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what the dub review

Available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch, What The Dub puts words into actor’s mouths. In this hilarious voice-over game, you get to choose the missing audio, competing against your friends and family.

From an old TV show or movie, actors say a few lines for you to spin-off from. The next line of audio has been removed for you to put words in their mouths. You’ll get a small amount of time to fill in the missing audio, before which every player’s lines are dubbed on top.

What the Dub Missing audio

What The Dub Gameplay

When each player has offered up their hilarious text for the missing audio, players get to vote for whose lines they prefer. As well as writing text, you can add fun sound effects like “burp” or “car horn”, which really adds to the hilarity of What The Dub.

Playing What The Dub on the Xbox Series X was very straightforward. Each player needs a smart device like a phone or a laptop that can connect to the internet. You’ll get a room code so that each player can join in.

What the Dub use any device

The interface is intuitive, with little to no issues. The only hiccup you might incur is if your device locks or you navigate to a different web page. You can easily rejoin by entering the room code again.

Dub Technology

I’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the dubbing tech in What The Dub. While it only sounds marginally robotic, I’ve not yet come across any words it’s not been able to pronounce correctly. In fact, it will happily dish out the swear words you’re inevitably going to write in there.

what the dub game review

There are around 300 video clips to play What The Dub with. They are purposefully corny and frankly terrible, which works well for What The Dub. The old westerns and B-movies make it easy to create perfectly awful lines that get dubbed over the original audio.

Is It Worth It?

For $7.99 on the Microsoft Store, I think What The Dub is worth a go. It’s a fun party game that will get people laughing for a good hour or so. If the game was more expensive, I probably wouldn’t invest in it. Although there are hundreds of scenes, the same movies and TV shows regularly crop up. I understand that What The Dub is using clips that aren’t copyrighted, but the monotony can get a little dry after a while.

When I first played What The Dub, it reminded me a little of Cards Against Humanity. It’s got that giggle factor, offering opportunities to be crude and funny. Whether I’d go back to it with the same people again is another question. I probably wouldn’t revisit it with the same group of friends if I’m honest.

What The Dub is a great concept, and ultimately it’s a lot of fun. However, it is more of a one-trick pony. For the price, it’s worth grabbing just to have it in your library for when it’s needed.

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Developed by Team 17, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is an online party game that features co-op. You can play Overcooked! All You Can Eat on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Boasting 4K and 60 FPS, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is a remastered version of Overcooked! with 200+ levels and 80+ chefs for you to indulge in.

If you already love Overcooked! or are simply looking for a fun party game to enjoy with your friends and family, get your knives and forks at the ready while we serve up a delicious Overcooked! All You Can Eat review to get tucked in to.

A Buffet of Games

Overcooked! All You Can Eat was initially released for PC and is essentially a remaster of Overcooked! and Overcooked 2!, plus all the DLCs. The overhaul added multiplayer to Overcooked! and cross-play for all games.

There are seven new kitchens and three eager chefs awaiting your instructions. However, at a price tag of $39.99 for PC gamers, is Overcooked! All You Can Eat really worth it?

If you already have the previous Overcooked! games, it’s probably not worth the investment. But, if you don’t own any of the Overcooked! games, it’s definitely worth indulging, simply because you get so much content in one juicy package.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Gameplay

Overcooked! All You Can Eat gameplay

If you’ve played the first two Overcooked! games, you’ll soon realize that not much has changed in Overcooked! All You Can Eat. You can only throw in the second game onward, and the difficulty has been tweaked a little.

However, where things really begin to heat up is in the graphical detail. Overcooked! All You Can Eat and its included games look great in 4K. While it’s not the most graphically intense game to play on modern consoles, Overcooked! All You Can Eat looks pretty darn fabulous.


Accessibility is a hot topic, and so it should be. Being able to grant everyone access to play a game should be at the forefront of the developer’s priority list, and that’s exactly what Team 17 has done.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat introduces dyslexia-friendly text, allowing users to scale the size of the lettering across the UI. For players who are color blind, each character has a different shape underneath them rather than a colored circle. These are just small details that can totally change the game for those that rely on it.

In addition to the accessibility enhancements, Overcooked! All You Can Eat can be played in Assist Mode. Assist Mode grants more time to get orders out so you can enjoy a less intense experience. Overcooked! is a notoriously difficult game to play as a solo player, so this added feature really changes the dynamics.

Should You Get A New Dinner Set?

While Overcooked! All You Can Eat adds new functionality and a few new maps and chefs, I wouldn’t personally purchase it at full price if you’ve already experienced the previous games.

However, if you’re in search of a new fun game to play with family and friends, there are few games better than Overcooked! With over 200 missions, Overcooked! All You Can Eat offers hours of entertainment and is a solid casual co-op/party game.

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Have you ever moved to a new house and had a few things broken by the moving company? We’ve all been there and endured it at one point, but after playing Moving Out I don’t think I will ever use a removal company again!

I tried Moving Out in both single and multiplayer but as the experience was so different for both, I’ve decided to break the review down into sections to review both aspects individually as the gameplay was so different.

Moving Out Multiplayer Review

Let’s start with the best part of this game, Moving Out is quite clearly designed as a multiplayer game, and works very well as a party game.

The game itself doesn’t take itself seriously at all, which on its own is nice, as there are too many games that take themselves too seriously these days, which is why it’s nice to see a proper couch co-op that can be enjoyed with your friends.

In fact, when you pass the tutorial, you become a fully certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician or F.A.R.T, thus making more seasoned players old farts.

Moving out Fart

Team17 has made a name for themselves with big-name couch co-op games, from the well-known Worms to Overcooked, they’re no stranger to getting players together to have a great time.

The idea of running around someone’s house and throwing their items through windows, is every bit as fun as it sounds, playing with another person is definitely helpful when you are carrying giant couches, although they are made so they can be carried solo, I personally found trying to carry them alone was a nightmare.

When carrying items together, you have to coordinate to make sure that you are both working together or things become very hectic, very quickly.

Moving Out Single-Player Review

Playing Moving Out in single player just wasn’t as fun for me, it feels, like I mentioned before, like a fun game to play with other people and on your own, it just didn’t have the same appeal.

When playing by yourself, you will find that couches and bigger items have been made lighter so you can carry them, but you cannot throw them like you would be able to with two people.

Moving out review

Essentially the game works well in single-player, and they’ve done a great job of making sure that a game, clearly designed for more than one person, can be played solo, should you choose to. But in honesty, there is no excuse to play by yourself with this game, unless of course, you don’t have any friends or family, I suppose then you do have an excuse.


Moving out is another whacky title from Team17 who seem to have perfected the concept of zany party games over the past couple of years.

The game can be played solo, but after trying it on both solo and multiplayer, I highly suggest playing it with some friends, it’s much more fun with a group of people.

Moving out map and cars

There is something oddly satisfying with ripping the cord out of someone’s TV and throwing it through a window and into the back of your moving van, you might get everything packed and moved, but we can guarantee any of it will work after we’re done.

If you’re looking for a game with longevity and story, well, you’re out of luck, but if you’re looking to have fun with a group of friends, and to laugh as players try and fail at coordinating the removal of giant objects, well, then you’re in for a treat.

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Golf with Friends game

Co-op couch games seemed to have disappeared for a few years, but over the course of the last couple of years, they have been back in full force. A large part of that is thanks to Team17 who seem to be involved in countless numbers of local co-op games.

If you are looking for a fun game to enjoy with friends, you definitely can’t go wrong with Golf With Your Friends. Between its crazy courses and fun customization options, Golf With Your Friends has everything you could need for a perfect evening of entertainment with your buddies.

Golf With Your Friends Maps

There are several maps on Golf With Your Friends, all of them offering unique challenges and in some cases some pretty odd obstacles to overcome. Being a big fan of the Worms franchise, I have to say my personal favorite is the Worms map, which features mines, jetpacks, and other zany challenges.

Worms classic mode
golf with friends worms
Golf with friends mines

As well as the Worms map, there is also another course themed on the popular game The Escapists, which features crazy holes with guards & guard dogs zooming back and forth, blocking the path between you and the hole.

Golf With Your Friends Controls

With most golfing games I personally find the controls can be a bit of a nightmare, but I didn’t find that with Golf With Your Friends. Okay, so it’s more of a fun couch co-op/party game, than a real golfing game, but still, the fact the controls have been kept simple and they’ve not tried to reinvent the wheel works.

As you can imagine, they have come up with some pretty crazy ways to keep the courses both interesting and challenging, but they have also made a few features to help, so it’s not impossible to rack up good scores.

Golf with Friends Review: Escapist Course

You can use the free cam for a set period of time, which will allow you to look around the particular hole and find where obstacles are and the best ways to get to the hole and bypass any of the challenges laid out in front of you. But being on a limited time with free-cam means its also not too easy as well.

There is also a fine aim button too, which allows you to line up your shot by slowing down how quickly your aim turns, this has been extremely helpful, especially considering how difficult some of the courses actually are.

For once, it’s been nice to enjoy a game, which is easy enough to jump in without needing tutorials to get you started, with Golf With Your Friends, you can simply dive right in.

Gold Without Any Friends

If you don’t have any friends, perhaps you’re a tad socially awkward, live on the moon, or like me simply hate humanity, you might want to play Golf With Your Friends, well, without any friends, and that’s okay, there’s no judgment here.

While you’re not going to be stacking up insane hours and finding yourself slowly getting addicted, like the good old World of Warcraft days, Golf With Your Friends is still a fun game to play solo.

Yes, I did use this image because I got a hole in one… Bragging rights! Shame about the overall score.

Team17 has got a knack for publishing amazing multiplayer games, and in some cases, I have found that I personally don’t enjoy them solo, but love them in multiplayer. This hasn’t been the case with Golf With Your Friends, it truly has been enjoyable both on my own and with friends.

Customizing Your Ball

Yeah, you read that right, with most games you get some XP, level up, and before you know it you’re able to get some new skins and even unlock new items or features. With Golf With Your Friends you are able to do just that, but with a golf ball.

Golf With Your Friends Customization Options:

  • Color
  • Hats
  • Trails
  • Floaters

When I initially clicked customize, I figured I would be able to change the color of the ball or something minor, I wasn’t quite expecting this.


Golf With Your Friends isn’t your typical golfing game, which is lucky, because normally I don’t like golfing games. It’s a fast-paced, wacky party game that is designed to be played with friends.

It has both online and offline modes as well as several game modes, in which I personally enjoyed the classic mode the most. If you are looking for something new to play and haven’t already tried Golf With Your Friends, I highly recommend it, we’ve had a blast testing it the past couple of days.

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My childhood massively consisted of playing Magic Carpet and Tie Fighter so when I found out there would be another game similar to Tie Fighter you can imagine my excitement.

I tested Star Wars Squadrons on a Xbox Series X and PC so I could test it’s performance on both console and PC I was blown away by the handling of the game on both.

Even though I was excited for my Star Wars Squadrons Review, I was also a bit nervous before playing it, there is nothing worse than getting excited to play a game due to nostalgia to find out that it’s just ruined the series.

Star Wars Squadrons is an exception, almost straight away I could tell how well the game had been made, instantly excited to get deeper into the action and relive some of the iconic battles from the movie saga.

One of the things I love about Star Wars Squadrons is that you get to play both sides, unlike tie fighter, where you just play as a pilot for the Empire.

The campaign focuses on both sides of the story, looking at the perspective of both the Empire and the New Republic, which gives it a great and well balanced story.

Right near the start you see the Empires decisions causing it’s own captains to rethink their moral compasses, which I personally felt was a great idea, making the Empire a bit more human.

Another great aspect of the game is attention to detail, when jumping into the cockpit you can see your weapon stats, thrusters every little detail as also reflected in your HUD. You can also look around as if you was actually in the cockpit yourself, I can only imagine how cool that would be on VR.

Speaking of VR the game does actually have full VR support, you can see just how amazing it looks in the video below.

The level of detail in the game is incredible, so viewing this in VR and physically being able to look around at all that detail is something that I can only imagine would be incredible.

Graphically the game is stunning too, not only does the level of detail build that authentic vibe, but the visual effects whilst you are flying through space really help to increase the wow factor of this game.

The games controls are relatively simple and quick to pick up, which makes becoming a pro pilot very easy and enjoyable, with very little effort needed.

The game spans around 7 to 8 hours depending on the players skill level, but it’s defiantly enough to warrant the very reasonable price tag on this game.


My Star Wars Squadrons Campaign Review has restored my faith in flying games, I know there are some big ones already out there, but there not always my thing, it’s almost impossible to not get thrills from playing this game.

Considering I have seen other games come out this year with much less impressive campaigns and mundane multiplayers at a much more AAA price, for once I’m privileged to be able to say I’m actually impressed by a EA title and it’s price.

If you are looking for a review on the multiplayer side of the game, I will be bringing one out separately and will update this article with a link once it has been completed. But before I do I would like more hours on it to ensure it’s a fully accurate review.

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When my step Son came to stay this weekend, he said “we have to get this new game called Astroneer”. As young teens ‘demand’, I thought this was another fad that we’d have to fork out for, only to find it’s a disappointment.

One of the many planets in Astroneer
Some of the Astroneer planets are truly beautiful!

I was pleasantly surprised on a number of levels. Firstly, Astroneer is available to download for free on the Xbox game pass (win). Secondly, I’ve found myself spending hours watching my clever teen discovering planets and building spaceships.


Astroneer is a sandbox adventure survival game, but it does things differently. The game was released for early access back in December 2016. Version 1.0 was subsequently released on 6th February 2019.

You play as an astronaut (called Astroneer) and free-roam planets by foot, lunar rover, or spacecraft. There are currently 7 planets to explore, all offering different resources and collectibles. Planets are rated by difficulty, sun and wind. They have different gases and a main primary and secondary resource.

 SylvaTerran Sphalerite Malachite Hydrogen
 DesoloTerran Moon Wolframite SphaleriteNoneEasyHighLow
 CalidorArid Malachite Wolframite Hydrogen
MediumVery HighLow
 VesaniaExotic Lithium Titanite Hydrogen
 NovusExotic Moon Hematite Lithium Hydrogen
 GlacioTundra Titanite Hematite ArgonHardVery LowVery High
 AtroxRadiatedNoneNone Helium
Very HardLowLow

(Credit: Gamepedia)

The game can be played single player and co-op. Co-op can be played with up to 4 players. Rumours are that 8-player support and dedicated servers are on their way. It’s worth noting though that the current co-op isn’t local play. Sadly you can only play with others who have the game, not couch co-op.

Crafting & Mining

You can craft a range of vehicles and spacecraft to explore the world. When you collect ores, you can smelt them into modules to be used in crafting. I must admit, it’s been fun learning what materials compliment others. It feels like a mini Science lesson!

Astroneer on the go!
Upgrade your vehicle with various items across the planets

The key thing to remember when exploring is to use tethers. These connect to your home base or vehicle and ensure you have enough oxygen to continue your journey. We learned this the hard way! Astroneer can die from suffocation and poisonous gas from hostile plants. They may look intriguing but are best avoided!

Astoneer can craft mods to make exploration easier. For example, there’s a ‘wide mod’ which extends your mining area so you can terraform in quicker succession.

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It’s been a while since I have enjoyed a Call of Duty game. Whilst Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was an amazing game, I was still nervous about doing the Modern Warfare (2019 reboot) review. I was half expecting it to be a letdown.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a pleasant surprise and since I’m enjoying it so much I have decided to make the campaign and multiplayer into separate reviews.

This is partially due to the fact that I found the campaign so much more enjoyable than the multiplayer. Personally I haven’t had this much fun shooting people since Farcry 5.

*Contains minor spoilers from here*

COD: Modern Warfare playable characters

Kyle Garrick:

Modern Warfare 2019 Gaz
Kyle “Gaz” Garrick

The character Kyle Garrick starts out in the campaign as a police officer in London posted in an anti-terrorism unit.

During an extremely atmospheric shootout in Piccadilly Circus he encounters Captain Price and is recruited to work with Price.

Terrorist attack on Piccadilly Circus:

Fighting Al-Qatala alongside Captain Price puts Kyle into situations he could have never imagined. At times they seem to test his morals.

One of the most tense scenes in the game involves Kyle working with Price’s team to take out Al-Qatala’s safe house in London.


Alex is a special operations agent for the CIA’s “Special Activities Division”. In short, he does the work Governments can’t do, clearing our terrorist threats in his own special way.

Alex’s missions seem to change from covert operations to full on siege with in a matter of minutes. This can be both exhilarating and tense at the same time.

modern warfare 2019 review

The fast adapting pace of the game is honestly one of it’s best features. In the picture above you are pretending to be a local carrying building supplies.

The next thing you know, you are blowing up helicopters with C4, suddenly ending up in an aircraft hanger with hordes of enemies quickly closing in on you.

Modern Warfare’s Atmosphere

Another major noteworthy part of the game is the general atmosphere it produces. Firstly the graphics are stunning, especially on a 4K device.

But stunning graphics only get you so far, it’s the situations and attention to detail that border on that of a movies’ that makes it what it is.

The above gallery shows some scenes of a siege at the US embassy of the fictional country of Urzikstan. Some of the images are extremely blurred, but honestly when there is that much going on, I challenge you to take a good screenshot.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Tension

There are tons of examples of how tense the atmosphere is in Modern Warfare, however this particular mission stood out for me.

In one of the images you can see a lit up field. Without warning, all of those lights are shot out and Captain Price is asking you to shoot flares via a mortar up into the sky to light them up.

Each time the lights go out, the invaders are that bit closer to you and ready to take you out. Soon after, there is a moment of silence while one of the soldiers royally sh*t themselves.

This is shortly countered by a rain or mortar fire and soldiers storming your position.

As I mentioned, this isn’t a one off thing, these high octane and extremely tense moments are ten to the dozen in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare 2019

Modern Warfare (2019) Decisions

Sometimes the game doesn’t need to have any action to add to the atmosphere though. The picture above shows a room in the Urzikstan hospital moments before storming “The Wolf”.

The ammo shells sprawled across the floor, coupled with the blood everywhere made the pre-fight jitters so much more intense.

What should I expect in the next room waiting for me?

Modern Warfare reboot

Another nail biting moment is when a mob of terrorists storm the embassy led by “The Butcher”. There’s one moment where you are left questioning your own moral compass.

If you walk away, the family will be shot and killed. However, if you decide to open the door as he is demanding, you will be shot and killed.

The sneaky so and so tells you people will be spared if you open the door. I know, right? A lying terrorist, who would have thought?

After trying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on both PC and Xbox I can honestly say that the Ray Tracing makes the atmosphere even better.

If you have both, I would strongly suggest getting the game on PC for Ray Tracing alone.

Modern Warfare’s Gadgets:

In the true spirit of Modern Warfare there are plenty of gadgets to play with. From remotely controlled drones to laser targeting missiles. Modern Warfare doesn’t disappoint with the toys it gives you to play with.

Hacking into the cameras and guiding Stacy around the embassy was another part of this mission that helped make it extra memorable for me.

The great thing about the guns and gadgets is their authenticity. For too long Call Of Duty has been getting criticism over it’s futuristic approach to the game.

Thankfully it’s not the case with Modern Warfare; everything feels real.

You can see a full list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019’s weapons from the article here.

Modern Warfare’s Audio

Another suggestion would be to ensure you are using a Dolby enabled headset or speaker setup.

The attention to detail doesn’t just stop at the graphics. The audio is also absolutely fantastic, with so much going on at any given time it amazes me that you can still hear enemy footsteps.

You can even hear expended bullet casings hitting the floor in great detail. This is further enhanced with a headset like Turtle Beach (one of my personal favourites).

It’s not just the effects that make it so great. As I mentioned above in the siege at the embassy, you can hear the panic in other soldiers’ voices.

You’re left with just the eerie sounds of the night, which really added to the tension.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Summary

Infinity Ward have clearly set out to prove a point with Modern Warfare 2019 reboot and that point is clear that they can still make great campaigns.

This is a point I imagine they felt that they had to make following the backlash of their decision to make Black-ops 4. This game was multiplayer only and completely removed the campaign aspect altogether.

With such incredible visuals and audios, it’s at times hard to remember you’re actually playing a game, especially with the cinematic scenes.

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Farcry 5 cult family

When Farcry 5 was first announced I was more excited than I had been with other Farcry titles. I’ve even played through the game a couple of times before doing the Farcry 5 review.

The game’s premise of religious cults caused some controversy when it was first announced. As a result, it has likely become a lot more timid than I imagine it could have been.

Farcry 5 includes the cult recruiting members in both forceful and brainwashing fashions.

Ubisoft Montreal stated they were looking for an authentic experience with the cults recruitment process, as well as other aspects of the cult.

Rick Alan Ross is one of the most well respected cult researchers alive today. He spends his time exposing cult groups and helping brainwashed cult members.

Rick was brought in by Ubisoft Montreal to offer advice on making the cult experience as realistic as possible.

The Environment:

Hope County, the fictional region in which Farcry 5 is based, is a lush and visually stunning environment.

Although it has been plagued by cultists and enough fighting to think you were in an actual war zone, it’s set in a beautiful region teaming with life.

Among the beauty of the environment, there is also plenty of threat with animals ready to rip you apart around every corner. Even sticking to the roads, I still somehow found myself being attacked by bears and wolves.

The good news is, you can watch out for signs warning you of the animals within the region, helping you to give them a wide berth.

With stunning rivers flowing through the valleys, if running around blowing stuff up and committing the odd mass murder becomes too much, you can always stop for a spot of fishing.

The game also boasts some pretty impressive graphics settings. When running in 4K ultra HD I have found myself many times stepping away from the action just to soak up the environment. The level of detail is very impressive.

Farcry 5 Cultists:

Whilst the Father is at the center of all this anarchy, he does also have his “family”. They help him in his mission to remove sinners from Hope county.

Farcry 5 Cult members

Jacob Seed:

Jacob Seed is the cult’s primary recruiter and former army marksman. As well as his duty to recruit new cultists he is also in charge of protecting Edens gate, a job in which he takes very seriously.

And I saw, and behold… a white horse!

Jacob Seed

Jacob considers the world to be weak, and often makes recruits fight to the death in his trial, so that he may cull the weak.

John Seed:

John Seed is a master manipulator who will prey on his enemies psychologically.

John is the face of Eden’s Gate and created the “yes” campaign to intimidate locals. They would soon be rounded up and forced to confess before reaching Atonement.

Faith Seed:

Faith was adopted into the Seed family, her former name was actually Rachel Jessop.

Faith acts as the voice of Edens Gate, and Joseph in particular. She is a siren, who uses the plant drug, known as Bliss, to keep people in a state of… well, bliss, to lure them in.

Her story is one of the most intriguing. Her dialog in game suggests that she is one of many in a line of lieutenants for Joseph Seed, all under the same name.

She also claims she was drugged by Joseph at the age of 17, so her involvement with the cult could be an act of her herself in fact being a victim?

Joseph Seed “The Father”:

Joseph Seed is the main antagonist of Farcry 5. He is the only member of the Seed family to also be in Farcry New Dawn.

Joseph believes that God has spoken to him, and truly chosen him to protect his people from the coming Apocalypse and lead them into Eden’s Gate.

Joseph is the perfect storm of years of abuse followed by years switching foster families. His years of torment lead him to hear “The voice” in which he believes is God.

He is a charismatic megalomaniac. Only one other antagonist from the games series shares his empathy, Pagan Min. Neither of them truly want to harm the games’ protagonists.

Noteworthy Weapons:

As with many of the Farcry game series, Farcry 5 does have some ridiculous weapons. Here are a couple that definitely made the game more interesting and funny at the same time.

The Slingshot:

One of the most pointless weapons in the game, yet the one that I seemed to have the most fun with!

Shovel Launcher aka – “Big Farma”:

And we now go from pointless to outright weird. Meet Big Farma, the shovel launcher, when a rocket wont cut it, launch a shovel instead?


This weapon uses some kind of magnetized microwaves that, if aimed properly, can explode organic targets. WTF?

In game description of Magnopulser

The weapon is used to create a vacuum sending targets flying into the air and hopefully to their deaths. If used within a close proximity it can disintegrate enemies into a mist of blood. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

farcry 5 Magnopulser


Whilst I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, I have found Farcry 5 to be the most intense and enjoyable game in the series to date.

The story is actually believable. I feel this is one of the reasons my Farcry 5 review is so positive compared to the series other titles.

I felt Farcry 5 set the bar very high and as a result, New Dawn could never live up to the expectations set by its predecessor.

It lacked that same compelling story. There are no emotional ties to any of the characters. With Farcry 5, the primary characters both on the side of the antagonist and protagonist are interesting.

Whilst I’m sure I remember there being some outrage and backlash about Ubisoft’s choice to use a religious cult in the game, I think it was a brave choice.

It reflects real life issues that people are suffering, and I personally applaud them on their bravery in doing so, it paid off.


If you enjoy Farcry 5 as much as I do, then it may also be worth looking into the DLC. Whilst they do not have the story that the base game has, they are still great fun.

There are currently 3 DLC items at the time of writing this Farcry 5 review:

Dead Living Zombies:

Help Guy Marvel as he pitches his next big movie about Zombies. 7 different episodes pitch you against the undead hordes.

Hours of Darkness:

Listen to veteran solider Wendell Redler as he tells his account of his glory days of Vietnam.

Lost on Mars:

Want to see Hurk’s head on a weird floating device, chatting away to you, whilst kicking back on mars with Nick Rye, well Lost on Mars has you covered with all that and more as you take on the arachnid invasion.

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Which game is better, which should I play first: Farcry 5 vs Farcry New Dawn. It’s a question I keep getting asked.

For me the answer is simple. To get straight to the point, Farcry 5 should be your first choice and for multiple reasons.

Hope County’s Story:

As you may well already know, Farcry New Dawn is a sequel to Farcry 5. So the simple reason would be to play them in order so the story isn’t fractured.

If you’ve Googled the games, you’ve likely already seen some spoilers. However, I will try and keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Whilst both games are set in Hope County, there are massive changes to the environment, animals and tone of the games all together.

Hope County in Farcry 5 has a very rural, rustic feel that I absolutely love.

The transformation is so massive that the only way to make sense of it all is to play the games in order.

The Antagonists:

Farcry 5 and New Hope feature completely different bad guys. With Farcry 5 you are set against the Seed family, headed up by the “Righteous” Joseph Seed.

The gallery below shows an encounter from both Farcry 5 and Farcry New Dawn:

Farcry New Dawn replaces the hardened bible bashers with The Twins, a hardened pair of psychotic ladies who want to claim the world for their own.

Whilst there is no doubt, I wouldn’t want to mess with The Twins (Mickey and Lou), for me Joseph and his bible group hands down win the bad guy of the year awards.

In fact, for me he now comes second just below Vaas, easily the most insane bad guys I’ve ever tangled with.

Far Cry New Dawn review
The Twins Serving a Hand grenade to a young child


Okay, so this one goes to Farcry New Dawn.

Whilst Farcry 5 has some great weapons, the theme for New Dawn opened up new possibilities for the developers to get creative with the weapons, and they did!

Following Farcry’s standard format of starting with a brush with the bad guy, just making it out alive and being left weaponless, you must create a makeshift weapon.

New Dawn has you creating a saw launcher as your first weapon. To be honest, stick with it for a while. It may only be one shot reload, but boy does it pack a punch.

The theme of creating awesome makeshift weapons doesn’t stop there, further along in the game you can also create the following weapons:

You can see a full list of crafted weapons here.

The Environment:

As I mentioned, there are a lot of changes between Farcry 5’s Hope County and New Dawn’s version.

Farcry New Dawn

As you can see from the image above, New Dawn features bright colors with luminous pink, often dominating your screen.

Pink flowers have grown everywhere, meaning it’s not just the buildings, weapons and vehicles that are brightly colored, it’s the landscape too.

Farcry 5

Farcry 5’s version of Hope County is a lush landscape with what I would describe as one of the most detailed maps of the entire series.

The map’s area is pretty big and definitely has no shortage of things to do and see.

Following the theme of religious cults, you almost can’t drive a couple of minutes in any direction without stumbling across a church like the one in the picture above.


Both games are actually really good, but in very different ways. I found it hard to get into New Dawn at first, but I genuinely don’t think it’s the game’s fault.

I was so impressed by Farcry 5 that I spent most of my time comparing the games, whilst playing New Dawn.

Kind of like going to the cinema to watch a sequel, if the first was that good, you find yourself looking for ways to compare it to the first. However, you can end up disappointed instead of understanding it for it’s own value to the series.

Hope county Far Cry 5

Both games are great, but New Dawn was a little too short for my liking. After playing for an hour or so, I had already completed over 25% of the story.

No matter your preference to the style of game, I really would recommend playing them both, and in the order they was created.

Have you played them already? What’s your opinion on the Farcry 5 vs Farcry New Dawn debate? Let us know below.

If you don’t want to fork out on both or either game right now, you can take advantage of the newly released Ubplay+.

Hope County Farcry New Dawn
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After hearing that the developers of Until Dawn were making a new game, I was excited to write a Man of Medan review.

As I had already started to see different reviews based on the console and Steam versions of the game, I decided to buy and review both. In this case buying the game on the Xbox one X and Steam, much to my girlfriend’s and bank account’s delight.

About Man of Medan

If you’ve already played Until Dawn and know about The Dark Pictures anthology, then you may want to move onto the next section.

Man of Medan follows the same style of game play as Until Dawn did. Every choice you make has a massive impact on the game, also known as the Butterfly effect.

Many of the choices you make throughout the game can cause you problems later down the line. An example of this being, you can either pick up an item or talk to another character.

If you pick up the item, it may help you later in the story. However, talking to the other character could help in a different way. The game forces you to choose between your head and heart for decisions.

The Man of Medan review was especially exciting for me as the game is the first in an anthology series.

Each game in the anthology series is going to be different in every way. The one consistent aspect being the Curator, who will appear in all of the upcoming titles.

Man of Medan features a teaser trailer for the second title coming early 2020: The dark pictures: Little Hope.

Bugs & Glitches (Steam Version)

Man of Medan Steam Reviews
Man of Medan Customer Reviews

The reviews on Steam are pretty mixed. For those that have positive things to say about the game, they tend to focus on the concept, graphics, and gameplay options.

Both versions of the game have the option to play it alone, play it with others locally, and cooperatively online. However, this is where many of the issues seem to arise. When trying to connect to others, e.g. playing with a friend, there’s a lot of bugs with the connection itself.

For example, unable to load into the game together and crashing on the menu. Some people haven’t been able to get the game to work on online co-op at all, which is obviously very disappointing.

Bugs & Glitches (Console Version)

The console version seemed to have less issues than the Steam version, but was still not without flaws.

The game had many scenarios where you had to press a button in time with a heart beat. There were multiple times I found that it wasn’t registering the button pressing, and even a couple of times registered when I hadn’t pressed anything at all!

I can ignore issues and bugs in many games, the problem is, with Man of Medan this can mean the death of your character. With this in mind, I would have much preferred it if the game had required choices to decide if characters live or die, not buggy button smashing.

The other issue I faced on console, I actually enjoyed! On many occasions I found character models that were not supposed to be there, standing in the shadows.

This is apparently a mistake, where the developers have forgotten to remove now redundant models. However, I actually found this added to the scare factor. Many times I went around a corner to find a redundant model, and borderline needed new underwear.

I’m sure that these bugs will be patched out soon, and once they do, Man of Medan will be a great game for it.

Would I consider this a scary horror game?

I have had a few people ask me if Man of Medan is scary, to be honest this has been hard for me to answer.

I grew up watching Alien, Poltergeist and other horror movies as soon as I was old enough to take them in. So in honesty not much actually scares me.

I felt the game had a mixed bag of cheap jump scares and intense scenes. These intense scenes didn’t always lead to a jump scare, but did have me at the edge of my seat. I was always preparing myself for what came next.

At other times, I would be opening doors or lockers, and thinking to myself, “Well something is clearly about to jump out at me” and of course it did.

There was one time I did actually jump, and this was on the Steam version. Let’s face it, when you’re sat a foot away from your screen with a headset on, even Barney the dinosaur can be scary!

Whilst I didn’t find the game that scary, my partner asked me to control her characters. I couldn’t understand why she gave me the controller but made the decisions.

I’m not her personal gaming assistant, she was actually terrified of the game. She wanted me to control it so she could look away from the screen, or run to the toilet if needed! I can confirm, she did this many times.

Secrets, Bearings and Premonitions

Man of Medan Bearings Menu

Similar to Until Dawn, Man of Medan has various ways you can interact. These interactions can lead to secrets being discovered and premonitions. When characters make decisions, these unlock bearings, describing what has happened.

During my first play through, I only unlocked about 25% of the secrets available. In these types of games, I spend a lot of time exploring dark corners! Unfortunately there were several times during the game where other characters (I won’t spoil anything here) knock or push you out of the way. This actually stops you from going back if you’ve walked too far.

The bearings were useful in the sense that they recorded your character’s decisions. However, I noticed on several occasions that the game would tell me my bearings had been updated, revealing results of decisions that I hadn’t yet seen unfold.

Premonitions are revealed through paintings on the wall. Again, I won’t spoil anything here so don’t worry! There are many paintings to ‘look into’ during the game which reveal a short premonition.

I may have missed something here, but only one of the premonitions I saw through a painting actually happened. However, I did play what I consider to be very safe. I (and the Curator) confirmed I made smart decisions. Perhaps the premonitions aren’t what happens, rather they are things that could happen if you make the wrong decision.

Is the story too short?

One of the biggest complaints I have been seeing about the game is that the story is just too short. Considering the title is £25 ($30), I can understand where people are coming from.

The thing to remember is that the game has been designed for replayability, with the developers encouraging players to play through the game again hoping for a better, or different outcome.

Each time you play is likely to be very different to the last time, even if you made every choice the same, it’s unlikely you would hit each and every QTE (Quick Time Event) on time thus resulting in a different story.

The game also features a local movie mode, this allows you to play locally sharing a controller between family and friends with between 2 to 5 players being able to join in.

This now adds Man of Medan to the list of party games, and with it being a shorter game makes it perfect to grab a few beers, have some friends round and enjoy a gaming night together.

In fact, if the game was any longer, it would make doing this much more difficult as you and your friends or family would not be able to do this in one sitting.

The movie mode works by players selecting one or more characters you would like to control (the amount of characters you control depends on how many of you there are playing). Some people may end up with more characters than others if there is less than 5 of you.

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