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Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

by Kegan Mooney

Ark Survival Evolved can be a tough survival game to master, especially for those jumping into the game for the first time, but thankfully there are a few Ark tips and tricks that can help you survive a little longer, and even master the game.

As Ark Survival Evolved has now been out for some time, it can be even more of a challenge if you are a new player, especially on a PVP server with more experienced players.

Thankfully there are some tips & tricks to make sure that you stand a much better chance of surviving the Ark.

Ark: Survival Evolved Beginners Guide:

  • Choose a friendly server
  • Craft tools (pickaxe and hatchet)
  • Craft clothes
  • Place a campfire and cook food
  • Build a small base
  • Tame a starter dinosaur like a Parasaur
  • Tame a flying dinosaur like a Pteranodon
  • Level up quickly

Realistic Expectations

The first thing to do is have realistic expectations, although it could happen, if you see a well-established player atop of a T-rex coming to you upon spawn, I would run (sadly most will kill you for sport).

Ark has a very mixed community, there are some real toxic players, and immature people, but I have also come across some of the best, and most enjoyable mature PVE communities too, so this depends on the type of server you go on and what type of people it attracts.

A server with much faster tame and gather rates is more likely to attract younger players who may not be as mature. With this in mind, picking a server with a community that suits your play style is the most important starting point to Ark.

Surviving the Ark

You’ve now picked a server that suits you and are standing on the beach with no clothes, weapons, or frankly a clue what to do.

When you are on the beach, you may notice you are cold, especially at night. Use your first points from leveling up and put them into fortitude until you hit a minimum of at least 20 fortitude, this will stop you from freezing as easily.

1. Craft Tools

The first thing you will want to do is gather some rocks and wood; find the rocks on the floor and punch a tree for wood and thatch.

Now you can craft a pickaxe – use this to hit some rock and get flint so you can then craft a stone hatchet and a couple of spears.

2. Craft Clothes

Next, gather some plant fiber and make some clothes, you will need to unlock the engrams to be able to do this. Once you are dressed, craft a campfire, you will need this for cooking and to keep warm at night.

When you level up, you will also be able to put some stats into fortitude too, this will also give you a boost to cold & heat resistance, meaning you have one less thing to worry about while starting out.

3. Cook Food

Once you have done the above tasks, you have enough to make what you need to survive the elements of the starting areas. Go and find a Dodo or Parasaur and kill it for meat, you can cook this on the campfire for food to survive.

How to survive ark
Phiomia are a great source of food for a new Ark survivor

The hide will also come in handy for making a bed, which you can use as a spawn point at your new base location.

4. Build a Shack

You are going to want to get a bed or sleeping bag down as quick as possible, if you die, you’ll have to spawn potentially far from your body. To start with you will want to build a small 4×4 shack and not stray too far from it.

Keeping it small will make it less intimidating to other players, and hopefully, incur less chance of being attacked. Once you have the shack, kill some more Dodo’s or similar small creatures and place down a bed or sleeping bag.

Be smart about where you build, if you are on a PVP server, make sure you are not near another player that could pose a threat and also check the surroundings to make sure you don’t have weaknesses, such as high ground overlooking the base, etc.

ark S+

If you are on an unofficial server hopefully you will have good building mods such as S+ which will help you to make an even more secure base.

5. Tame a Dinosaur

By now you’ve likely become a high enough level to build a mortar and pestle so you can start making narcotics and tranq arrows. Split the meat so that it’s singular and not in stacks and let it all spoil. While the meat is spoiling gather some Narcoberries.

You can now make some narcotics, use half of them to make tranq arrows, and keep the other half.

ark taming review
Maybe not this one straight away though!

You want to find and tame a Parasaurus as this will be a good starter dino to get you around, but also to help you get Narcoberries quicker so that you can tame even more dinosaurs.

6. Tame a Flyer

By this point you’ve probably tamed a few land dinosaurs, and are starting to get the hang of things now, the next stage is to take to the skies. Craft some bolas, make sure to make a couple, unless the server you are on is using Reusables Plus.

If you have a tribe mate, have one person ready to bola the flyer whilst you shoot it with tranq arrows. If you are solo you will need to time it perfectly; bola the flyer, then shoot it a couple of times with tranq arrows, then throw another bola at it and continue to shoot. Rinse and repeat until it’s unconscious.

Ark Survival Guide

Once you have a flyer, the whole Ark is at your disposal and the game becomes a lot easier. Once you have reached this point, you are ready to grow and expand your dinosaur collection and explore freely – enjoy!

7. Level Up Quickly

As you level up, you will unlock new engrams that will help you to survive, build as many items as you can to level up quickly.

Rafts are a great way to level up if you can get the hide for them, just build one, pop it in the water and demolish it, then build another.

The speed at which you can level yourself will affect how quickly you will get settled and become a stronger survivor, so do what you can to make those levels go quicker.

Explorer notes are another great source of XP, make sure you are not on a dinosaur when you step on one, then go out and kill as much as you can, or if you are not equipped to kill much, build like crazy, your note will give you a temporary boost to XP.

Surviving Ark: Survival Evolved

No amount of how to survive Ark guides will stop you from dying, if you are new to this game, it’s tough, you are going to die a lot while you get used to it.

But these guides can at least speed up the process of you getting to grips with the game and offer some guidance on how to keep yourself alive and get a stronghold on the Ark.

Ark is an exciting and ever-evolving game, so if you liked our Ark beginners guide, make sure to check out our Ark Hub to see all the latest news and guides to help you survive the Ark.

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