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Back 4 Blood Reserving Server Issue

by Georgie Peru
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Back 4 Blood players are reporting being stuck on the “reserving a server” status. No matter how long you wait, starting, joining, or continuing a campaign with your friends isn’t working.

So, how do you fix the Back 4 Blood reserving server issue?

1. Turn Off Crossplay

It would appear that players who are attempting to play with their friends on other platforms, i.e. play Back 4 Blood in crossplay, are getting stuck on the “reserving a server” status.

Follow these simple steps to turn off crossplay on Back 4 Blood:

  • Launch Back 4 Blood and sign in.
  • Open the menu (Tab on PC).
  • Select Preferences.
  • Toggle Crossplay to Off.

You will be able to see if crossplay in Back 4 Blood is turned off by revisiting the menu screen. Here you will see the text “Crossplay disabled” above your player card.

While this means you won’t be able to play with your friends on different platforms, it does currently resolve the Back 4 Blood reserving server issue.

2. Back 4 Blood Servers Down

In addition to the server status issue, another reason why you may not be able to connect to a game in Back 4 Blood could be due to the servers being down.

You can check the status of each server using the following links:

3. The Game Requires An Update

If Back 4 Blood needs an update, it won’t let you sign in to the game at all. This is different from the server issue, but worth noting in case you’re trying to join the game.

Not having the latest update means you will be disconnected from any Back 4 Blood server you try to join. While most devices automatically update the game, manual intervention may be required.

  • Navigate to the storage page on the device you are playing Back 4 Blood on.
  • Force an update.
  • Once the update has finished, try launching the game again.

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