Bezier: Second Edition Review

Bezier: Second Edition Review

by Kegan Mooney
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If you spent your youth playing in the arcades of old, then Bezier: Second Edition is definitely going to be the game for you.

Bezier: Second Edition is the perfect balance between new and old, with its arcade-style, twin-stick shooter gameplay, and Geometry Wars-style visuals and sound. 

Bezier Second Edition
Bezier Second Edition Arcade-style splash screen

You might be wondering what sets this game apart from other games in the same genre, apart from the cool visuals and sound effects. Bezier: Second Edition also features story-driven gameplay, which is quite unique for games like Bezier: Second Edition.

While the story isn’t exactly the most thrilling or captivating I’ve ever encountered, it’s nice to see an arcade game that’s driven by some form of a story, giving the gameplay more purpose.

Bezier Second Edition story

Of course, if you’re not interested in the story Bezier Second Edition has to offer, you can either simply ignore it or try the game’s endurance mode, where the aim of the game is to try and survive for as long as possible.

Endurance mode will progressively get harder, which can become quite addictive when you’re trying to beat your previous top scores.

Bezier Second Edition Gameplay

Bezier Second Edition starts fairly slow, with only a few enemies. But it doesn’t take long before your screen is filled with enemies and bullets flying everywhere.

With so much going on, it can quickly become very difficult to keep track of all your enemies and objectives. In fact, it didn’t take long before I started feeling overwhelmed with how much was going on.

When I first started playing, I honestly thought I would have one or two games then get bored. Yet the leaderboard hooked me, I found myself constantly looking to get further and improve my top scores, in that respect it reminded me of my youth, playing Snake on my old Nokia 5210 phone.

Bezier: Second Edition Controls

Bezier: Second Edition features twin-stick controls, meaning that the left stick is used to control your ship, while the right stick is used to fire in the direction in which you are moving the stick.

A, B, X, and Y shoot alternative weapons which can only be used for a short period before they start overheating.

While the controls are simple, I found this is one of the things that made the game better. They’ve not tried to reinvent the wheel, and instead created an easy to play, fast-paced game, which anyone can pick up quickly.


While Bezier: Second Edition isn’t really a must-have game, it’s a solid arcade game from an indy developer and definitely has some addictive elements that will have you coming back for more.

It’s a fast-paced game that will require lightning-fast reflexes to progress through and can easily overwhelm you, especially when you are playing against the clock.

The game features two game modes, which can completely change the format of the game:

Story Mode: Of course, this features the game’s story-driven content, but also a timer, which as the game progresses, makes it very difficult. It forces players to make decisions quicker, and keeps them fighting to clear objectives and gain more time.

Endurance Mode: Instead of being timed, the Bezier: Second Edition’s endurance mode will continue until the player is killed. This mode runs in waves, with each wave becoming progressively harder, making it very difficult to stay in the game.

Overall, I would say Bezier: Second Edition is a quality game that I honestly enjoyed much more than I expected to.

However, unless more modes, content, or something else is added to the game, I would say that Bezier: Second Edition has a limited shelf life. There’s only so far chasing high scores can take you before you start getting bored.

At the time of writing, Bezier: Second Edition is on sale for $1.99 down from $19.99, personally I would buy this game at the sale price, perhaps even at $9.99, but at full price, I simply don’t think there’s enough there to warrant the purchase.

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