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Ark’s New Dino Tropeognathus

by Kegan Mooney
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Ark Survival Evolved has once again announced a new dinosaur and this one is going to be an absolutely spectacular addition to Ark’s dino family. The Tropeognathus (aka the Tropeo) is the latest addition, bringing with it some pretty interesting features.

The Tropeo will be release on June 4th alongside Crystal Isle, the mod map being made official on the same date.

Common Name: Tropeo
Species: Tropeognathus mesembrinus
Time: Cretaceous
Diet: Piscivore
Temperament: Neutral

The Tropeognathus is very similar in looks to the Tapejara, another one of my favorites.

The new Ark dino has lots of useful abilities making it a great flyer for many situations:

  • Wind Currents: The Tropeo is capable of catching wind currents to make it a formidable flyer
  • Grinder: Its strong jaw is capable of breaking down items to their base components, making it a flying grinder!
  • Turret Saddle: The Tropeo is capable of having a turret-mounted to its saddle, making it a new top choice for PVP and PVE players alike
  • Clearing Forna: Using its wings, the Tropeo can clear areas of Forna and Flora
  • Jet-Powered: If all of the above wasn’t enough to sell the Tropeo to you, they also have an equipable jet pack, what more do you need?

The new Tropeo will be an ideal dinosaur for air-to-air combat, making it an essential dinosaur for those of us playing on PVP servers.

The new Ark dino is being released as part of the latest map to come to Ark: The crystal Isle, which will be released June 5th 2020.

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