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Ark Lost Island Creature Submission

by Georgie Peru
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While Ark’s creature list is undoubtedly vast, there are some prehistoric creatures missing from the game. Ark’s upcoming Lost Island map will see 3 new creatures being added to the line-up.

Ark the lost island map

The best part? The Ark community can vote on the final creature! The creature vote is open until July 23rd, 2021.

Lost Island New Creature

Studio Wildcard is known for adopting community-made submissions, including maps like The Center. While they can’t develop everyone’s ideas, they will be looking through all the creature submission votes. But what does this entail?

Whether you’re missing a popular dinosaur from Ark or you have an idea of your own, you can submit your Lost Island creature ideas via the Survive The Ark website.

Community members are submitting creature ideas including:

  • The name of the Ark creature
  • Any abilities it may have
  • Creative drawings of your Lost Island submission
  • How it fits into the current Ark meta

All creature vote pitches will be taken into consideration.

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Lost Island Creature Submission Guidelines

  • One thread per creature (if someone has already suggested a creature you wanted to submit, upvote the thread rather than creating a new one)
  • All creature submission should be real-world extinct/prehisotric creatures
  • No developers can submit an idea
  • Links from Wikipedia, images, etc.

When Is The Deadline?

You have until July 23rd to vote for Ark’s new Lost Island creature. After this date, Studio Wildcard will be rounding up the 10 most-liked creatures to complete a vote.

You can access the Lost Island creature submissions forum here.

We aren’t sure when the new map will be released, but we’re told that this will be the last map DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved. While Ark Genesis 2 was the last official DLC to form the storyline of Ark, we can’t wait for the latest map to be released.

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Jake framness August 17, 2021 - 9:05 pm

I think we should have acrocanthosaurus and the other Dinos in that mod to come to game because it would be nice to get fun creations of dinosaurs in ark


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