and looked after them. 

Before long the pirates put you in command of your own ship, with a small crew and a mission to start your new lift of crime and uncover the truth behind your father’s killer, in doing so, clearing your name and restoring your seat to the throne.

Is King of Seas Like Sea of Thieves?

I have seen so many people reference King of Seas to being just like Sea of Thieves., it’s clear to me they have never played King of Seas because the two games are nothing alike at all, in fact, the only comparison between the two games is that they both have pirates in, that’s all.

Firstly King of Seas is a drop-down game, where players do not control the character, they control the ship, which of course, in Sea of Thieves players each work together to man a ship.


King of Seas Gameplay

When I first heard about King of Seas I was excited to jump in, I absolutely love pirate games and pirate TV shows, even though not all pirate games get it right, I was very optimistic about King of Seas.

Many pirate games seem to have blurred lines, between a pirate action-adventure and survival sandbox, whereas King of Seas knows exactly what it wants to be and nails it.

By keeping us in our boat and taking away the need to control an individual character, it has kept the game simple enough to not be overly complicated, while managing to keep the game fun with epic naval battles, using a vast arsenal of weapons at your crew and ships disposal.

There are some cool features too, like the ability to dock up at certain islands and trade for new weapons or resources, which will help you on your quest to prove your innocence.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pirate game if you didn’t then go and blow up some of the ships from the island you just traded with, but be warned, doing this too close to the island will turn them against you, bringing more ships against you and potentially stopping trade with you for a while.

King of Seas Ship Battles

As well as the usual cannon balls, you can also equip several different types of weapons onto your ship as special items, such as the flame thrower which can deal a devastating blow to your enemies.

When entering into battle, you also have to take wind into account, making a note of which way the wind is blowing could save you and your crew if you need to make a run for it.

There are different types of ships at various levels, so it’s extremely important to make sure you can actually win a battle before starting it, thankfully your ships first mate will warn you if you enter into an area where ships are likely to overwhelm you.


King Of Seas is a simple, yet enjoyable game, which hasn’t tried to over-complicate the genre, and as such has created a solid, and enjoyable gaming experience.

The story is your generic, prince / princess is accused of killing their father, becomes an enemy to the state and of course takes the most reasonable way out, becoming a terror of the seas as a pirate, on a mission to prove your innocence and gain your seat on the throne.

As is often the case, the games simplistic nature works in its favor, allowing players to crack on and enjoy the game without needing a degree in physics to operate the ship.

King of Seas is an action-adventure game which doesn’t take itself too seriously, adding a splash of humor makes it a joy to play though.

Finding enemies to fight in the procedurally generated open world maps doesn’t take long at all, so it doesn’t take long before you have mastered the helm and taking on enemy ships and completing missions.

Where to buy King of Seas?

For those of you looking for an adventure on the go, click here for the Nintendo Switch version of King of Seas.

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After playing Subnautica for the first time last year, I have been very excited to jump onto Subnautica Below Zero and see how Unknown Worlds Entertainment has pushed the sequel further.

Straight away I could see Subnautica Below Zero was going to be bigger and better than its predecessor Subnautica.

Jumping onto the story mode, I instantly jump into the boots of Robin Ayou, in search of her sister Sam a year after the events on the first game, and prepared for some epic underwater adventures.

Subnautica Below Zero Game Modes

There are three modes to choose from in Below Zero, story mode, the default mode, which offers all the survival elements including food, water, and the newly introduced temperature.

New Threats

As you would expect from any sequel, there are now new threats to watch out for in Subnautica Below Zero some of which are more hazardous than others.

One of the less dangerous creatures added to the game is the new sea monkey, an adorable yet mischievous creature that lures you in by looking super cute, then robs you, swimming away with some of your valuable equipment.

As well as creatures & the ever-present threat of drowning, there are also extreme weather conditions which can cause you harm too, of course, there are the freezing temperatures, but also lightning and giant hailstones too.

In some cases, it might be better to take shelter than to try to head-on into these storms.

Below Zero Temperatures

One of the biggest changes to the game is the addition of freezing temperatures, if you thought that surviving the original Subnautica was tough, try doing that while battling the elements.

Temperature is more of a concern when on land, but there are methods to overcome the cold, one of the best methods is to find a heat lily, a beautiful red plant, which expels heat, keeping the player safe from the elements.

Once you have warmed up at a lily, you will have bought yourself some time to push on further inland until you need to find another one or another way to warm up.

Another new item added to the game is the thermos which can be filled with hot coffee and consumed to gain body heat, while this isn’t as effective as a heal lily, it might just be enough to save your life.

Below Zero's Biomes & Environment

The first thing I think of when someone mentions Subnautica is the stunning environments, when booting up Subnautica Below Zero for the first time, I expected the same stunning environments, but as I explored, I found myself in awe of my surroundings.

Subnautica Below Zero has not only managed to continue the theme of out-of-this-world alien environments, but it also managed to push it to the next level with new and stunning biomes which without a doubt show just how creative this team is.

From giant glowing coral reefs to 200-meter high lily pads, each environment offers a very unique look, each one as graphically breathtaking as the other, in its own unique way.

The level of detail shows that Subnautica is a labor of love, with developers sparing no expense on making sure the players are submerged into a completely unique and alien world unlike anything ever seen before.

Subnautica Below Zero Base Building

One of the more popular features of Subnautica is the base building aspect of the game, which has not only been continued in below Zero but expanded on to bring players even more detail they can add to their submerged metropolis.

As with the original game, players must still create a scanner which they will need to use scan items to be able to fabricate them back at their base. But many of these items can be found early on by just following the story.

The only restriction to the base building is your haul integrity, which can be increased by reinforcing your walls or using foundations, without keeping it in check your base could start falling apart, with breaches popping up all over the place.

Exploration & Going Deeper

At the start, you are restricted by basic equipment, which makes it difficult to explore too far, but once you start getting better equipment you are able to start pushing further afield.

Once you have built an advanced oxygen tank and a sea glider you will be able to start reaching better depths, which will allow you to explore more.

The next step is a sea truck, which keeps you safe from some of the bigger creatures out there and lets you move around quickly without the need to worry about oxygen, this is where the game starts to get really interesting, as you are now free to explore the alien depths with much less holding you back.

It wasn’t until I got into my newly crafted Sea Truck that I really realized just how much work has been put into making such a stunning world, at each turn, I was met by completely unique biomes, with deeply wild ecological lifeforms.

It’s not just the sea that captures the player with its amazing design, there are also plenty of areas on land, which not only look great but add more depth to the story too.

Subnautica Below Zero also has several alien sites, ran by the architects, an advanced alien race that adds an interesting and unique layer to the game. 

While I didn’t find getting to or finding any of these alien sites difficult, the path leading to them was both enjoyable and beautiful.

Subnautica Below Zero Summary

After reading some of the other reviews online, I can see many people are claiming that the map is not as well designed as the original game, however, that’s not been my experience, each biome has been incredibly well designed, with unique plants and creatures.

The game also has great sound design and voice acting, which along with such detailed design really creates an immersive experience, unlike anything I have played before.

As far as survival games go, the survival element is fairly easy, but the main emphasis is on exploration, which is done in a unique and fun way.

The open-world design includes several named areas such as the twisty bridges, each one being unique and teeming with life.

Building vehicles such as the prawn suit allow you to dive deeper into the sci-fi world and unlock the mysteries of the planet 4546b.

Craft tools, explore the seas, create a base and uncover planet 4546b’s secrets, there is so much to do in Subnautica Below Zero which will give you hours of fun.

The only thing I felt the game is missing, which also applies to the first game is a multiplayer mode, I would have personally loved to play Subnautica Below Zero with my friends, I had hoped that once the game left early access, they might have added multiplayer, but sadly that was not the case.

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Frontier recently dropped a double whammy in the form of Planet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC and the Studios Pack DLC. While I do get excited when Planet Coaster offers up more thrilling packs, I am always dubious as to whether the new DLC will live up to previous packs like World’s Fair and Vintage Pack.

New Items

For Planet Coaster players that are looking for more rides, unfortunately you find an abundance of them in the Studios Pack DLC. What you will find, however, is extensive creation options, allowing you to design your own ‘working’ film studio.

planet coaster studios pack dlc

Coupled with the release of the Ghostbusters DLC, your scenery and building items will now take up most of the screen. If you’re lucky enough to have been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Universal Studios, you’ll probably notice a resemblance with the Planet Coaster Studios Pack DLC.

New Rides

While there aren’t many rides, the ones that are available are pretty fantastic. I can vividly remember taking my Mom on Tower of Terror at Disney World Florida, convincing her it was going to be a fun and casual experience.

planet coaster studios pack horror heights

Being presented with Horror Heights took me back to that moment, putting a smile on my face. Using other rides like Erie Elevation, you can create your own zombie-run terror ride.

Fans will also be pleased to know that the Hollywood backlot tour will now feature in the Studios Pack DLC. While it’s not really a comparitive ride to say, a rollercoaster, the Big Screen Tour will take your guests on a cinematic experience they won’t forget.

studios pack backlot tour

Create your own Hollywood tours using the studio-themed scenery, wall sets, and animated lights. Hey, why not introduce a hovering helicopter and a building that’s on fire? For the designers and creators out there, the Studios Pack DLC will pump your creative juices, offering up a platter of scenery items and music to make your own Hollywood production.

Facility Buildings

The only real downside to this DLC is the lack of facility buildings. There are only four new buildings in this category, making it the least of any Planet Coaster DLC we’ve seen before.

There’s no unique shops or stalls either, but there is a new entrance arch which brings various elements of the DLC to make quite the entrance.

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The latest Planet Coaster DLC to hit the console version of the game is Ghostbusters DLC and Studios Pack. After installing the Ghostbusters DLC, needless to say, I was excited. Born in the 80s, seeing a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on the home screen of Planet Coaster was exhilarating!

planet coaster ghostbusters dlc main screen

Shuffling in my seat to the timeless classic, “who you gonna call?”, I was ready to jump in. While previous Planet Coaster DLCs offered lots of content, I was really pleased to see that Planet Coaster Ghostbusters offered its own mini-campaign.

Planet Coaster Ghostbusters Scenario

Rather than being directed by Oswald, both new scenarios take direction from Dan Aykroyd. I felt like I was lining up for an audition to be in the film.

After supernatural encounters have been reported to the Environmental Protection Agency, they start digging around your newly inherited theme park. Of course, you’re not alone here. Why, who else is around? None other than the Ghostbusters themselves.

planet coaster ghostbusters scenario ghost

Fans of Ghostbusters will relish in the amazing recreations of the iconic Ghostbusters landmarks in this awesome Planet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC. Some of which include:

  • Ghostbusters HQ
  • Zuul’s Dimensional Gate
  • Stay Puft
  • Apartment Building

Aside from feeling like a film set, you’ll discover Ghostbuster-themed rides. Jump into the Ghostbusters Experience and shoot ghosts to earn points to rack up the highest score.

The RollerGhoster is another welcome addition for the faint-hearted. As you ride around the coaster, it will feel like music to your ears when you click on to the fact there’s an acoustic version of the Ghostbusters theme in the background.


You can also drive the ECTO-1 using the ‘Drive Vehicle’ option, allowing you to discover your Planet Coaster park in style. Looking for more Ghostbusters theme music? Don’t worry, the ECTO-1 of course blasts the classic, so you can enjoy it time and time again.

Ghostbusters DLC Items

Similar to other DLC and Planet Coaster packs, the Ghostbusters DLC offers a wealth of new items, scenery, and facilities. It’s 100% worth the investment, packing high-rise buildings into a newly themed area of your theme park.

planet coaster ghostbusters new items

You can create a New York-esque feeling to any park you create. Whether you’re crafting buildings from scratch or using the high-rises as backdrops, this Ghostbusters DLC feels like it’s opened a whole new world of Planet Coaster creation options.

Planet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC – Is It Worth It?

Absolutely, YES! Whether you’re a fan of Ghostbusters or seeking a fresh new take on Planet Coaster, the latest Planet Coaster DLC brings a lot of joy, creation options, and scenarios.

Being able to create a full-sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is definitely going to be a priority. Now available on PlayStation and Xbox, I bet you can’t wait to jump in!

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If you’ve played Resident Evil 7 already, you will already be familiar with the handy protagonist, Ethan Winters, he’s a dab hand at survival and always willing to give a hand to those in need, okay, enough hand puns now.

You might be wondering why I’m obsessing over the word hand here, over the past few days Ethans hands have become something of a meme, but I suggest playing Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village before looking into that, you don’t want spoilers!

How Resident Evil Village has evolved the series

When I first read that Resident Evil 7 wouldn’t have zombies, I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but it quickly became one of my favorite games from the series.

The move to a darker, much more intense first-person horror experience has worked well for the series and Resident Evil 8 has taken that experience to the next level.

Village has taken the Resident Evil intensity level up several notches, with some of the most intense gameplay I have ever experienced in a horror game.

Right from the start, the game has you on the edge of your seat, and it doesn’t take long before you are being bombarded by hordes of Lycans ripping your fingers off and biting at your neck.

Before long, windows are being smashed, with Lycan hands trying to grab you through windows, holes in the ground are formed as creatures crawl out of the dirt to rip you apart and the gentle movement of crops in the fields soon show themselves to be werewolves ready to pounce.

There is rarely a minute to compose yourself, especially in the first 30 minutes of gameplay, I found myself cowering in the corner of a building at one point, knowing that if I went downstairs I would be pounced on, but I simply needed a minute or two to compose myself before facing the incoming onslaught.

The only time you get to compose yourself is when completing puzzles, as you know the game allows you time to work them out, without being attacked.

Resident Evil Village's Bosses

It’s not just werewolves you have to watch out for in Resident Evil Village, there are also vampires amongst the ranks of the villages to bosses too.

There are several bosses and mini bosses to contend with, each of them providing their own unique surroundings and gameplay, which was refreshing to see the game keeping itself from getting stale.

Lady Dimitrescu is a formidable foe, and one that towers above Ethan Winters in height. She and her daughters are vampires and will be one of the first real threats you will need to contend with in the village.

Donna Beneviento is the doll maker and comes with her own sidekick, a creepy walking, talking doll. Donna is always seen wearing a mourning garb and is never without her trusted sidekick doll.

Salvatore Moreau is a disturbing looking disfigured merman. From the first moment I looked at him, he reminded me of the merman from Cabin in the Woods.

Salvatore can shapeshift and vomits green acid, making him one of the most vile villans of Resident Evil Village.

The final and toughest boss Resident Evil Village has to offer, Karl Heisenberg.

He runs a factory of nightmares on the edge of the village and has a unique power which allows him to control and manipulate metal.

His gifts and cunning make him by far the most dangerous of the four lords Ethan must fight.

As well as the four lords, there are also numerous mini-bosses that Ethan must fight too, with Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters being the most memorable of them all in my eyes.

If you keep an eye out for notes on your travels, you will find clues and hints on how you can defeat some of these mini-bosses, which should help increases your chances of survival.

It doesn’t take long before you meet these nightmarish lords, but thankfully you will fight them separately, each of them offering their own unique challenges and environments.

Each of the bosses is not only very unique in their fighting and environments, but also their personalities, but they all share a common goal to please their master.

Resident Evil Village Review Summary

Resident Evil Village is already one of my favorites from the franchise, while I do love the old Resident Evil games, there is something about the modern, 1st person format that I absolutely love.

There are still aspects of the old game that have survived the move to the new survival horror format,  but the cinematic experience of watching the hell Ethan winters and his wife Mia endure has taken the series to the next level for me.

Personally I am a massive horror fan and get frustrated that both horror movies and games seem to suffer from lower reviews just because of the genre, but I cannot see how this can be viewed as anything other than a masterpiece.

Resident Evil Village is a powerhouse of horror, with jump scares that are genuinely scary, not just your average, predictable scare, in fact, you spend so much of the game facing terror, even when it should be predictable it still scares the hell out of you.

Resident Evil Village's Graphics

From the trailers I expected mediocre graphics, what we actually got was near on perfection, with some scenes feeling photorealistic.

Resident Evil Village also takes advantage of Ray Tracing and HDR, which produces some extremely good results. If you have a next-gen console or PC with Ray Tracing capabilities you will be blown away by the game’s graphical capabilities.

The PC version of the game surprised me, it’s very rare I come across a game that challenges my hardware, but Resident Evil Village did, with the games highest settings requiring 12GB Video memory.

Resident Evil Village's Audio

I’ve already mentioned that the graphics are great, but the audio needs its own special mention.

If you have surround sound headphones or speakers, use them if you dare, I mentioned above that there are a few moments where you can compose yourself from the horrors you have faced, the audio strips some of those moments from you.

With the sounds of rats scurrying along the floor, or branches snapping outside and even the sounds of Lycans breathing just outside the shack you are hiding in, they all add another layer of terror.

Each environment you are in is very unique in its own way, and Capcom have taken advantage of this with the audio too, except you don’t get used to these sounds, as they constantly change based on where you are in the game.

Resident Evil Village Questions Answered

You might have noticed that Ethan seems to regrow or reattach limbs as if he were some kind of regenerating lizard, but how is he able to do that so easily?

Ethan has regenerative abilities, which essentially makes him a superhuman, he is also able to withstand abnormal amounts of pain.

At the moment, with the game still being in its early days, there has been no official word on a Resident Evil Village VR version, but with the game being very similar to Resident Evil 7 it would be a safe bet to assume its in the works.

Ethan Winters is somewhat of a mystery, with his ability to regrow limbs and take more damage than should be humanly possible, but no matter how much of a beating he takes, I find myself rooting for him and intrigued to see where his story will go next.

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Just as I was about to give up looking for something new to play this weekend, I received an email inviting me to join in the Chivalry 2 closed beta.

I hadn’t played the first Chivalry, so in honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say, I enjoyed Chivalry so much more than I had expected to and am thoroughly pleased to be doing such a positive Chivalry 2 review.

What is Chivalry 2?

Chivalry 2 is an online fighting game, where up to 64 players join teams to battle in historic fights from medieval times.

While it’s listed as a fighter, I would personally call it a battle simulator. The main focus of the game is objective-based sieges which are based on real-life battles.

Another important thing about Chivalry is that it’s cross-platform. This means the servers are consistently populated and even on the closed beta I was in a battle within a matter of seconds from joining. If it was this quick in a closed beta, I imagine that it will be just as fast once the game is released on June 8th, 2021.

If you haven’t heard of Chivalry 2 before but like tactical war games, or even games like Overwatch, you will love Chivalry 2. I highly recommend giving it a go.

Game Modes

At the moment there are two game modest team deathmatch and team objectives. Of course, the team deathmatch is a simple deathmatch mode, which many games offer, but for me, it was the team objective mode that really shined in this game.

Chivalry 2 Closed Beta Siege

With the objective-based game, you are placed into historical battles with two teams, a defending team, and an offensive team.

The game is then broken down into smaller objectives, such as push the battering ram, break down the gates or defend the courtyard to name but a few.

There are several different objective-based scenarios including castle sieges, ambushes, and pillaging. Of all the game types I found the castle sieges to be the most enjoyable. I really relish the strategic element of the game.

While it’s not the most difficult game out there to get used to, there is a tutorial, which I highly recommend giving a go. I personally skipped the tutorial on the first play and landed halfway through a siege not having the slightest clue what I was meant to be doing, or the controls.

Chivalry 2 Battlegrounds

The battleground spans an impressive size, giving you plenty of room to maneuver around both enemies and teammates. But there have been a few missions, one where I have found my teammates and I trapped on a bridge, struggling not to hit each other.

Chivalry gore and blood
Battle on the bridge

I tested Chivalry 2 on my Xbox series X which offered incredibly detailed graphics. In fact, sometimes I wish the fighting had have slowed down for just a moment so I could take the scenery in more.

As well as the classes, where you can choose from having their own weapons, there are scenery objects which can be used to kill your enemies. These include exploding barrels that can be thrown at your enemy and ballista to cut them down.

As you would expect from any medieval battle game, there is a lot of decapitation and blood, which in some cases even led to blood being splattered all over the screen.

There have been many fights where I have chopped someone’s arm off and they have tried to continue fighting with the one arm, I was left unsure if I should laugh or cringe at their attempt to kill me one-armed.

Chivalry 2 Closed Beta Review

With the siege-based maps, there are plenty of opportunities if you are playing as an archer. You can use the surroundings to gain the tactical height advantage, as well as finding Embrasures (Archer windows) to shoot through. This leaves you plenty of cover to stay safe.

The current classes available in Chivalry 2

There are currently four classes to choose from, which made some impressive weaponry to rip your opponents apart with.

  • Knight – The Knight carries a large two-handed sword that deals devastating blows, they are slower than the footman but appear to be harder to kill and easier to block with from my experience
  • Vanguard
  • Footman
  • Archer – Vulnerable to close-range attacks, but from a distance, the archer can be your opponent’s worst nightmare. Light and quick, making them easy to get around the battlefield looking for vantage points.

Each class offers its own unique playstyles and therefore they have their own pros & cons, personally, I found the Vanguard and archer to be my favorite two classes, but there seemed to be an even mix of classes across the board.

You can change class between respawns, so I suggest having a play with them all and seeing which ones are suited to your play style, it won’t take long for you to find your favorite.

Chivalry 2 Combat System

I have found before that melee combat games can be extremely haphazard, and in many cases, otherwise great games have been let down by appalling combat, Conan Exiles is a good example of this.

Chivalry 2 makes melee combat work, which is helpful considering the entire game surrounds melee combat, in fact, the combat was extremely good, with hitboxes rarely seeming at all off.

Each class has its own set of attacks and defensive moves, mostly consisting of a heavy attack, light attack, and blocking, but there are other attacks such as a tackle, which makes you run at an enemy knocking them down.

You can only block for a small amount of time, so I found that timing the perfect parry was the way to go, leaving you more time to block again, should your opponent come at you with multiple swings, just keep an eye out for an opening and plan the perfect counter.

Defeated in battle

There are sets of combos, mixing up overhead slashes with quick swings of your sword, as well as combos for blocking and then counter-attacking. The creativity of mixing up the attacks takes Chivalry 2 away from your normal hack and slash and turns it into something more tactical.

There is something remarkably enjoyable about cutting your opponent’s limb from limb, in fact, I’ve found myself purposely aiming for legs, as the feeling of chopping someone’s leg off is strangely satisfying.


From the minute you join a battle, you’re waving your weapon in the air and screaming at the top of your lungs. Chivalry 2 is an action-packed, fast-paced game, which has got my adrenaline pumping more than any other game in recent times.

While it can be hard to make tactical choices in the heat of battle and against so many enemies, Chivalry 2 rewards smart play. Players who are tactical about where they stand, pick the right time to block, counter or attack; it’s these players which will really thrive in Chivalry 2.

For the first few games, I actually forgot to take any screenshots. I forgot what my job was and that I was playing the game to review it, not to enjoy it. Chivalry 2 is the first game in a long time which made me forget all that and just genuinely enjoy the game.

Chivalry 2 is the kind of game you think you will get bored of, yet keep on playing it, never actually getting bored. It’s an action-packed rollercoaster of a game, which continues to offer more fun the more you play.

For those of you interested in the lore, the developers have promised rich and detailed lore. I personally just want to get to June 8th so I can get back to dismembering some fellow gamers.

See you all on the battlefield!

For the full release of Chivalry 2, why not check out our Chivalry 2 Review.

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Developed by Team 17 who are well-known for their fun, tongue-in-cheek, party games, The Survivalists takes on the survival genre. If you are familiar with The Escapists game, you’ll know to expect some lighthearted humor and unique artwork.

If you love games like Minecraft and Don’t Starve, think of The Survivalists as a wonderful combination of the two. The Survivalists is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Xbox One. This Survivalist review focuses specifically on the Xbox version of the game.

Deserted (The Story Begins)

Starting on a deserted island, your job is to start creating tools so that you can learn the game’s mechanics. The tutorial tooltips will help you to get started, which I recommend paying attention to. First, you’ll craft a hand ax made from pebbles.

the survivalists crafting flimsy axe

If you’re looking for challenging gameplay, The Survivalists doesn’t pose much risk. If you die, you’ll respawn back at your last save point. Like many survival games, you can return to your previous location to collect any items you dropped upon death.

Crafting (Mechanics & Blueprints)

Beginning with a hand ax made from pebbles isn’t going to be much use further down the line. As you chop down trees, you’ll obtain raw materials you can use to create more advanced weapons and items. Materials like grass, petals, and wood will allow you to unlock more blueprints.

In The Survivalists’ “Blueprint Mode”, you’ll find furniture you can craft. You can place down any furniture you want, like a bed, walls, fireplaces, and so on. You can also create decorative items like shields that you can hang on your base’s walls. It’s really up to you how creative you want to get here.

Monkeys (Companion or Complicated?)

As you explore the deserted island in The Survivalists, you’ll come across monkeys that you can befriend. When I came across my first monkey I thought “oh, how exciting!”, but this feeling, unfortunately, didn’t last too long. While I wasn’t expecting the mechanics or intelligence akin to Planet Zoo’s animals, I did expect more than I came across.

the survivalists monkeys

Monkeys will follow you around by default. However, you can also train them to complete jobs like chop down trees. The issue with this is, they tend to run off in multiple long-distance directions, leaving behind a trail of of things for you to pick up. If you assign them to do something else, they’ll completely forget their previous task, requiring you to retrain them.

While the concept of the monkeys is good, and I can see it has potential, it’s yet to be refined. I found it more tedious than rewarding, making the point of the monkeys almost obsolete.

Combat (Monkeying Around)

As you’d expect from a survival game, there are enemies that you’ll face. These include the likes of orcs, bats, and so on. While these don’t pose too much of an issue, it comes down once again to the monkeys getting in the way.

In The Survivalists, there is something called a multitool. This is used for crafting. You can’t equip a weapon like a spear if you have the multitool equipped. Although this isn’t really an issue to quickly switch out what you’re holding, it does become a cumbersome task when you have to micromanage your monkeys.

combat enemies in the survivalists

Finding out which monkey has a multitool or weapon equipped is really tiring. They often clump together making it very difficult to select a specific one. If you have multiple monkeys trained to fight enemies, you’ll often have to select them all and click “train” for them to listen to your command.

Even if enemies are gouging their eyes out, monkeys will do what monkeys do, and will wander around awaiting your input. If you misclick and select a tree instead of an enemy, things go from bad to worse.

Exploration (Mysterious Rewards)

Moving on from the monkeys, The Survivalists does have some very redeeming and rewarding features. Exploring the deserted island is definitely one of the highlights for me. If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter a Mysterious Stranger who is an NPC vendor. You can purchase treasure maps and labyrinth keys that can help you escape the island.

Throughout The Survivalists campaign, you’ll come across various treasures, vaults, and mini-dungeons. Further into the game you can use a spyglass which allows you to view distant locations. You can build a raft and sail off, uncovering even more treasures.

Final Thoughts

Despite some clunky gameplay, mainly with the monkeys in The Survivalists, this game offers an exciting campaign. Discovering new lands, crafting new items, and creatively designing your base are just some of the highlights in The Survivalists.

To combat the monkey dilemma, it works well to assign just a couple of monkeys with weapons, while the rest carry chests. Although it is a unique feature, I would recommend not going overboard with the monkeys as it just becomes too frustrating.

With an online co-op feature, The Survivalists is an enjoyable game that you can play with your friends. This eliminates the need for any monkey business, allowing you to complete The Survivalists game in true style.

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Available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch, What The Dub puts words into actor’s mouths. In this hilarious voice-over game, you get to choose the missing audio, competing against your friends and family.

From an old TV show or movie, actors say a few lines for you to spin-off from. The next line of audio has been removed for you to put words in their mouths. You’ll get a small amount of time to fill in the missing audio, before which every player’s lines are dubbed on top.

What the Dub Missing audio

What The Dub Gameplay

When each player has offered up their hilarious text for the missing audio, players get to vote for whose lines they prefer. As well as writing text, you can add fun sound effects like “burp” or “car horn”, which really adds to the hilarity of What The Dub.

Playing What The Dub on the Xbox Series X was very straightforward. Each player needs a smart device like a phone or a laptop that can connect to the internet. You’ll get a room code so that each player can join in.

What the Dub use any device

The interface is intuitive, with little to no issues. The only hiccup you might incur is if your device locks or you navigate to a different web page. You can easily rejoin by entering the room code again.

Dub Technology

I’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the dubbing tech in What The Dub. While it only sounds marginally robotic, I’ve not yet come across any words it’s not been able to pronounce correctly. In fact, it will happily dish out the swear words you’re inevitably going to write in there.

what the dub game review

There are around 300 video clips to play What The Dub with. They are purposefully corny and frankly terrible, which works well for What The Dub. The old westerns and B-movies make it easy to create perfectly awful lines that get dubbed over the original audio.

Is It Worth It?

For $7.99 on the Microsoft Store, I think What The Dub is worth a go. It’s a fun party game that will get people laughing for a good hour or so. If the game was more expensive, I probably wouldn’t invest in it. Although there are hundreds of scenes, the same movies and TV shows regularly crop up. I understand that What The Dub is using clips that aren’t copyrighted, but the monotony can get a little dry after a while.

When I first played What The Dub, it reminded me a little of Cards Against Humanity. It’s got that giggle factor, offering opportunities to be crude and funny. Whether I’d go back to it with the same people again is another question. I probably wouldn’t revisit it with the same group of friends if I’m honest.

What The Dub is a great concept, and ultimately it’s a lot of fun. However, it is more of a one-trick pony. For the price, it’s worth grabbing just to have it in your library for when it’s needed.

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Developed by Team 17, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is an online party game that features co-op. You can play Overcooked! All You Can Eat on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Boasting 4K and 60 FPS, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is a remastered version of Overcooked! with 200+ levels and 80+ chefs for you to indulge in.

If you already love Overcooked! or are simply looking for a fun party game to enjoy with your friends and family, get your knives and forks at the ready while we serve up a delicious Overcooked! All You Can Eat review to get tucked in to.

A Buffet of Games

Overcooked! All You Can Eat was initially released for PC and is essentially a remaster of Overcooked! and Overcooked 2!, plus all the DLCs. The overhaul added multiplayer to Overcooked! and cross-play for all games.

There are seven new kitchens and three eager chefs awaiting your instructions. However, at a price tag of $39.99 for PC gamers, is Overcooked! All You Can Eat really worth it?

If you already have the previous Overcooked! games, it’s probably not worth the investment. But, if you don’t own any of the Overcooked! games, it’s definitely worth indulging, simply because you get so much content in one juicy package.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Gameplay

Overcooked! All You Can Eat gameplay

If you’ve played the first two Overcooked! games, you’ll soon realize that not much has changed in Overcooked! All You Can Eat. You can only throw in the second game onward, and the difficulty has been tweaked a little.

However, where things really begin to heat up is in the graphical detail. Overcooked! All You Can Eat and its included games look great in 4K. While it’s not the most graphically intense game to play on modern consoles, Overcooked! All You Can Eat looks pretty darn fabulous.


Accessibility is a hot topic, and so it should be. Being able to grant everyone access to play a game should be at the forefront of the developer’s priority list, and that’s exactly what Team 17 has done.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat introduces dyslexia-friendly text, allowing users to scale the size of the lettering across the UI. For players who are color blind, each character has a different shape underneath them rather than a colored circle. These are just small details that can totally change the game for those that rely on it.

In addition to the accessibility enhancements, Overcooked! All You Can Eat can be played in Assist Mode. Assist Mode grants more time to get orders out so you can enjoy a less intense experience. Overcooked! is a notoriously difficult game to play as a solo player, so this added feature really changes the dynamics.

Should You Get A New Dinner Set?

While Overcooked! All You Can Eat adds new functionality and a few new maps and chefs, I wouldn’t personally purchase it at full price if you’ve already experienced the previous games.

However, if you’re in search of a new fun game to play with family and friends, there are few games better than Overcooked! With over 200 missions, Overcooked! All You Can Eat offers hours of entertainment and is a solid casual co-op/party game.

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Have you ever moved to a new house and had a few things broken by the moving company? We’ve all been there and endured it at one point, but after playing Moving Out I don’t think I will ever use a removal company again!

I tried Moving Out in both single and multiplayer but as the experience was so different for both, I’ve decided to break the review down into sections to review both aspects individually as the gameplay was so different.

Moving Out Multiplayer Review

Let’s start with the best part of this game, Moving Out is quite clearly designed as a multiplayer game, and works very well as a party game.

The game itself doesn’t take itself seriously at all, which on its own is nice, as there are too many games that take themselves too seriously these days, which is why it’s nice to see a proper couch co-op that can be enjoyed with your friends.

In fact, when you pass the tutorial, you become a fully certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician or F.A.R.T, thus making more seasoned players old farts.

Moving out Fart

Team17 has made a name for themselves with big-name couch co-op games, from the well-known Worms to Overcooked, they’re no stranger to getting players together to have a great time.

The idea of running around someone’s house and throwing their items through windows, is every bit as fun as it sounds, playing with another person is definitely helpful when you are carrying giant couches, although they are made so they can be carried solo, I personally found trying to carry them alone was a nightmare.

When carrying items together, you have to coordinate to make sure that you are both working together or things become very hectic, very quickly.

Moving Out Single-Player Review

Playing Moving Out in single player just wasn’t as fun for me, it feels, like I mentioned before, like a fun game to play with other people and on your own, it just didn’t have the same appeal.

When playing by yourself, you will find that couches and bigger items have been made lighter so you can carry them, but you cannot throw them like you would be able to with two people.

Moving out review

Essentially the game works well in single-player, and they’ve done a great job of making sure that a game, clearly designed for more than one person, can be played solo, should you choose to. But in honesty, there is no excuse to play by yourself with this game, unless of course, you don’t have any friends or family, I suppose then you do have an excuse.


Moving out is another whacky title from Team17 who seem to have perfected the concept of zany party games over the past couple of years.

The game can be played solo, but after trying it on both solo and multiplayer, I highly suggest playing it with some friends, it’s much more fun with a group of people.

Moving out map and cars

There is something oddly satisfying with ripping the cord out of someone’s TV and throwing it through a window and into the back of your moving van, you might get everything packed and moved, but we can guarantee any of it will work after we’re done.

If you’re looking for a game with longevity and story, well, you’re out of luck, but if you’re looking to have fun with a group of friends, and to laugh as players try and fail at coordinating the removal of giant objects, well, then you’re in for a treat.

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