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Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen

by Georgie Peru
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Mutagen is an uncommon resource in Ark Genesis 2. You can craft 6x Mutagen with 800x Mutagel in the Chemistry Bench.

You can use Mutagen to tame a Voidwyrm. Mutagen is the only taming food that you can use for a Voidwyrm. You’ll need to place your Mutagen in your last hot bar slot in order to tame it.

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How to Get Mutagen in Ark Genesis 2

If you don’t have time to read our full Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen and Mutagel guide, here’s a quick overview of how to obtain it:

  • Farm Mutagel in Space Biome (Pickaxe required)
  • Collect Mutagen from Rockwell Area (using only Tek suit)

Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen & Mutagel Farming

ark genesis 2 rockwell ship entrance

In a corrupted zone located at 50.5, 41.1 you’ll find one of the main entrances in Ark Genesis 2 to the center of the map.

Enter the doorway then follow the corridor through to get to the central bridge area. Remember, at midnight every day, the resource area will change. When the ship lands at a new location, you’ll get access to new resources.

ark genesis 2 rockwell ship mutagel

These brown rocks will indicate an area with Mutagel. Head over to the rock to find the smaller and darker rocks, equipped with your Pickaxe.

ark genesis 2 mutagel rocks

By hitting one of these rocks you’ll get Mutagel, Stone, and Ambergris. If you’re only here for Mutagel, drop the Ambergris and Stone as it’s pretty heavy.

To deal with Seekers, I recommend taking a weapon of some kind like a gun. It’s also helpful to have a Net Gun with you to stop Dolphins from attacking.

Farming Ark Genesis 2 Mutagel With Creatures

If you want to farm Mutagel faster, you may be interested to know which creatures can help with. After taking a Doedicurus to one of the asteroids, I can confirm this will only result in Stone.

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With an Ankylosaurus, you can farm Mutagel. However, the amount you get from each rock is about the same as farming it by hand with a Pickaxe.

Using Mutagel to Craft Mutagen

Once you’ve farmed enough Mutagel, it’s time to craft Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen. Remember, this is a resource that’s only available in Genesis Part 2.

Head to your Chemistry Bench and drag the Mutagel into the bench’s inventory. Once you’ve got enough engrams and the relevant prerequisites, you can craft Mutagen. It costs 800 Mutagel to craft 6 Mutagen.

If you want to, you can convert Mutagen back to Mutagel.

How to Get Mutagen from Rockwell Area

ark genesis 2 rockwell location

At 50.3, 29.6 you can find one of the entrances to Rockwell. You won’t need any tools or creatures to collect Mutagen using this method.

I suggest you make yourself accustomed to the Tek Armour controls before heading in to make this journey as smooth as possible.

ark genesis part 2 rockwell area

Now that you’ve reached the Rockwell area, it’s time to farm Ark Genesis 2 Mutagen. This area is probably the most difficult on the map, so keep your eyes peeled.

ark genesis 2 mutagen location

Once you find a Mutagen, press E to pick up (if you’re playing on a PC), then run away quickly as a Summoner will teleport next to you.

ark genesis 2 mutagen icon

Mutagen takes a long time to respawn. You can check to see if Mutagen is in the area by looking for the splat icon in the right-hand corner of your screen.

The icon doesn’t indicate whether Mutagen is in the immediate area, so you’ll have to keep looking. If you don’t see the Mutagen icon in Ark Genesis 2, then there is no Mutagen here at all, so don’t waste your time.

ark genesis rockwell entrance

On multiple fresh server wipes, we’ve found 3 Mutagen each time a full spawn happens. Once the splat icon has disappeared, you’ll know you’ve collected all the available Mutagen in the area.

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