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Bloodshore Review a Fresh Take on Battle Royale

by Kegan Mooney
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Are you a big fan of FMV games? Or love a good Battle Royale? Well, Bloodshore has you covered on both angles here, with their brand new FMV Battle Royale.

What is Bloodshore About?

Bloodshore follows a group of influencers and actors that have signed up to battle to the death as part of the TV show Kill/Stream.

Players take on the persona of Nick, a failed child actor with a hidden agenda, teaming up with the most unlikely group of survivors you will ever meet.

The term “survivors” is used loosely here. Your choices might impact their ability to stay alive, even if some of them really don’t help themselves in the process.

During your fight for survival on an unknown island, there are multiple ad breaks that offer some more information on the background of the TV show.

While you often get the chance to change the channel or stop them completely, they do offer some insight into the history of the TV show and can help you shape your choices.

Bloodshore Gameplay

As with most FMV games, Blooshore is heavily reliant on the choices you make. But what makes Blooshore stand out is how easily you can monitor the effects of these choices.

Every choice you make will impact the game. This is highlighted with a symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

Bloodshore choices
Bloodshore Statistics Display

Bloodshore will have you coming back for a second and third attempt at the game, especially with such an impressive amount of footage that’s not always shown in its entirety, depending on the choices you make.

As you would expect from a group of has-been’s, wannabe’s, and public figures, many of the group come across as self-centered at times.

Seemingly not taking the risks they have put themselves into seriously, it doesn’t take too long into the killing before things changes. The tongue-in-cheek perkiness of some of the characters never fades.

With many FMV games, I have found myself getting bored, waiting for the next interactive choice I can make in the game, but I didn’t find that to be as much of an issue with Bloodshore.

Even with the game not taking itself too seriously, I still actually found myself engrossed in where the story was going, even on the second attempt, I wanted to learn more about each of the actors.


It’s not often I get to change my mind about an entire genre of games. While Bloodshore isn’t going to be coming close to any game of the year awards, I absolutely had a blast playing it.

I often find myself questioning the value of FMV games too, as once you know the story, there’s little point in replaying the game, but Wales Interactive has combatted that well here.

Does she know what she's signed up for?

Even after a couple of playthroughs, Bloodshore is something I will be returning to, perhaps looking to see if I can keep more of my group alive next time.

The game features some pretty annoying characters, but I like to believe that was intentional. Like going onto Youtube and watching some of the most annoying ‘Youtuber’s’ to wreck our eardrums.

But somehow that didn’t put me off, quite the opposite. It just added to the corny, low-budget style that the game wears proudly, and made it more entertaining as a result.

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