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Best Conan Exiles Building Mods

by Kegan Mooney
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We’ve already taken a look at the best mods for Conan Exiles but for the hardcore builders, it’s time to take a look at the best building mods Conan Exiles has to offer.

Conan Exiles has tons of mods available, however, I personally found it was very hard to find servers with good building mods on them.

So what did I do? What I always do when I can’t find a good server, I made one and added the perfect combination of building mods to it.

Glass Constructions and more…

To some degree, I like Glass Constructions and more… because it reminds me of Ark’s Castle & Keeps mod, which I absolutely love.

Whilst the glass structures building parts look absolutely amazing, there is so much to this mod than just glass structures, in fact, the “more” in Glass Constructions and more… is so much more than just a few structures.

Best Conan Exiles Building Mods

Wooden bridges, curved staircases to stunning chandeliers are to name but a couple of my favorite building parts in this stunning collection.

The mod also includes functional building pieces reworked too, such as a new Firebowl Cauldron and the Great Furnace that both look amazing.

Conan mod furnace


A simple, yet somewhat effective mod that adds a few new buildable plants to the game.

conan building mod gardens

Using the new Garden Bed workstation players can create trees and bushes to decorate their bases and gardens, I’m still working on my base, but envision a courtyard with a big tree in the middle.

Exile Architect

Exile Architect makes it onto the Best Conan Exiles Building Mods list for it’s ability to really add that extra attention to detail with your bases.

It features a stunning set of fences, gates and bridges which can really help make some cool looking bases, personally I’ve used the bridges as an entrance to my island base, pretty awesome.

Conan Bridges

But perhaps more importantly, it also contains a floor planner, which lets you place down lines to plan your base without wasting building materials, then snap your base together using it once done.

There are also new wedge bridge parts that can be used to add an angle to your bridges and walkways.

Northern Timber 2.1.9

Northern Timber is a Tier 1 set with a total of 63 pieces. The purpose of its design is to fit in nicely within the Northern areas of the game. For me, it gives a kind of Canadian or Norwegian feel – I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s cosy!

The building set offers minor cold insulation, allowing an upgrade from Tier 1 Sandstone. The latest update brings a Snow Thatch Roof as an additional option.

Stockade Build Set

Although named Northern Timber, this building set also includes Stockade, a 38 piece Tier 2 build set which is an upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1.

Bossonian Build Set

Introducing a 65 piece Tier 3 set, the Bossonian Build set offers some warmth away from the frosty North, as an upgrade from Northern Timber Tier 1 and Stockade Tier 2.

Murayama Build Set

The largest of the Northern Tier build sets, the Murayama build set is a 67 piece Tier 3 set. It’s an upgrade from the Northern Timber Tier 1, Stockade Tier 2, and Bossonian Tier 3 sets.

This set doesn’t include Wedge Foundation, Wedge Ceiling, or Wedge Roof Tiles. However, there are multiple ceiling tiles and differing degree pitched roof tiles.

Tell us you Best Conan Exiles Building Mods

As I am actively testing new building mods, I plan to start adding more to both my server and this list, in the meantime , I would love to hear your thoughts on the best Conan Exiles Building mods out there.

So let us know in the comments below the best building mods for Conan Exiles you would like to be added to this list and we will check them out and add them to the list if we think they make the cut.

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