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Hell Let Loose Review: A Hardcore WW2 Shooter Or Just Another Arcade Shooter

With Call of Duty & Battlefield both having World War 1 and 2 titles over the past few years, it’s a hard market to join and try to face up against the big shots of this genre, which is exac...[Read More]

Endzone A World Apart Review

Endzone A World Apart is one of those game where I was expecting a mediocre game at best, I knew little about it, so went in not expecting too much from it. Within minutes of playing the tutorial I co...[Read More]

planet zoo scenario

Planet Zoo Southeast Asia Animal Pack Review

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Frontier’s games. To date I cannot think of a single game they have done in which I have had anything but praise for them, well okay, one game, but we wonR...[Read More]

Ark Eggcelent adventure

Ark Eggcellent Adventure 6 Ark’s 2021 Easter Event

While fans might be disappointed with the recent news of Genesis part 2 being delayed this year, at least hardcore fans holding in there till the new DLC comes out now have another event to enjoy, the...[Read More]

Drake Hollow Game

Drake Hollow How Many Drakes Can You Have & Growth Stage Ages Explained

Your main objective is to look after your Drakes and ensure their survival. Drakes can be killed by the Feral, die of hunger, thirst, boredom, and exhaustion. Players must build structures in their ca...[Read More]

How to Reach Camp Level 4 in Drake Hollow Quickly

Reaching camp level 4 is one of the quests near the start of Drake Hollow, but how do you quickly reach camp level 4 in Drake Hollow? We’ve taken a look at the best ways and how they will affect...[Read More]

Drake Hollow Thorns

Drake Hollow How to Find Crystals & Level up Drakes

Drake Hollow us the latest game from Indie developers The Molasses Flood, creators of The Flame in the Flood. The game features cute little plant-based creatures which you are tasked with helping, but...[Read More]

Ark How to use the Tropeognathus

With the recent release of the new Ark update including the dino Tropeognathus as well as the Crystal Isles map, many players are wondering how to use all of the new mechanics that come with the Trope...[Read More]

Planet Zoo How To Make Money And Not Go Into Debt

When you start a new Franchise zoo in Planet Zoo, you’ll have $40,000 to play with. Whilst this sounds like a lot of money, it soon goes and risks plummeting you into debt. Whilst it might seem ...[Read More]

Astral Ark Servers

The Best Unofficial PVP Ark Servers

With the recent release of Studio Wildcard’s latest ARK map, Crystal Isles, and the latest announcement of the upcoming Ark Genesis Part 2 DLC, you may be wondering which Ark server to invest yo...[Read More]

Animal Crossing What To Do With DIY Recipes You Already Have

If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons for some time, you may start to collect duplicate DIY recipes. If you try and learn a DIY recipe that you already know, you’ll soon real...[Read More]

The Best Conan Exile Mods Listed

Whilst Conan Exiles is a great game on it’s own, it can be made even better with some mods. We’ve setup a server and tested some of the best Conan Exile mods out there, if you haven’...[Read More]

Ark new taming UI

Ark Official Vs Unofficial Which Ark Servers are Best?

Comparing Ark official servers vs Ark unofficial servers is almost a matter of opinion. Depending on your play style, either option could be viable. For example, if you love experimenting with your Ar...[Read More]

ark bambi guide

Beginners Guide to Ark: How to Survive the Ark

For new players to Ark, survival can be extremely difficult which is why we have put together our complete beginners Ark survival guide for new players to Ark. As Ark Survival Evolved has now been out...[Read More]

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