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Ark: Survival Evolved New Creatures and Genesis 2 Transfers

by Georgie Peru

Studio Wildcard recently released a new Ark update, ahead of the free DLC Lost Island map. Earlier in the year, the developers invited the Ark community to vote for the 3 new creatures in the upcoming release.

There were a lot of rumors that these 3 creatures would be the last ones to appear in Ark. The winner of the community vote was Dinopithecus, an ape-like creature that closely resembles the baboon.

dinopithecus ark update

However, the latest Ark update also revealed another creature being added to Lost Island; Sinomacrops.

A feisty flyer willing to frighten off featherweight foes for its friends!

Studio Wildcard

In addition to the creature update, Studio Wildcard also announced that full server transfers for Ark Genesis 2 would now be available across all platforms.

But first, let’s take a look at the new Ark Lost Island creatures update.

Ark Sinomacrops

Sinomacrops lost island

The Sinomacrops resemble a small pterosaur and can easily be spooked. When the Sinomacrops feels under threat, it will unfurl its wings to display deimatic eyespots to try and scare away predators.

In most cases, the Sinomacrops seem friendly. However, cross it with an insect and this deadly weapon will unleash hell on anything (or anyone) wearing chitin armor.

Sinomacrops dossier ark

How to Tame a Sinomacrops in Ark

To tame a Sinomacrops, players must passive tame them using food. However, scare the Sinomacrops and you’ll lose the tame.

Once tamed, Sinomacrops like to be with their humans. Once they’ve bonded with a player, Sinomacrops can carry a decent amount of weight and can support a player’s weight. However, they are not able to take flight.

Instead, players can use the Sinomacrops to glide or parachute out of situations. Just remember to feed it to keep it happy!

Ark Update Genesis 2 Transfers

Ark Genesis Part 2 was released on June 3, 2021. Since then, players have been able to enjoy the new Ark Genesis 2 map and its creatures.

However, not being able to transfer creatures or items into Ark Genesis 2 servers has definitely been frustrating.

With the new transfer update, players can now transfer creatures and items in and out of Genesis 2.

The new creatures available in Genesis 2 include:

  • Maewing
  • Noglin
  • Astrodelphis
  • Stryder
  • Shadowman
  • Voidwyrm

This means you can now download items and creatures to Genesis 2 without any issues.

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