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Ark: Mod – S+

by Kegan Mooney
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While Ark has many mods S+ is by far the most essential and useful one made to date.

With a wide variety of features and amazing expansions to the game, it’s no wonder that the developers Studio Wildcard have now included it into the main game.

Full list of S+ features:

This is the full list of features, taken from the mods page on Steam.

– All items can be picked up
– No building height limit
– Foundations are stackable
– Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
– Ceilings snap flush with foundations
– Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
– Sloped walls can snap to the bottom of walls & ceilings
– Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
– Gateways snap in line with fence foundations 
– Storage boxes snap to each other
– Wires & pipes can be hidden & verticals are only 1 wall high
– Large & behemoth walls(4 tall & 12 tall)
– Numerous snap points cleaned up
– All noisy structures are silent
– All crafting stations can be locked & pin coded
– All gas only structures can also use electricity 
– All gates, doors & trapdoors can auto open & close (with various settings)
– More config options than anybody wants to read!

“Integrated Resource Pulling”
Resource pulling directly integrated into the ARK inventory UI so its available in everything! All dinos, structures & yourself. Pull specific resources, pull enough to craft a certain number of the selected blueprint or enough to repair the selected item.

Updated Vanilla Structures
– Fence Foundations (new snap points, provide foundation support)
– Pillars (3 sizes: 1, 3 & 5 walls high, do not protrude through ceilings)
– Ladders (can be locked to tribe only, instant climb via config)
– Ramps (1 wall high by 1 foundation long, railings can be snapped to the edges, stair model variant)
– Railings (when snapped to ramp uses a sloped model)
– Staircases (1 wall high with a 90 degree twist, can flip direction)
– Feeding Trough (adjustable range config, can set specific dino types to feed)
– Standing & Wall Torch (doesn’t use fuel, flame can be dyed, automatically turns on/off, adjustable intensity)
– Domesticated Bee Hive (doesn’t harm players, will water nearby crop plots)
– Elevators (tracks resized to 1 wall tall, platforms to 1×1, 3×2 & 5×3, can set stops, better snapping to foundations)
– Electrical Outlet (can be hidden, sparks disabled & connecting wires hidden)
– Industrial Grinder (turn on/off in inventory, can grind/craft all at once, can make map specific resources)
– Air Conditioner (thinner, more powerful, larger range & can snap to window walls)
– Tek Transmitter (allows teleportation to boss arenas, can display the level & location of all dinos on the map)
– Tek Generator (can be placed on rafts/saddles)
– Tek Teleporter (smaller model, adjustable teleportation radius, can be placed on rafts/saddles)
– Tek Shield Generator (can be powered by a tek gen, destroying shield doesn’t destroy structure, shield respawns 1 hour after destruction & regens health 10 min after taking damage, radiation protection)
– Cloning Chamber (keeps imprint & assigned stat points, keeps cloning progress if power is lost)
– Underwater Compartment (resized, removed internal pillars, snap points for walls & ceilings, flood/drain on demand, doesnt require power, can be placed on rafts/saddles & land, radiation protection, sloped version)
– Tek Leash (can hide radius circle, removed pulsing red ring, doesn’t require power)
– Taxidermy Bases (snaps to floors/ceiling/roofs, can change/remove base, change rotation after placement, hide flyer support pole & adjust scale)
– Tek Bridge (thinner model, placeable on structures, can connect tree platforms)

Unique Structures
– Full Glass tier (metal strength, greenhouse effect, adjustable transparency & up to 16 model variations each)
– Flexible Pipes & Wires (connects nearby pipes & wires even if they are not aligned)
– Internal Pipes & Wires (snaps invisibly to foundations, ceilings, walls & pillars)
– Fence Supports (do not follow ground level which allows for level fences)
– Dynamic Pillars (adjustable length, angle & thickness)
– Dynamic Gates & Gateways (choose size during placement, up to 12 walls high or wide)
– Seamless Crop Plot (square/triangle, can toggle visibility of sides)
– Expanded set of hatchframes (4×4 & sloped variants)
– Dedicated Storage (holds 10,000 slots of a single resource, snaps to foundations/ceilings, can deposit into by hitting it)
– Dedicated Storage Intake (deposits resources from you or your dino to any nearby S+ Dedicated Storages)
– Tek Storage (snaps to foundations/ceilings, can label sides)
– 6 auto turrets (Flamethrower, Tranq, Minigun, Ballista, Cannon & Rocket)
– Blueprint Maker (turns any structure into a blueprint)
– Converter (converts any vanilla item to its S+ counterpart & vica versa)
– Multi Lamp (attachs to any surface, adjustable color & intensity, automatically turns on/off, can have a secondary color set to make it blink)
– Item Collector (picks up poop, paste, pearls, unfertilized eggs, gacha crystals & owl pellets, distributes poop, crystals & pellets to dung beetles/compost bins, S+ Crystal Crackers & S+ Animal Tenders respectively)
– Hatchery (picks up fertilized eggs & incubates them, boosts the egg production of nearby dinos)
– Animal Tender (collects items from dinos, distributes owl pellets to nearby gachas)
– Nanny (feeding trough for babies, imprints nearby dinos to match their maturation)
– Farmer (collects fertilizer from compost bins/dung beetles & distributes it to nearby crop plots)
– Gardener (collects produce from crop plots)
– Hitching Post (prevents any attached dino from moving even if set to wander)
– Mannequin (fully customizable character, can equip armor & pose)
– Tek Elevator (instantly teleports you up/down, has triangle version)
– Repulser Pad (launches you when jumped off, adjustable direction & force)
– Charge Station (drains nearby charge pets to fill charge batteries)
– Charge Injector (uses charge batteries to protect from the nameless)
– Element Catalyzer (crafts element, requires placement in liquid element)
– Personal Teleporter (teleport to any teleporter or drop a beacon that others can teleport to)
– Mutator (7 different pulses that affect dinos in different ways: Mutation, Gender Assignment, Gender Swap, Allow Breeding, Age Freeze, Corrupting & Aberrant)
– Vivarium (stores up to 10 dinos, stored dinos will produce eggs & poop)
– Auto Crafter (can mimic most crafting stations & produce items instantly)
– Gacha Gavager (fills the linked Gacha’s inventory, Gachas fed this way are not saddened by being close to other gachas, their mate boost range is increased & they can’t move)
– Crystal Cracker (automatically opens Gacha crystals, can upload to dedicated storage)
– Planetary Shield (stops meteors from impacting the map)
– Incinerator (destroys items placed in its inventory)
– Dyeria (creates dyes, doesn’t need water, creates more dye than normal)
– Repair Station (can repair anything)
– Tek Stove (instantly cooks meat, can make jerky)
– Tek Forge (instantly smelts metal into ingots, wood into charcoal, organic polymer into polymer & congealed gas into gas balls, can also craft element between its 3 forms)
– Tek Cooking Pot (gets water like crop plots, uses less water when crafting & can make beer that doesn’t use/give a water jar)
– Tek Fridge (resets the spoil timer of items, fills water containers & can make iced water)
– Laboratory (combines chemistry bench with the resource conversion from the grinder & can make fertilizer)
– Item Translocator (send items to a linked item translocator, can be set to auto-send items)
– Tek Glass Wall/Ceiling/Roof (adjustable transparency, greenhouse effect)

Can the features be too OP?

Yes, some of the features can be OP and some can seem that way, but are just designed for more casual gamers with families or demanding jobs.

The good news is that the server owners can actually disable and adjust many of the features from their server settings, making it a great mod no matter the type of server you are running.

Why use S+?

For me S+ is worth using due to the snapping and building alignment function by itself. When Ark first came out, one of the more frustrating things about it was never being able to create a fence for my dinosaurs that was straight.

Thankfully with S+ you can ensure that every building is absolutely pixel perfect. For fences there is the fence support item that has been added, simply outline the perimeter of your base with these and slap some walls on them. They go into the ground and snap, ensuring every fence panel is perfectly straight.

You can find S+ here:

ark S+

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