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Ark vs Conan Exiles Which is Better?

Both Ark and Conan Exiles are both popular survival games which have amassed a steady following over the years, but if you budget only extends to one game, which out of Ark vs Conant Exiles is better.

The choice of weather to play Ark: Survival Evolved or Conan Exiles should be a fairly easy choice, they both aim at different audiences, making it easier to decide.

With ark you want to take time and research the best servers, there are some toxic ones out there more so than in Conan.

Conan Exiles on the other hand, has much less chance of stumbling across the same type of annoying players, with the game generally being aimed towards a much more mature audience.

Ark vs Conan Graphics Differences

Both games are extremely impressive visually, both with their own set of good and bad points for the visuals. Conan has very detailed player models, as you can see from the image below.

Conan Exiles graphics

The characters do feature nudity, so if you are thinking about getting the game for the kids, don’t, you can choose if you want to have nudity or not in the settings.

At the start of Conan Exiles everything was desolate and dusky, which didn’t do it’s graphics any favors, but as they years have gone on and the game has developed, we’ve seen lush jungle biomes and new lush areas.

Ark Graphics

Ark: Survival Evolved unfortunately doesn’t have the same level of detail in character models that Conan Exiles does, with over-the-top muscles and at times some odd textures.

As you walk around the Ark’s multiple maps, you soon realize the amount of care and attention to detail that goes into these maps, with many of them even including entire other maps underneath the main map.

Ark center map detail
Image Credit: newsweek.com

If you get yourself a flyer, you will soon start seeing just how many diverse biomes, all teeming with unique creatures, and each with their own beautiful environments, with no two biomes looking the same.

The downside to all this beauty is the strain the ultra-graphics settings can have on your computer, the latest hardware will keep up, but anything less might struggle.

You might find that you struggle more on some maps more than others, for example, Genesis has a known issue with some players machines dropping to extreme low FPS when entering the ocean biome.

In some cases, depending on the features / functions they add to the game, certain mods have been reported to cause extra strain too, the more mods present, the more chance of further strain.

If you have a lower end computer, it might be worth considering Conan Exiles, the graphics aren’t bad, but are much easier to run than Ark’s.

Ark vs Conan which is best for building

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love building in survival games, while I love some PVP I personally spend most of my time on survival games perfecting my base design.

Neither game is hard to build in, but with the addition of some great mods, Ark Survival Evolved wins the building vote from me.

conan modded servers

The Thralls on Conan are a really cool addition too, whilst it’s nice having dinosaurs in your base, seeing slaves pushing the wheel of pain, or working at the forge actually brings your base to life.

When it comes to the base games, Conan Exiles wins this one, but as both games are supported by the Steam workshop there are building mods that can improve the building aspect of the game dramatically.

Mod Enhanced Building

While Conan wins on the building front straight out the box, the mods available in Ark is where both the game and the modding community shine.

If you are new to Ark, find a server that is running some good building mods, once you’ve got onto a server with great mods, you won’t want to go back to standard.

Personally, now that I’ve been using Structures Plus for some time, I cannot play without it, small features such as ensuring fences are straight on hard terrain amaze me.

Structures Plus also has some quality of life enhancements too, many of which simply take away the dull choirs of the game, automating some of the routine tasks, but all while not making things too easy.

ark S+

There are tons of other mods out there too, many of which add finer details and new props, another one of my favorites is Eco’s RP Decor pack which adds small props to the game.

Whilst Conan Exiles do have their own mods, I personally have found they just don’t stack up to the ones offered by Ark.

For some of us who played Conan Exiles in it’s earlier days, you will remember having to manually add each mod.

Ark vs Conan Exiles which is best for PVE

Whilst Ark has some great bosses, some with some well thought out tactics, others a bit too simple for my liking, it has one major disadvantage over Conan Exiles, it’s story and lore, Conan has years of rich story telling.

Each time Conan has released a DLC, we’ve seen more pieces of lore and story come together, this detailed history of storytelling from Conan is one of the reasons there are so many RP Conan Exile servers out there.

Both games have some impressive bosses and while I do love Ark, I must admit, I have found myself enjoying taking on some of the Conan Exiles world bosses more than the Ark bosses.

Ark vs Conan Exiles which is better for PVP

This one is a clear cut choice, Conan’s fighting system, while it has been improved over the years, doesn’t come close to the PVP experience you get in Ark.

While Conan does have mounts, nothing beats the feeling of flying on a jet pack powered dinosaur, hurtling grenades at an enemy base, or riding on the back of a giant turtle, with a FOB built on it.

Ark vs conan PVP

With dinosaurs and ranged weapons, it almost feels like an unfair fight, as I have found games such as Conan which focus on mele combat seem to struggle much more than games with ranged weapons.


Both games have their own strengths and weaknesses, but no matter how great Conan Exiles is, I always seem to find myself coming back to Ark.

Conan doesn’t have as many players these days either, which makes it harder to find a good server now, where as Ark, although not as strong as it used to be, still has a decent number of active players.

The taming on Ark is another thing that makes it much more interesting, each dinosaur has a preferred food type, or a unique method of taming, adding another unique feature.

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