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Best Rust Mods

by Kegan Mooney
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Rust is a hardcore survival game, where other players are the most dangerous element, PVP lurks around every corner and no matter how much you hide, you’re highly likely to encounter other players wanting to kill you at any moment.

But for server owners wanting to take their player’s game to the next level, what are the best Rust mods to improve gameplay for your players.

Here’s a quick overview of the best Rust Mods:

  • Rust Kits
  • Gather Manager
  • NTeleportation
  • Better Chat
  • Backpacks
  • Furnace Splitter

Rust Kits

Not only does Rust Kits give you the option to add another element to your server by having players be able to obtain packages, it also can help you to recover some of the running costs of the game server via donations.

You can set several types of packages, for example different tiers of packages as well starter packages which are limited to new players.

Gather Manager

A plugin designed to let admins choose how much resources are gained from farming, while this might not be the most exciting sounding plugin, it’s one of the most widely used plugins for server admins to date.


This plugin works for admins & players alike, giving them the ability to teleport across the map, but only to set locations such as the area they have set as their home location.

If you are running a bigger map, then NTeleportation really is a must have mod, many other games such as Ark: Survival Evolved have actually built in their own teleportation buildings into the base game, it’s something Rust really could do with for the bigger maps.

Better Chat

Better chat is an essential plugin for Rust, if you’ve played Rust you will have noticed the player base can be largely toxic, the reason I say this plugin is essential is because with all the nonsense you tend to see in chat with Rust it can be fairly easy for players to miss important announcements from admins. with Better Chat you can make all admins come up with their names in red for example, making them stand out from the crowd.


Backpacks allows players to have a backpack which offers some extra inventory space, the plugin can be customized so that you can decide if players either drop the backpack on death or if the items are gone forever on death.

Customization Options:

  • Customizable capacity per player
  • Option to drop or erase contents on death
  • Option to clear on map wipe
  • Optional item blacklist
  • Optional GUI button

Furnace Splitter

A simple but extremely handy mod which allows players to split up ores into equal stack. While it’s only a very basic plugin, the time it saves players having to manually splitting ores is super helpful.

Best Rust Mods Summary

There are tons of other good Rust mods out there, but we’ve tried to pick the ones which we felt would make the game a bit more enjoyable, which in some cases does that by taking away the typical survival game grind, without being too over the top.

Why not head on over to Umod and take a look at some of the other mods out there too, there is currently over a thousand at the time of writing.

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