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Best 7 Days To Die Base Designs (with Videos)

by Georgie Peru

With the release of 7 Days To Die A20, having a strong and secure base is a necessary requirement. But, with the sheer size of the map, you may be wondering why you need to focus on a 7 Days To Die base design.

Not only does a base give you somewhere you can call home, but you can also use it to store your possessions, craft new items, and protect yourself from the 7-day horde.

7 Days to die torch

If you’re looking for the best base designs in 7 Days To Die, here are our top picks.

1. The Tower – WaywardEko

The Tower design uses the new circular shapes introduced in 7 Days To Die Alpha 20. This effective design funnels the zombies and horde, forcing them to thin out and fall down.

Not only is this a great option for day-to-day survival, but it’s also a great base in 7 Days To Die for surviving each horde. The basic design is incredibly effective and allows you to add your own personal touch and creative flair to further expand on it.

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2. Horde Base – 2CentsPlus

This 7 Days To Die base design is pretty epic! Using a generator and electrical traps, the horde base is suitable for two players to live and defend in.

With multiple layers, hordes and stray zombies will have a tough time penetrating the base at all. Even if they do get through one of the traps, the next one will be waiting for them.

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3. 15 Minute Horde Base – Not-A-Gamer Gaming

If you’re searching for a quick 7 Days To Die base design, this base can be built in just 15 minutes. With no cheating, it’s possible to create an ideal base for the first few horde nights.

Crafting mainly with Cobblestone Rocks, 7 Days To Die players can funnel zombies through one entrance where one player can easily knock them back. Surviving the first horde won’t be an issue with this 15-minute base design.

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4. Home Base – EightBitVic

While horde bases are a necessity in 7 Days To Die, it’s also fun to create a base that feels more like home. Granted, a zombie apocalypse isn’t the most calming environment, but it’s still nice to have a base without spikes and electric fences.

In this Home Base tour, you can get a feel for how EightBitVic has created this barn-like base with home comforts like sofas, bookcases, and dedicated rooms.

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5. A19 Horde Base – Guns, Nerds, and Steel

This epic 7 Days To Die horde base design definitely has a “Saw” vibe to it. With multiple traps, you’re going to need to clean up a lot of zombies the morning following the horde.

While there are possibilities to extend this into a livable base, I’d suggest using this horde base for hordes only, allowing you to focus on repairing traps and blocks when needed.

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