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Top 5 Unofficial Ark Servers for PC

With the recent release of Studio Wildcard’s latest ARK map, Crystal Isles, and the latest announcement of the upcoming Ark Genesis Part 2 DLC, you may be wondering which Ark server to invest yo...[Read More]

Video game statistics 2020

50+ Amazing Video Game Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind In 2020

Geeky bearded dudes napping on sleeping bags in their basement, reaching for the nearest pack of Cheetos and can of Mountain Dew was once a vision the world had of video gamers and developers. Not any...[Read More]

Grounded Gets it’s First Update

Grounded has just launched it’s first update this week adding new features, creatures and fixes. Grounded is already a tough enough game to begin with, but with the new update bringing buffed sp...[Read More]

Two Point Hospital Kudosh Items

Two Point Hospital on Sale

If you haven’t tried Two Point Hospital yet, now is a good time to give it a go. Two Point Hospital is not only having a free weekend but is also going on sale at 70% off the retail price until ...[Read More]

Ark Crystal Isles on Console and Update 2.35

After a long wait for Ark’s console players, Crystal Isles is now out on console, finally. If this wasn’t enough, PC and console players can experience double rates with Ark update 2.35. A...[Read More]

Beginners guide to surviving Grounded: Grounded Tips & Tricks

Grounded is the new miniature-sized survival game that has been released to early access on both Xbox & PC. Starting as a tiny teen can be pretty daunting, so without further ado we bring you the ...[Read More]

Planet Zoo

20 Planet Zoo Tips And Tricks To Make The Best Zoo

Planet Zoo tips: If you haven’t yet experienced Planet Zoo, it’s time to get involved and we’ve got you covered with plenty of Planet Zoo tips & tricks to get your started. Since...[Read More]

Ark Balance & Quality of Life Update July 2020

Since Ark’s release players have been screaming out for Ark balance & quality of life updates, often complaining about the number of new content additions and DLC’s whilst issues and i...[Read More]

Planet Coaster Console Edition Release Holiday 2020

Planet Coaster: Console Edition release is finally coming in 2020. Frontier, the king of theme park games, is finally bringing their popular coaster game to player’s big screens and sofas. Plane...[Read More]

How To Make Money From CS:GO

Most people think you need to be a professional tournament pro to make money in CS:GO, while that does help there are other ways you can turn your hobby into real-life money. Not all methods will guar...[Read More]

How to kill a Clicker in The Last of Us 2

As we have recently shown you how to deal with the new infected, we thought we should also remind you how to kill Clickers in the Last of Us Part 2 as well. Clickers are blind, which can give you an a...[Read More]

How to kill a Shambler in The Last of Us 2

With the Last of Us Part 2 bringing in some new infected as well as keeping the old ones, we wanted to remind you how to deal with the existing infected and show you how to kill the new ones, starting...[Read More]

Ark Tropeognathus Controls on PS4

The Tropeognathus is one of the most recent dinosaurs to be added to Ark. You’ll find it over on the new Ark: Crystal Isles DLC, along with a few surprises. We’ve compiled a list of Tropeo...[Read More]

Ark 5th anniversary

Ark How to use the Tropeognathus

With the recent release of the new Ark update including the dino Tropeognathus as well as the Crystal Isles map, many players are wondering how to use all of the new mechanics that come with the Trope...[Read More]

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