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Ark Taming Guide: How to Tame a Tek Stryder in Ark

by Georgie Peru
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If you’ve played Ark Genesis 2, you may be familiar with one of Ark’s new creatures, a Tek Stryder. Many players are keen to tame it, but the process of doing so can be a little confusing.

We’re going to take you through the steps you need to take to tame a Tek Stryder in Ark and explore the different types of Rigs they can have.

Genesis 2 has revived Ark for many players, bringing many of them back to their favorite servers to experience the final steps of a rollercoaster ride of a journey.

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Before you head off to tame a Tek Stryder there are a couple of preparations you need to take, firstly you will need to have completed some of the Genesis 2 missions, and you will also need mutagen, a new item that was introduced in Genesis 2.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s an overview of how to tame a Tek Stryder in Ark:

  1. Collect enough Mutagel
  2. Complete enough missions on Genesis 2
  3. Locate a Tek Stryder
  4. Feed it Mutagel
  5. Stay in the red circle
  6. Find the sparking part on its body
  7. Play the minigame
  8. Repeat

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What Is A Tek Stryder In Ark?

ark genesis 2 tek stryder

Tek Stryders in Ark essentially looks like a metallic deer-like creature. They have a built-in saddle which means you won’t have to learn the Tek Stryder saddle Engram, as there isn’t one.

Each Tek Stryder in Ark: Survival Evolved spawns with a variety of different Rigs, helping you to perform a wealth of tasks.

They are one of the most sought-after creatures in Ark Genesis 2, but taming one can take more time and effort than initially expected.

How To Tame A Tek Stryder

This mechanical creature in Ark is tamed through nonviolent methods. Introduced as part of Ark’s latest DLC, Ark Genesis 2, it’s rumored that the Tek Stryder is one of the best tames you can get.

Here’s a quick overview of how to tame a Tek Stryder, before we go into more detail:

Complete a certain number of missions

  • Gather Mutagel or Mutagen
  • Locate the Tek Stryder
  • Feed it Mutagel
  • Interact with the sparking body part
  • Remain inside the red circle
  • Play the minigame

Complete Missions To Tame A Tek Stryder

Before you can tame a Tek Stryder, you will first need to complete a certain number of missions in Ark Genesis 2. 

The amount of missions you need to complete depends on the level of the Tek Stryder you want to tame.

I’ve found the best way to determine the number of missions you need to complete is to walk up to a Tek Stryder in Ark.

number of missions required to tame tek stryder

You’ll be able to see how much Mutagel is required and how many missions need to be completed.

Collect Mutagel or Mutagen

If you’ve read our guide on how to get Mutagel in Ark, then you already know how to obtain it. However, here’s a quick overview of how to gather Mutagel if you’re not familiar with the method.

  • Navigate to the Space Biome
  • Farm Mutagel from Ambergis rocks (asteroids present when drops are white)
  • Gather Mutagel from Space (asteroids present when drops are orange)
  • Craft 800 Mutagel from 6 Mutagen at a Chemistry Bench

Once you’ve gathered enough Mutagel, place it in the 0 (zero) slot on your Hotbar in Ark.

Locate Tek Stryders

ark genesis 2 tek stryder location
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Tek Stryders can be found mostly in the Eden area in Ark Genesis 2. You can find an abundance of Tek Stryders along the center of the Genesis 2 map, between 40/50, 55/90.

If you walk up to a Tek Stryder, it will not attack you. They are not aggressive creatures unless provoked. If you do attack a Tek Stryder, prepare for them to retaliate.

Tame A Tek Stryder With Mutagel

finding the sparking part on a tek stryder

Once you’ve located a Tek Stryder, completed the correct number of missions, and have Mutagel in your Hotbar, you can walk up to a Tek Stryder and start to tame it.

Firstly, find which body part is sparking, feed the Tek Stryder some Mutagel, and begin taming.

Stay In The Red Circle

tek stryder red circle appears

When you feed a Tek Stryder Mutagel and interact with the sparking body part, the taming process will begin. You will need to stay in the red circle around the Tek Stryder in order to tame it.

The red circle is pretty generous in size, so don’t worry too much. If you know how to use the Tek Armor controls, I suggest flying onto the Tek Stryder’s back so you can stay within the lines.

Play The Tek Stryder Minigame

In addition to staying within the red circle when you tame a Tek Stryder, you’ll also be required to play a minigame.

The aim of the game is to press the correct button (space bar on PC) when the squares line up with each other. Once you have completed the minigame, the Tek Stryder will walk a certain distance before you can hack it again and continue taming it.

If you approach the Tek Stryder, you will notice a Grace Period and a clock countdown, along with an Affinity Percentage.

If you can tame the Tek Stryder within the Grace Period, it will be tamed according to the Affinity Percentage shown.

The higher the level of the Tek Stryder, the longer it will take and the more times you will need to repeat the taming process.

Tek Stryder Rigs

Tek Stryders have various Rigs (attachments) that make them better for different tasks. For example, a Rig could be better for gathering materials, whereas another could be better for combat.

It’s important to understand the different Tek Stryder Rigs. Here’s an overview of all the possible Tek Stryder Rigs:

  • Excavation Rig (Head)
  • Pulse Cannon Rig (Head)
  • Silence Cannon Rig (Head)
  • Radar Rig (Head)
  • Phase Cannon Rig (Body)
  • Resource Attractor Rig (Body)
  • Shield Generator Rig (Body)
  • Shield Projector Rig (Body)

Benefits Of Taming A Tek Stryder

In addition to Tek Stryders coming with different Rigs, they are also useful for other tasks. For example, they can be used as a Sleeping Pod, a Transmitter, and can recharge batteries in their inventory.

Tek Stryders can also be used to replant foliage wherever it walks and can be linked directly to a Tek Dedicated Storage box.

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