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Ark Love Evolved 3

by Georgie Peru

Ark Love Evolved 3 is to be celebrated between Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 through Wednesday, February 16th. This is the third Love Evolved event in Ark, offering players the chance to get new items, skills, and chibis.

How to Activate Love Evolved 3

Server owners can start Ark’s Love Evolved 2022 event by adding the following server arg parameter: -ActiveEvent=vday

free ark server

On official Ark servers, the buffs from Baby Boon & Maewing Poach on Genesis Part 2 will be temporarily disabled. Similarly, any future events that impact breeding will be disabled on these Genesis 2 missions.

When Does Ark Love Evolved 2022 Start?

The event will start on 9th February 2022 and finish on 16th February. Players can catch Valentine’s Coelacanth in return for chibis, candies, and chocolate.

Mating creatures also have the chance of dropping chocolates and candies.

Ark Love Evolved 3 Rates

The following rates are multiplicative of the game’s standard 1x base rates. The rates will be active throughout the Love Evolved 3 event.

  • Official Servers: 3x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting, 5x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus
  • Classic: 6x XP, 6x Harvesting, 6x Taming, and 5x Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval

Love Evolved Skins and Items

Ark Love Evolved 3 brings new event skins and items. The two new items include Box o’ Chocolates and Valentine’s Dino Candy. These can be obtained through random drops when mating and by catching Coelacanth.

The following skins can also be obtained during the Love Evolved 2022 event.

  • “Bear Hug” swimsuit skin *NEW*
  • “Odd Couple” swimsuit skin *NEW*
  • “Sauropod Heart” swimsuit skin *NEW*
  • Heart-shaped Shield Skin
  • Heart-shaped Sunglasses Skin
  • “Cupid Couture Bottom” (Pants Skin)
  • “Cupid Couture Top” (Shirt Skin)
  • “Halo Headband” (Hat Skin)
  • “Teddy Bear Grenades” (Grenade Skin)
  • “Bow & Eros” (Bow skin)
  • “Love Shackles”  (Handcuffs Skin)

Event Chibi’s and Emotes

In addition to new skins and items, there is one new emote – Self Hug, and two emotes we’ve seen before – Flirty and Heart emote.

The following Chibi’s are all new as part of the Love Evolved 3 event:

  • Pelagornis 
  • Archaeopteryx 
  • Gallimimus 
  • Kairuku 
  • The Lovebird

Due to the event, there will be no evolution event in the run-up to Love Evolved 2022.

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