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How to Survive Grounded: Tips & Tricks for Grounded

by Kegan Mooney
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When first starting out in Grounded, surviving can be a pain but don’t worry, there are a few tips and tricks in Grounded that can help you survive longer and quickly become a tiny pro.

Starting as a tiny teen can be pretty daunting, so without further ado, we bring you the beginner’s guide to surviving Grounded.


Let’s start with base building tips & tricks, as getting a base set up in the backyard can be a massive step to making surviving Grounded easier.

  • Find somewhere safe near both food and water and not close to threats
  • Build utilities for food and water quickly, such as the Dew collector and mushroom garden
  • Unlock & use stem walls as quick as you can, grass walls will not keep you very safe
  • Remember to plan your building, grass, stem and fortified walls are all different sizes, so it’s hard to start with grass then plan to upgrade
  • Use the ant armour while building, the entire set allows you to carry up to 8 grass / weed stems
  • Build a tower in your base, once you have unlocked ziplines, you can use the tower to get across the garden
  • Overbuild: I had to rebuild twice as my base was too small, some of the utilities are pretty big, so overbuild to allow room, it’s better than having to re-build parts of your base
  • Create a layout first, once you have put down utilities such as the mushroom garden, they can block you placing walls, so make sure you have planned and built the shell first

Another important tip for base building in Grounded is to remember the game is early access when planning your location.

Large areas of the game are subject to change, so think, where are the devs likely to alter the landscape, which could break my base, it’s important as you might lose everything.

When the footprints came in, my base was floating in the air as I had built right on the spot of one, I had to rebuild or have a floating base. Although this may not always be possible to predict, not building on the porch or jaco-lanton (Haloween update) are examples of areas that would very likely change in updates.

Trail Markers:

The first thing I had issues with was finding my way around, making sure to place trail markers on every point of interest; especially soda cartons, analyzers, and your base.

But when starting and learning the map it might be worth adding some to point you to unique resources too.

Collect everything:

When you collect an item, there is a chance that you may unlock a new recipe just by simply collecting it, and even if you don’t, you can take it to be analyzed which will be very likely to give you new recipes.

You will also want to make somewhere secure whilst getting better armor and weapons which having more resources can only help that.

Dirty water might save your life:

Whilst in some games dirty stale water may cause you a massive headache, in Grounded it will just make you hungrier; so if you really need to drink, grab some stale water then find some mushrooms to satisfy your hunger.

There are multiple analyzers:

It took me a while to realize this, but the analyzer you start with is one of a few.

When I started the game again with friends I noticed the second time around my ‘Tiny Pete’ did mention there may be more, but I must have missed that, so I wanted to make sure that you don’t make that same mistake.

Use the radial menus:

This is another mistake I made at first, I didn’t take the time to learn the controls, I just rushed in.

Using the radial menus saves so much time not only for switching ammo but also for building too.

Ammo Radial: L (PC) LT (Xbox)

There are multiple types of ammo you can use. For example, you can use the radial to switch from normal arrows to lure arrows quickly.

Building Radial: B (PC) D’pad Up (Xbox)

A simple radial to help you build multiple items in your base much quicker and a button I am so glad I accidentally pressed to find out about!

Emote Radial: H (PC) D’pad Left (Xbox)

Not as much use as the others, but still nice to know how to show some appreciation or other emotions to your fellow players.

Hot Pouch: H (PC) LB (Xbox)

Quickly access all the items in your hot pouch from a simple radial.

Quickchat Radial: T (PC) D’pad Right (Xbox)

Great if you’re playing multiplayer but cannot talk to the other player, let them know quickly if you need food or water or are in danger.

Build a lean-to first:

No amount of Grounded tips will prepare you for the first night, so just skip it.

Ensure that if you are playing multiplayer you build one per person, each person must then sleep which similarly, to Minecraft will make it become daytime.

Learn to master your block:

If you can time your block perfectly, just as you are about to get hit you will block all damage without using any stamina, making the fight much more likely to tip in your favor.

Look out for red eyes:

If you see red eyes, it doesn’t mean someone has been on a night out in Amsterdam, it shows that an insect is being aggressive.

It may not be towards you, but they are in a fight. If you have recently re-spawned and an insect is still at your body, check their eyes to see if they are still going to attack you, if they are no longer red you will be OK to get your gear.

Find weaknesses in enemies:

From my experience each insect seems to have their own strengths and weaknesses; finding them and exploiting them will make farming and surviving much easier for you.

Bombardier’s are a great example of this, their strength is that they shoot a projectile acid, which does a lot of damage and their melee isn’t much weaker either.

I have discovered that their weakness is that they do not appear to be great at climbing, so I have found rocks with coverage like a leaf, shoot a couple of arrows, then stand behind the leaf, keep doing this and you will kill it without even taking any damage.

Keep bandages on you at all times:

This one seems pretty obvious, but it goes without saying you’re going to take a lot of damage, so make sure that you have a healthy supply of bandages on you at all times.

Upgrade your base before it becomes too big:

When your base becomes bigger it becomes much more of a target for hordes of ants looking for whatever they can eat from your base.

Make sure that you change from grass to a fortified base as soon as you can. It is also worth trying to build a base as high as possible to make sure that you can keep things secure.

Create a self-sufficient base:

Use mushroom farms, dew collectors, and a water container to make sure that you can keep everything you need to survive within the safety of your base, this will allow you to spend more of your time outside of your bases on gathering new ingredients and materials.

Explore everywhere:

While the garden isn’t huge (at the time of writing) it is full of hidden places in which you would be surprised at what you might find.

You can collect raw science from all over the garden, but you have to work for it and in most cases it won’t just fall on your lap.

Places like the ant hill even hide rarer treasures such as a Burgl chip to allow you to make more items in the game. Some items such as the ant club require you to kill solider ants, in which can be found in abundance in the ant hill.

Watch the grass:

Spiders and many of the aggressive insects cause the grass to move, which makes spotting them so much easier; in fact, once I worked this out I died so much less as I was able to simply avoid many fights that I was simply not yet ready for.

Climb everything:

As mentioned above, Grounded is full of hidden cravises, but they are not all down holes or in water, look up.

There are tons of places in Grounded that have raw science hidden on top of them and even if they don’t, they will give you a lay of the land and possibly help show you the location of somewhere that does, or just another point of interest.

Stun enemies:

Pebbles and higher-level weapons can stun your enemies of which gives you a few extra seconds to strike and can be the difference between life and death.

Know where to look for resources:

  1. Pebblet – Found everywhere across the garden
  2. Planet Fiber – Found as tiny leaves or by cutting the leftover stems from cut grass
  3. Sprig – Tiny stalks that grow all over the garden
  4. Spider Silk – Attack spider webs or spider themselves
  5. Pollen – Found near the flower garden, although it currently has no use
  6. Sap – Sap is found near tree’s / roots and can be harvested from sap nodes or found on the floor and trees
  7. Weed Stems: Look for dandelions to start with, once you have a level 2 axe you can farm normal weeds from all over the garden
  8. Grass Planks – Common find, simply cut down any grass
  9. Acorn Top – Look for the giant oak tree with red leaves, you can’t miss it, you will need a hammer to smash an acorn
  10. Acorn Shell – Same as above, comes from smashing an acorn with a hammer
  11. Acorn bits – Again, from the smashed acorn
  12. Ant Parts, mandible & head – Ants can be found all over the place, but the anthill is a great spot to get them quickly. You can also build a lure trap to get ants to come to you
  13. Acid glands – The anthill is again the best place to get these from soldier ants
  14. Flower Petals – Go to the flower garden next to the oak tree and you will find tons, if you then go across the lake, puddle…? Body of water? There are more flowers on the other side
  15. Clay – Water-logged areas have more clay, look under the water! Look for the body of water where you see a toy toad sticking out, it has tons of clay under the water
  16. Quartzite – Found underground, the anthill and other caves are a great spot
  17. Dry Grass – Can be found mixed in with normal grass, there are also denser areas of dry grass only areas, but watch out for more aggressive insects
  18. Thistle needle – To the east of the flower garden, look up for purple flowers, they can be farmed for needles without breaking
  19. Dandelion Tuft – Same as the weed stems, look for a dandelion and cut it down, when the stems fall you will see a tuft fall too
  20. Mite Fuzz – Lawn mites can be found near the lasers and other places across the garden, killing them will produce Mite fuzz
  21. Gnat Fuzz – The water mentioned above with the toy in it also has swarms of Gant’s, killing them will drop fuzz
  22. Clover leaves – Clovers are commonly found all over the garden
  23. Grub Hide – If you see moving soil, there is likely a grub there, dig it up with your shovel
  24. Berry Chunk – Found near the southern hedge, knock down a berry and chop it up, can be used to make berry leather
  25. Spider fang – Slightly obvious one, kill a spider, can be used to make a better bow
  26. Slime Mould Stalk – This is a light sources of caves and as such is found underground in caves
  27. Larva Spike – Found from killing larva, if you can’t find larva, kill some ants and more larva will eventually spawn
  28. Mushrooms – Mushrooms are a very common item and can be found all over the garden, there are loads of them right next to the porch.
  29. Nectar – Found near anywhere that has flowers, of course the flower garden is a great spot to look for nectar
  30. Aphid Honeydew – Carried around by Aphids, you can find it where aphids have dropped it when they’ve been attacked, or you could also find it from killing one carrying some
  31. Mint Block – Near the center you will find a plastic box of mints, hitting the container open will allow you to farm some mint blocks


As the game is still in early access we will make sure to keep the tips and tricks updated to ensure we add any new relevant content and items that may be added to the game.

The game is currently due to get updates each month at the moment, so we should be able to keep up with all the latest content.

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