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Ark Lost Island New Ark Map

by Kegan Mooney
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Studio Wildcard, the creators of the popular survival game Ark: Survival Evolved seem to be on a roll this month. With the latest and last expansion being released this month, I hadn’t expected to see a new map being announced this quickly after the recent expansion.

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Ark Lost Island

Personally, I love Genesis 2, I really do think it’s one of the best expansions which has come out in Ark for a long time. But I do miss the green lush landscapes of some of the older maps. Thankfully it looks like the direction they have gone with Ark Lost Island.

Of course, there may be tech buildings, but most of the screenshots and footage out there currently show stunning landscapes, which I cannot wait to dive into.

Ark the lost island map

The new map will be 150 sq. kilometers which makes it one of the biggest maps on Ark. To help you visualize the size of this map, The Island is 48 sq. Kilometers, making Ark’s Lost Island more than three times bigger than its original map.

Of course, I’m just going off screenshots, but from what I can see there are going to be some very interesting places to set up base on Ark’s Lost Island.

With the map being so big, I suspect we will see not only all the current biomes but also the new ones that have been hinted too.  I imagine that these will be large biomes with plenty to see.

Explore new heights and hidden depths in this expansive 150 sq. kilometer map where Survivors will encounter new biomes, challenges, and mysterious ruins! Whether it's exploring the valley of waterfalls, setting up your treehouse home in the Redwood Forests, getting down and dirty in the vast swamps, diving deep underwater, climbing snowy mountains, or caving, there's something for every Survivor out there!

Studio Wildcard
Ark's new map

As well as a new map, we’ve also been given information about 3 new creatures coming to Ark. One of these has been confirmed as the Amargasaurus, which I will go into more detail about in a moment.

There are two more creatures that have yet to be confirmed. All we know so far is a hint that one is a creature that has been highly requested by the community.

The Upcoming Amargasaurus

The Amargasaurus is looking to be a really cool new dinosaur for the game’s ever-expanding collection.

It seems the Amargasaurus has two main features. One is the ability to create tree sap and the other, a perhaps more interesting feature, is the ability to use their spikes to reduce the effectiveness of other player’s armor.

The Amargasaurus’s new armor dampening attack has a very interesting new mechanic. By ejecting a spine, the Amargasaurus can play havoc with armor worn in the area.

Simple armor will be barely affected, whereas more complex armor will heavier effects from the creature.

I assume this means that Ascendant riot armor would be affected more than primitive leather armor.

Again, this is just going off the small bits of information that Wildcard has given so far. But I doubt it will be long before we start to get a clearer picture of not only the Amargasaurus and its abilities, but also the other 2 new creatures coming soon.

What's The Third New Creature Coming to Ark Lost Island?

So we know about the Amargasaurus and we also know there is another commonly requested creature coming. But what’s the third and final creature coming to Ark’s Lost Island map?

The final creature has yet to be decided, and Wildcard seems to have taken a new direction in choosing it.

Instead of the traditional approach, they have put out a request for players to put forward their ideas for the next real-world creature. Voting will be open till July 26th. Shortly after, a vote will be placed to decide the winner.

You can cast your vote here:

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