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Ark Genesis 2 Release & Updates

by Georgie Peru
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Ark Genesis 2 is due for release on 26 May 2021. With the upcoming launch of Genesis 2, we’re excited to bring you some exclusive Ark Genesis 2 content and news!

Studio Wildcard has released some awesome reveals. Ark Genesis 2 introduces new dinosaurs, features, and mechanics. Here’s what we know so far!

Ark Genesis 2 Dino Reveals

There are some intriguing new dinosaurs coming to Genesis 2, and we’re eager to share these with you.


ark genesis 2 maewing

Maewing is going to be released alongside the Ark Genesis 2 launch. The Maewing is said to automatically take care of your baby dinosaurs. It also has the ability to steal enemy offspring by luring them in.

How, you ask. Well, baby dinosaurs can’t resist the irresistible suckle this Platypus-looking dino offers.


shadowmane ark genesis 2

The Shadowmane has a Tiger or Sabertooth feel about it. Regardless, it looks undeniably terrifying and will pounce on you faster than you know it’s there.

Shadowmane offers a lightning-fast chain-teleport strike. This is going to be a fantastic addition to any attacks upon unsuspecting victims.


noglin ark genesis

Taking on an Abberation look, the Noglin isn’t as cute as it looks. The Noglin can control enemy creatures, tames, and other humans.

This powerful creature offers mind-bending abilities. These new mechanics are sure to bring some much-needed change to the Ark: Survival Evolved series.

Ark Genesis 2 Weapons

As you might expect with the next installment of Ark Genesis, Studio Wildcard are giving us new weapons.

Exo Mek

exo mek ark genesis

The Exo Mek allows you to change the perception of battle in Ark. Supposedly, you’ll be able to get inside the Exo Mek and control it as if you were Iron Man.

The Exo Mek enables players to obtain an aerial view, as well as being able to manage your base from every angle. Studio Wildcard has said the Exo Mek is only available “after you pass the ultimate test”. We’re assuming this is going to be a reward for beating a boss in Ark Genesis 2.


ark minigun genesis 2

Yes, you’re seeing this right! A minigun that you can mount as well as leave stationary. The minigun can be left to its own devices to accurately clear targets.

If you want to get in on the action, you can wield the minigun to “pray and spray”.

Ark Genesis 2 Items

In addition to the exciting new weapons and dinos, we’ve also got some awesome items to look forward to.

Loadout Mannequin

ark loadout mannequin

Rather than scrambling through storage boxes and vaults, you can now store your equipment on loadout mannequins. Here you can get a visual of your kits and easily swap out your loadouts.

The loadout mannequin can harbor armor, weapons, and gear. This includes Cryopods and other useful equipment you might need on a taming run or raid.

Egg Incubation Device

egg incubation device ark

The mechanical egg incubation device eliminates the need to find the right conditions to breed your dinosaurs in. This device will get them to the necessary state for you to hatch them.

You’ll be able to see the gender, type of egg, and how long you have left before hatching.

Federation Crop Plot

federation crop plot

Tired of building greenhouses to grow a few carrots? The Federation Crop Plot allows you to grow harvestable plants pretty much anywhere.

For players that enjoy a bit of gardening in Ark, this will be right up your street.


ark genesis 2 canoe

Who doesn’t love a gentle canoe ride? Ark Genesis 2 brings us the convenience of a canoe that can be placed in any body of water.

Fancy a bit of fishing or want to travel faster? The canoe is set to be a firm favorite among new Ark players and seasoned pros.

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