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Ark Metal Farming Methods: How to efficiently farm metal in Ark

by Kegan Mooney
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Farming metal on Ark can be quite a choir, but we have some tricks up our sleeves to help you learn how to farm metal on Ark much quicker.

The exact amount of metal you will get per each method will of course depend on what type of server you are playing, for example it would take you longer on an official server than it would an unofficial with increased rates.

As many of the maps and DLC have their own specific creatures, some of the methods on the list might not apply to you.

1. Crab & Ankylosaurus Metal Farming

When Abberation was released, Ark had a wonderfully efficient new metal farming tool opened up to it.

As you will likely know Ankylosaurus reduces the weight of metal so packing an Ankylosaurus full of metal is always going to increase the amount of metal you can harvest in Ark.

But, with the addition of the Karkinos, players could now use the crab-like creature to hold two Ankylosaurus and fill them with precious metal.

If you are playing on Aberration and you can get to either one of the surface entrances or the blue zone, you are guaranteed to score big time quantities of metal.

2. Quetzel, Mining Drill & Ankylosaurus

The most efficient way to do this one is to make sure that you re-spec and put as many points into weight as you possibly can.

Have someone fly you around on a Quetzel to metal spots, whilst you are sat on an Ankylosaurus.

Run down to the metal and hit it with your Mining Drill. If you have put your points into weight as I mentioned, you will be able to carry a huge amount, as you will also have the Mining Drill’s metal weight reduction too.

Ark Anky metal run

Once you near the weight limit, sit on the Ankylosaurusand unload all your metal into its inventory, then simply rinse and repeat until you need a lift home.

Depending on the amount, you might need a ramp on your Quetz so your tribe mate can scoop you and the Ankylosaurus up.

3. Mining Drill & Argy (Solo Ark Metal Farm)

As with the method above, again this one works much better if you are able to respec and add as much to weight as possible.

You will also want to find the best Argentavis possible that has a high weight capacity to make this even more efficient.

Mining Drill Ark
  • Fly the Argy to a metal spot
  • Clear as much metal as possible with the Mining Drill
  • Go to the nearest Oblisk or supply drop
  • Upload all the metal you have
  • Repeat the process

Doing this method I was actually able to max out the amount I could keep uploaded much quicker than I had anticipated.

Within only a matter of hours, the new tribe I joined, which was among the alpha tribes, had already hailed me as their top farmer.

Ark Metal

The screenshot above was taken on Astral Ark, which you can find on our Top Ark Servers list, and took no time at all with this method.

4. Steal other peoples metal aka Raid them!

Ark Raiding

To be honest, this method isn’t always as fruitful as most other methods, but you can’t deny that it’s fun.

Of course, this will only work if you are on a PVP server, I really do not condone theft on a PVE server and you are taking a gamble that the base you raid has a stockpile of metal.

It should go without saying, do not do this one alone, you’re simply going to die, no matter how good you think you are.

5. Argy & Anky (New players)

This method is one of the easiest methods to get you started if you are fairly new to a server and don’t have the resources of tribe members to pull off the other methods.

It’s pretty simple and straight forward, tame an Anky and an Argy, one person sits on the Anky, while the other lifts them up and points them at metal nodes.

The chances are, you won’t come even close to the amount you would be hoping for, but this really is one of the best ways to just get you going on your new server.

6. Magmasuar Metal Run

The Magmasuar was introduced with the Genesis expansion pack and is a great new metal farming creature for Ark players.

Not only does it reduce the weight of metal but it also is capable of being a mobile smelter as well, meaning you can turn metal into ingots whilst on the move.

They are incredibly slow, so I recommend using a Cryo Pod to transport them to a spot with plenty of rich metal nodes and then unleash it once ready, this will save you tons of transportation time.


There are tons of other farming methods and it may be that none of the above suits yourself, your tribe, or your current state in the game.

There are so many creatures on Ark that there are tons of ways to farm metal in Ark, so experiment and see what works for you, let me know in the comments if you find a new exciting way I haven’t mentioned.

Whilst farming metal can be pretty boring at times, much like farming in many games, improving the ways you efficiently farm metal on mass scales will reduce the need to do it as often, leaving you with more time to actually enjoy the game.

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